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Support IOJ’s OPEN LETTER & Questions Sent To Klaus Schwab. RE: DAVOS “Welcoming Remarks & Special Address”

Support IOJ’s OPEN LETTER & Questions Sent To Klaus Schwab. RE: DAVOS “Welcoming Remarks & Special Address”
January 18, 2023

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Letter to

I support the following open letter to Klaus Schwab and the WEF

It is our understanding that the world economic forum is meeting in Davos this week to discuss enormous changes to the societal structure under SDG and Agenda 2030, Digital ID, Digital For Freedom initiative, etc. The changes to all of society are arising from the presumption that there is a climate emergency, which so far is a presumption that is not settled fact and is highly contentious among global climate experts.

This morning you mentioned issues such as genetics and extinction level issues affecting large populations, among various other important issues.

Our organization has a question about the fourth industrial revolution that only yourself would be able to answer. We saw an interview with you explaining that “the fourth industrial revolution will not change what you are doing, it will change YOU. Take for instance a genetic editing, it will change what it means to be a human.” You further went on to wisely reflect that the situation may raise many ethical and even legal issues.

In order to ensure that the World Economic Forums promise of inclusiveness is not wholly illusory, we kindly request that in this weeks DAVOS meeting you ask your colleagues for, and provide the public with, the concrete science behind your presumptions of a climate emergency that is so grave, it requires sweeping reforms of the entire society and the way commerce is handled globally.

Furthermore, we ask that you, Klaus Schwab, to kindly explain in detail exactly which ethical and legal questions might be raised, and where does the WEF see gaps in the law that should be addressed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Thank you for your time and the welcoming remarks. We take your offer to defragment the world through inclusion very seriously and look forward to your detailed response. We think your answering these questions will be the first step toward true inclusiveness, equity and defragmenting the world back into a cohesive orderly functioning society that will benefit everyone equally.


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Interest of Justice
Interest of Justice
Started this petition 2 months ago

350 comments on “Support IOJ’s OPEN LETTER & Questions Sent To Klaus Schwab. RE: DAVOS “Welcoming Remarks & Special Address””

  • Gary Michael Vasey
    Gary Michael Vasey

    The EEF is an unelected body pushing an agenda I despise.

  • Helen Cederqvist
    Helen Cederqvist

    Thank you!

  • Stephen Jeandheur
    Stephen Jeandheur

    Where does this unelected body get the right to decide for humanity ?

  • Steve Woud
    Steve Woud

    Would like some proof on climate change and if we can really alter it

  • Irene Hansen
    Irene Hansen

    I don’t agree with what the WEF is doing!

  • Teri Joyce
    Teri Joyce

    I want answers to the questions IOJ is asking.

  • Natalie Lister
    Natalie Lister

    I do not consent to your plans, you are not voted on by We The People to rule us and we have rights which you will not overturn

  • sandy horton
    sandy horton

    I do not believe the WEF has any rights over me and my country’s sovereignty.

  • Rosemarie Cereghino
    Rosemarie Cereghino

    I think that climate change as presented is a hoax for the super wealthy to gain control over all people and all assets.

  • Piahaziel Thomassen
    Piahaziel Thomassen

    Im not very happy with all this going on in the world where only the elite is slowing to be free, all common people becoming slaves to the few rich people

  • franklin wade
    franklin wade

    you can’t force me or anyone else to do what you think is right for us we are free thinkers, and we can think for ourselves. Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you can do what you want.

  • Margaret McGillen
    Margaret McGillen

    I am signing because I do not agree with One World Government and prefer sovereign countries to make their own rules according to their own countries’ culture and traditions. I think that the Climate ‘crisis’ is being massively overhyped for reasons that are nefarious to bring about the above mentioned Globalist scenario.

  • Sharon Cooke
    Sharon Cooke

    I am signing this because I agree with all the questions being asked here; it is imperative to me to receive the latest, most accurate scientific information available, so that I can make informed decisions about my own health and lifestyle decisions, in the face of so much contradictory information being presented in today’s Society. Thank you for all your efforts to bring about a better world.

  • Sirpa Rouvali
    Sirpa Rouvali

    I want to preserve the nature of humanity and human race.

