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I’m Michael’s sister, Marlene…

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Being incarcerated for all this time has been difficult for Michael and we are all getting older, especially our father, who recently turned 90 years old. He would like to be reunited with Michael before his health gets worse. Imagine never seeing your son again, unable to see his facial expression or hug or pat him on the back. We are trying to appear strong, but we know Michael’s health is deteriorating due to lack of proper health care for a paraplegic in prison. Please help not just Michael, but our entire family by sharing this petition, because we are all suffering with Michael.

Although Michael is not in the attached article by Lila Seidman, several men serving life for marijuana are, including Craig Cesal, John Knock and Corvain Cooper. Beth Curtis, who is an advocate of Michael’s is quoted throughout the piece. She started after her brother, John Knock received a life sentence. Please help us shed a spotlight on this issue by sharing with all your friends.

April 19, 2017


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