  • Jim Gerlach
    Jim Gerlach

    The links between the WEF, WHO, and massive increases in death across the planet caused by what appears to be a global project for genetic modification and depopulation via the DOD developed covid bioweapon. Technologies to replace fossil fuels have been suppressed for almost 100 years preventing the use of water plasma carburators in cars that have zero emissions. Zero point devices, cold fusion devices also fall into the same forbidden category. Release these, and release the planet from oppressive controls by WEF and WHO and maybe we can talk honestly about building a real future for humanity.

  • Sheila Olive Kay
    Sheila Olive Kay

    These are very serious questions that we, the public, need answers to.

  • Stefan Schrieber
    Stefan Schrieber

    I think the WEF is a high corrupt organization together with the political actors and large corporations, especially in Germany. The WEF want to install a world dictatur and Klaus Schwab is a godless transhumanist who disregards human rights. We never chose this man as our deputy.

  • Lisa Hangs
    Lisa Hangs

    I would like those questions answer too.

  • Patricia Sullivan
    Patricia Sullivan

    WEF are UNELECTED and are NOT employed to make decisions on behalf of sovereign countries. I live in England.

  • Gerald Landry
    Gerald Landry


  • Timothy Bates
    Timothy Bates

    Quiero ver termino de las maquinaciones de la wef.

  • Arpad Gaspar
    Arpad Gaspar

    A pokol felé vezető út jószándékkal van kikövezve. Nem, nem, nem!

  • Virginia Greer
    Virginia Greer

    I am a Christian and a child of God. God is in control of this universe, not the WEF! I rebuke everything the WEF stands!

  • Elke Krieger
    Elke Krieger

    I want to ask also, who made him my gouverment? When did Klaus Schwab get my permission, to interfere with my life?

  • Rene Wevers
    Rene Wevers

    Dit is de 👹

  • Helen Hebert
    Helen Hebert

    Don’t forget what happened to Icarus!

  • Anne Beneville
    Anne Beneville

    I am signing because I would like to see the concrete science behind your presumptions of a climate emergency that is so grave, it requires sweeping reforms of the entire society and the way commerce is handled globally.

  • Juliette Wood
    Juliette Wood

    I have only seen science that shows several years of bumper crops due to excellent climate and more ice at the polar caps. I don’t believe the people at the WEF really care about anything except themselves.

  • Peter Brian Phillips
    Peter Brian Phillips

    I believe that any changes to any part of the world governance and how we the free people are treated can only be done with our agreement through properly elected officials to whom we have given permission to make those changes. To mention only one aspect of your plans I can say right now I will never ever give any permission to change our humanity for any gene editing or any trans nor will I accept any of your plans unless the free people have accepted them by voting in those who make those changes.

  • Floyd Hayes
    Floyd Hayes

    Klaus Schwab, who gives you the right to think you have all the answers and that you are so much above us that you can control the world? You and your prtotege are the evils that need to be rid of in this world..

  • Diane Gregor
    Diane Gregor

    We the people want the truth.

  • Monty Montgomery
    Monty Montgomery

    The WEF is corrupt to the core & has no business interfering in nation sovereignty. What happened to Build Back Better Klaus? How about your Great Reset?

  • Bernie Dignam
    Bernie Dignam

    This letter raises some very fundamental and reasonable questions which if not answered builds even more distrust between humanity and the global elites attending Davos

  • Dayle Matus
    Dayle Matus

    The people have a right to know about the scientific data behind climate change and why the mad rush to change societal norms, our way of live, especially here in the United States. We are a free country and will remain a free country.

  • Kate Karlsson
    Kate Karlsson

    Ingen kommentarer

  • Frank Knight
    Frank Knight

    enough is enough

  • Marsha McGrath
    Marsha McGrath

    We need answers when there’s a plan afoot to affect all of humanity. How will this change me?

  • Robyn Gibson
    Robyn Gibson

    I do not want this Pandemic Treaty by the WHO & the UN and the WEF. I didn’t vote for you. No body has elected you to make these decisions about our lives, our freedoms etc.

  • Rod McLean
    Rod McLean

    There must be accountability for the crimes that have been committed against humanity under the guise of saving the world from so called climate change.

  • Jason Stickel
    Jason Stickel

    I will not be enslaved by globalists. It is time for them to back off or die.

  • Lydia Sanchez
    Lydia Sanchez

    You are not the self -appointed master of the world.

  • Renate Sigrid oosterbeek
    Renate Sigrid oosterbeek

    Omdat ik het niet met de visie van de WEF en dus Klaus eens ben, het is belachelijk wat ze willen en hoe ze met mensen omgaan. Niemand in de wereld heeft voor de WEF leiders gekozen het macht gekocht met geld.

  • Geoff mc kemey
    Geoff mc kemey

    We are free people we do not need elite scum.

  • Henrik Ravall
    Henrik Ravall

    I do not like any lies.

  • Chris Dettman
    Chris Dettman

    With every day, every week, and every month that passes it becomes clearer and clearer that there is deliberate and targeted action here to the detriment of humanity.

  • Tom Withers
    Tom Withers

    the WEF and Klaus Schwab are evil, wicked little antichrists who need to stop and be stopped. They are not elected and they may not continue doing what they intend to do and must be held responsible

  • Brian Nother
    Brian Nother

    I don’t agree with the WEF agenda

  • Donna

    Our countries should not be governed by unelected organizations or people

  • Gary Hasler
    Gary Hasler

    I dont want the great reset bullshite !!

  • Sazza Malmberg
    Sazza Malmberg

    No billionair or corporations that is unelected by the people shall decide for the people.

  • Bodil Krenzen
    Bodil Krenzen

    I am sighning becausev I disagree with wef’s politics and New world order .

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart

    I am signing this because no group or groups of government or special interest groups has any right to alter the course of humanity by any of the people who think they are above the average citizen of the world.secret meetings to allow this to happen should not be allowed.the animals that are even thinking this is what needs to be done are nothing but evil and will pay for it when they meet our maker

  • Susan Canning
    Susan Canning

    I am concerned that unelected actors like Klaus Schwab are hijacking the world’s economic, political, and scientific trajectory and leading it in a manner that will have dire consequences to humanity’s future.

  • Peter Bonde
    Peter Bonde

    I don’t remember voting for anyone in the WEF..

  • Tracey Jones
    Tracey Jones

    It is time the world knew the truth about what your intentions are that we may make our own choices made known based on informed consent of factual evidence. It is our right

  • Scott McLeod
    Scott McLeod

    I believe the WEF only acts on the interests of the globalist elites. Its influence over government as an unelected entity needs to be halted in its tracks and membership of politicians needs to be disclosed as well as any organization taking part!

  • Al Vest
    Al Vest

    The “spirit of Davos” may sound positive, but it is in fact bullying by gaslighting.

  • Janelle Klammer
    Janelle Klammer

    I believe in freedom and autonomy. I don’t shared the same values as the WEF

  • Wendy Luttrell
    Wendy Luttrell

    I demand the immediate stopping of proposed IHR amendments.

  • ronald nagel
    ronald nagel


  • Terry Alcorn
    Terry Alcorn

    There is no climate crisis and the WEF are unelected, undemocratic charlatans

  • Geraldine Candelaria
    Geraldine Candelaria

    I have not seen scientific proof of a climate emergency. There are many scientists that do not agree with your presumptions. The sweeping changes you and your group are proposing are of themselves contrary to faith and science and I and many like me cannot support these changes.

  • Annie Summers
    Annie Summers

    WEF unelected toxic influence.

  • Liz Rocamontes
    Liz Rocamontes

    I am for sovereignty of nations; I do not see any climate emergency. This unelected body, known as the WEF has too much power.

  • Yvonne Breese
    Yvonne Breese

    Your jig is up! The world knows the genocide your are planning.

  • Robin Connolly
    Robin Connolly

    I am signing because I do not believe what you say.

  • Marcia Troyer
    Marcia Troyer

    I do not believe there is a dire climate emergency. I believe this is purely a ploy to control every human on earth. This is not from God.

  • Ellen Leyrer
    Ellen Leyrer

    WEF leaders and goals are in favor of, and pushing, globalism – pretending to be for ‘climate’ specifically (which is a joke) and for other good causes, but is really the biggest power grab yet for ‘elites’. To control what the other 99.9% of human beings do, have, east, etc.

  • Dorothy J. Wight
    Dorothy J. Wight

    I am deeply concerned about what changes Mr. Schwab envisions to humans, and how these are to be achieved.

  • Nancy Sprockett
    Nancy Sprockett

    I want to know what the concrete science is behind your exclaimed climate emergency.

  • Bernard John Christensen
    Bernard John Christensen

    I support IOJ

  • Angela Terwogt
    Angela Terwogt

    I am signing because I very concerned about the future of our world, our children and our GOD GIVEN freedoms and liberties BEING STRIPPED away being slaves to billionaires who stole from we the people who have a higher than GOD COMPLEX and certainly only think of themselves under the guise of doing so called betterment for the world.

  • Heather Mc|Gowan
    Heather Mc|Gowan

    i am against Agenda 2030

  • Mara Sabelli
    Mara Sabelli

    I am signing because humans are not machines. Technology is not God. Technology will be what kills humanity. The obsession with genetic engineering and altering the genes of every living organism on this planet is just weird. Do these people think they can actually do it better than God? These people have a sick obsession with altering form.

  • Donna Rivet
    Donna Rivet

    I have not given ANY privately funded corporate organization, or any politician or bureaucrat permission to sign any agreements on my behalf that supersedes or violates my fundamental human rights. These rights are not at the prerogative of governments or corporate interests or their billionaire organizations. No one has elected you to speak for or determine ‘Science’ or the direction and structure of our societies, communities, and countries. This is illegal Regulatory Capture by corporate interests self styling themselves as ‘world directors’. Just cause you ‘say so’ is ridiculous. None of this is your prerogative. Politicians involved in allowing your corporate organization to dictate or influence governance policy are out of line and ate themselves ‘captured’. This is corruption and cannot be tolerated. We need an investigation into the extent of Regulatory Capture that is criminally interfering in governments and policy of governments. Without this transparency and accountability you people are like the mafia. ’ This is a call for a transparent investigation into the reach and influence of corporate interests and agendas; Regulatory Capture; the corruption of government, institutions, authorities, and media by the influence and control of corporate interests. That’s the most pressing issue given the carnage you people are doing, and seek to inflict on every aspect of life. You people are out of line.

  • Tina Metzger
    Tina Metzger

    This technocratic over take of humanity has got to be exposed for what it is which is control.

  • Pauline Collings
    Pauline Collings

    I do not want to hand over our rights and sovereignty to The WHO or WEF

  • Lucinda Brennan
    Lucinda Brennan

    These self appointed elites have it all wrong. ‘Climate change’ is their excuse to try to change and control the world.

  • sue tschudy
    sue tschudy

    I need to be informed before consenting.

  • Gerard Schuiringa
    Gerard Schuiringa

    Is WEF s terroristic organisation ?

  • Teresa Temos
    Teresa Temos

    Because I want transparency and inclusiveness.

  • Noemi Oude Egberink
    Noemi Oude Egberink

    I strongly oppose the injections and all these changes to our world in the name of climate change. I support free speech and inclusion of each and every human, never mind the narrative.

  • Duane Hayes
    Duane Hayes

    common sense

  • Cheryl Henderson
    Cheryl Henderson

    I believe we being lied to by the WEF. They are using climate change as a method to brainwash people. The WEF is nothing but a bunch of corrupt evil oligarchs who want to control the world for their own benefit. They will lose. People do not want to be controlled. they want freedom.

  • Craig Ward
    Craig Ward

    I want to support the questions being asked.

  • Darwin Longhart
    Darwin Longhart

    I’m a concerned individual

  • Peggy Fitzpatrick
    Peggy Fitzpatrick

    We want answers to these questions.

  • Matthew Kelly
    Matthew Kelly

    Prove you know anything Klaus. There are mountains of evidence disproving your stance. Don’t be a greedy puppet coming from a perspective of fear. Your eternity is at stake.

  • Dana F Hatch
    Dana F Hatch

    WEF has an anti-American agenda that wants US taxpayer money to fund their causes. They are trying to destroy US sovereignty and are anti US constitution.

  • Barbara A Cook
    Barbara A Cook

    One thousand private jets flew in for the WEF and they think they have the right to tell the rest of the world what to do in the name of their science!

  • Edward Alexander Howard-Williams
    Edward Alexander Howard-Williams

    I have zero trust in the WEF and find it’s ethos contrary to the well being of the human race and repugnant to anyone with a modicum of sense.

  • Victoria Pilon
    Victoria Pilon

    I do not want the WHO Treaty, or anything to do with the WEF.

  • Samantha Hepplewhite
    Samantha Hepplewhite

    I will be enslaved…for any reason.

  • Lillian McKelvey
    Lillian McKelvey

    The DATA doesn’t support there is a climate change. NOA just said last 8 years temp. lower, and top world climatologist Dr. Tim Ball has disputed the main stream narrative.

  • William buwalda
    William buwalda

    I am concerned about peoples freedoms and the future of all freedoms world-wide

  • John Thomas Watson
    John Thomas Watson

    No one, especially the WEF has the right to decide what is right for me to own and how to live my life. The US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights affords me my freedom and Klaus Scwab nor the WEF have the authority to remove my rights from me.


    We have to stop the globalists agenda to control the world.

  • Lorraine Valentine
    Lorraine Valentine

    I am concerned for the future of mankind on this earth through the decisions of those who are trying to play God.

  • Autumn McCall
    Autumn McCall

    I care

  • Jeannine Schulz
    Jeannine Schulz

    The WEF is not an elected body and has no right to decide how we live our lives.

  • Victoria Knox
    Victoria Knox

    After following the “Davos” crowd and all their predecessors (with names that continually morph) I am convinced that they display a pattern of engineering problems ( the Wuhan lab-created virus) then offering us solutions that, instead of helping anyone, cause us death and harm (oops!) I distrust everything about them.

  • Robert Schulz
    Robert Schulz

    WEF has no rights to control us

  • Patrick LeBrun
    Patrick LeBrun

    The WEF is horribly misguided.

  • Connie Wells
    Connie Wells

    Klaus Schlob needs to go back to his leather S&M gear. He’s an incompetent, corrupt thing that is attempting to destroy our world. He needs to be jailed and executed for crimes against humanity

  • Bob McKenzie
    Bob McKenzie

    I am concerned about the propaganda being put forth by Klaus without proper debate.

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G

    We need answers and don’t give you permission to decide for us.

  • david werenka
    david werenka

    ioj’s questions are reasonable and i would like to hear the answers to these questions

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe that any of mankind should try to tharwt what God has created.

  • kay brunnier
    kay brunnier

    I stand for freedom of choice….

  • Paula Day
    Paula Day

    I am signing because everything I see emanating from the WEF in fact ignores inclusiveness, transparency and the basic tenants of democracy. If Mr. Schwab is suggesting something different, he really must explain.

  • Leslie Faulkner
    Leslie Faulkner

    I believe in freedom

  • marilyn daniels
    marilyn daniels

    Back up what you are saying with scientific proof/

  • Karen Lalonde
    Karen Lalonde

    Globalists are making global decisions without transparency. Global citizens did not elect you.

  • David Goulden
    David Goulden

    I am signing this open letter in support of the Interest of justice who have our well being and and support our freedom to honor our God given right to determine how we live and determine what we do according to God our creator.

  • Vale Kiev
    Vale Kiev

    The hubris driving the WEF to manipulate what it means to be human will ultimately come to complete destruction. To struggle against the divine universal order is a sign of gross ignorance.

  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin

    I agree with the letter’s statements and questions.

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace

    I share and endorse your concerns in the clearly worded request

  • Leanne Hall
    Leanne Hall

    I would like for the world to hear Klaus’s answer to these questions.

  • Bridget Tapay Yanez
    Bridget Tapay Yanez

    The Covid-19 response (shut downs, shots etc) has caused a decrease in our population. Not climate change!

  • Michael Fitzpatrick
    Michael Fitzpatrick

    I too am concerned for the state of society!

  • Sandra Disley
    Sandra Disley

    I’m signing this and look forward to the answers to the questions put forward

  • Eric Matus
    Eric Matus

    We need the truth

  • Roberta Jamieson
    Roberta Jamieson

    I have grave concerns about unelected people making life altering decisions for billions of people. I do not agree with any of the WEF ideals and principles. I do not consent to the enactment of their ideals and principles. I am a sovereign being who follows Universal Law, not WEF law.

  • karen young
    karen young

    I am against this WEF PLAN!

  • Amanda woods
    Amanda woods

    I do not want my children and grandchildren to live in some sort of dystopian nightmare !

  • Daniela Hauptmann
    Daniela Hauptmann

    I don’t want to become a WEF/WHO slave

  • Robert Denomme
    Robert Denomme

    I am signing because I don’t agree that we as human beings can significantly affect climate change. This is something that only mother nature controls.

  • Carolyn Stoppard
    Carolyn Stoppard

    I am concerned and would like transparency

  • Julie Markwith
    Julie Markwith

    I believe in the constitution and freedom for Americans

  • Pamela Francher
    Pamela Francher

    I’m concerned that what the WEF is planning will change what it means to be Human! And how much Control it will allow a small group of People to have over all of Humanity!

  • Erik Levy
    Erik Levy

    I oppose the Great Reset and its plan for one world government unanswerable to the people it governs. I doubt anthropogenic global warming and even were it true, the WEFs proposed remedies promise to be far worse than the the problem. I support government of the people by the people for the people, and government constrained by law, and the free speech without which democracy cannot function. Government must answer to and serve the people, not the other way around.

  • Hank Weultjes
    Hank Weultjes

    It should be called the fourth Reich because the Nazis haven’t stopped fighting the second world war. Klaus is a Nazi.

  • Andrew Schultz
    Andrew Schultz

    I do not agree with the WEF, and I will not comply.

  • Anne Straete
    Anne Straete

    Its very timely to understand the intentions around Clays Swabbs predictions and solutions, what’s coming through feels so secretive and authoritative.

  • Margaret Woods
    Margaret Woods

    His day is coming and it can’t come soon enough for the health and happiness of the people of the world.

  • Day Williams
    Day Williams

    I am signing because Mr. Schwab needs to give complete and honest answers to these questions.

  • Brandon Kuehn
    Brandon Kuehn

    I believe the public deserves the truth! I also believe that these elites are destroying humanity! They need to be held accountable

  • Barb Schimpl
    Barb Schimpl

    This is a very serious matter for the world

  • Dolores Walton
    Dolores Walton

    Any meetings held need to include the world to hear directly what is said and planned at these secret meetings. As you speak please let me remind you of the Neurember Code of Ethics that DAVOS and W.H.O. and other organizations continue to ignore but will be held accountable for Crimes Against Humanity.

  • Ken Offer
    Ken Offer

    I believe the Nuremberg Trials 2 should be started for the genocide the WEF is creating!!

  • Jo Ann Bortz
    Jo Ann Bortz

    Who gave klaus Schwab the power to rule our world!

  • Douglas Dolleman
    Douglas Dolleman

    Klaus Schwab & the WEF Must answer the questions from IOJ’s open letter.

  • Janet Simpson
    Janet Simpson

    The people of the world need to know and have the right to have input on these issues/plans, rather than have non-elected bodies decide unilaterally for us.

  • Graciela Cardenas-Mustapha
    Graciela Cardenas-Mustapha

    I would like the answers to the legal and ethical consequences of the so called fourth industrial revolution.

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous

    I support freedom of speech and not secret elites meeting to destroy humanity.

  • Sharon saunders
    Sharon saunders

    I disagree with davos, WEF and all the denomic things they want including klaus schwabs pedophilia issues, eg no age gap for”lovers”

  • Amy Van Buskirk
    Amy Van Buskirk

    The plans of this elite group completely ignore the wishes of vast number of tax paying citizens in many countries.

  • Ann Robinson
    Ann Robinson

    I would like to hear your answers to this, Sir.

  • Angela Villanueva
    Angela Villanueva

    I don’t agree with WEF policies : no freedom, no rwe will OWN nothing and live happy. Where all the money will go?

  • Susan Stewart
    Susan Stewart

    It is so very WRONG!

  • Susan Stewart
    Susan Stewart

    It is illegal

  • Fran Burke
    Fran Burke

    Please give evidence that it is not bio-engineering that is causing changes in the weather. Please consider the fact that I am a sovereign being and have the right to make decisions for my health and well-being and not dictated from someone who is out to make trillions of dollars at the expense of human life. What are the legal ramifications Mr. Schwab and other members of the WEF? From what I hear of the Forth Industrial Revolution, mankind is being pushed off a cliff. May LOVE not greed and power drive your decisions. Thank you for hearing my thoughts.

  • Pamela Bayless
    Pamela Bayless

    These decisions will affect every person on this earth!

  • Rod Stuart
    Rod Stuart

    The WEF is the most dangerous outfit since El Duce invented Fascism.

  • J H Ludgater
    J H Ludgater

    I do not believe that a small number of unelected, self appointed dictators should have control of the world’s affairs

  • Frits Thomas
    Frits Thomas

    Het WEF beslissingen over de wereldbevolking neemt, zonder deze hierin te betrekken. Een zeer onwenselijke ontwikkeling

  • Joseph O’Leary
    Joseph O’Leary

    I would like questions answered

  • Belinda repton
    Belinda repton

    The 1% have no right to tell us how we and our families will be living. Censorship of the truth will not be tolerated. Climate change is based on manipulated data as was Covid

  • John E. Humphries
    John E. Humphries

    I am very concerned about the actions and potential actions of the WEF.

  • Daphne Blake-Leavitt
    Daphne Blake-Leavitt

    I would love to hear the answers to some very important questions.

  • Jason Cratty
    Jason Cratty

    No one rules us.

  • evelyn kustor
    evelyn kustor

    I do not feel on my 6 decades on this planet that there is any real proof of what WEF claims and do not support the idea of eating bugs. WEF is not an elected body and has no right to run my life. There are all claims and no evidence to them.

  • Lulubelle mCcOY
    Lulubelle mCcOY

    Just for one instance, we in Canada are producing approx. 2% of the world’s CO2 are compelled by our politicians to spend millions on this so-called climate emergency.

  • Anonymous

    I want to save the human race from genocide.

  • L.

    We do not support the WEF plans ever! Your ‘organization’ has no right to control the world and we the masses will not tolerate your totalitarian ways, now, or ever!

  • VICKIE fairburn
    VICKIE fairburn

    Because this reprobate-minded group – WEF is nothing but a Luciferian, anti-Christ movement. They think they can beat God! Ha! They have no ide WHO they are against! The wef is a group of self-righteous, anti-human maggots that suck from mankind because of their greed. A fool says in his heart, there is no God. They have become fools and should not be listened to. There is more of ‘US’ thank them.

  • Beverley Tripp
    Beverley Tripp

    I am signing this petition because I see no imminent threat to the climate, but I DO see the WEF as a very real and imminent threat to our world’s civilization and way of life as humans made in the image of God, under His Lordship and authority.

  • Mary Buckley
    Mary Buckley

    I am a free person created by God and will follow God’s commandments, in Jesus name.

  • Tom Mattus
    Tom Mattus

    I am signing because I am very concerned about keeping this God given world FREE and PROPER in His Name!

  • Dana Ruch
    Dana Ruch

    Faire des plans pour comment controler le monde n,’est que maladie et mensenge

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt

    Human rights must be up held and we must not be pushed around by unelected self appointed organisations

  • Vicki Streifel
    Vicki Streifel

    I’d like answers explaining who made the unelected WEF decision makers of the people!

  • Maureen Sullivan
    Maureen Sullivan

    I want to have concrete evidence from highly qualified scientists that there is really climate change, because I don’t believe there is one

  • Roland Sauve
    Roland Sauve


  • Josee Turcotte
    Josee Turcotte

    I would appreciate that Mr Schwab takes time to answer these questions. These are important ones and I think Mr Schwab is he best person to give the information.

  • Renee Bahrij
    Renee Bahrij

    Will Klaus Schwab and his team stop this global march soon? I am so grateful for the legal and enormous effort Interest of Justice International Organization is doing. Tremendous power is released through your mighty words.

  • Jeanne Beiser
    Jeanne Beiser

    I am very concerned that the WEF seems to feel they have some kind of authority over our lives! They fly their private jets and talk to us about our responsibilities to prevent climate change!

  • ilana eberson
    ilana eberson

    We cannot let an unelected organization or someone with a G-d complex decide what we can do with our lives and our health.

  • Mary Schappert
    Mary Schappert

    I don’t want the Great Reset to ever happen to humanity.

  • Shirley Quinn
    Shirley Quinn

    I agree with the contents of the letter and we need answers.

  • Deborah Chemerka
    Deborah Chemerka

    I am opposed to everything the WEF stands for, & believe they are a dangerous organization.

  • Marie C
    Marie C

    As a global citizen I have a right to know what is going on in the world when everything the WEF is considering affects me and my family.

  • Mary Marsden
    Mary Marsden

    I am signing because of my concern for humanity and see that you are destroying it.

  • Judy Leman
    Judy Leman

    I am interested in truth being answered!

  • Tina Hileman
    Tina Hileman

    As an American who lives by the Constitution, I never elected members of the WEF to attempt to set policy on how I am to live my life. You have zero legal authority over me.

  • Nancy Cohn
    Nancy Cohn

    I believe in individual sovereighty and Am not happy with WEF agenda

  • Mark Butler
    Mark Butler

    I am signing because I want to be included in your discussions regarding the matters that will affect me and my family and future generations.

  • Carmel

    I am signing for the Protection for the World and all the descent people ,so they are not subject to this

  • Charlotte Wehrli
    Charlotte Wehrli

    I am very interested in the truth about how to create a better world and to obtain open discussion and transparency in these matters. Also I want to have free speech and independent science restored

  • Trevor Owen
    Trevor Owen

    It is critical…!

  • Liane Hirn
    Liane Hirn

    I want clarity about the future.

  • Elizabeth Easterling
    Elizabeth Easterling

    I fully agree that klaus schwab and the wef need to address the above mentioned questions. They are not elected and neither can they prove with any conviction at s

  • david denny
    david denny

    I am signing to help rid the world of this beast whose aim is to destroy the concept of nationality and thereby remove protection from the citizen, for what end it’s not difficult to guess.

  • Katherine Raymond
    Katherine Raymond

    I am signing this because I would like the WEF to be clear abou what its agenda, behind all the attractive rhetoric, really entails for the world population.

  • Robyn Tucker
    Robyn Tucker

    I am a sovereign being who is entitled to freedom of choice.

  • Kevin Stewart Hobson
    Kevin Stewart Hobson

    they need to be hung

  • Louise Beasley
    Louise Beasley

    I am opposed to world domination by unelected wealthy individuals who have no regard for humanity

  • jay hershey
    jay hershey

    corporate and gov”t fraud is murder.

  • Mara Shulman
    Mara Shulman

    They need to be held accountable

  • sue tschudy
    sue tschudy

    I need to be informed of the truth.

  • Ann Ashcraft
    Ann Ashcraft

    We need to know the answers to these questions

  • Jay Em
    Jay Em

    “The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken. God is known by the judgment which he executes: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God”

  • John Keirstead
    John Keirstead

    WEF has no authority to direct policy for Canadians & if they have captured key people in our government as KS claims then those individuals need to be removed, and prosecuted for treason.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    I fundamentally disagree with the premise that this needs to be controlled globally. Democracy is above all local first, last and always. anything else dilutes and subverts it. That be you.

  • Ben Oyuke
    Ben Oyuke

    To get the answers we need to know.

  • Candy Castle
    Candy Castle

    I am totally opposed to what the WEF and Schwab are trying to do to our world! And with no facts to what they are alledging.

  • Crystal Beckler
    Crystal Beckler

    I want the truth!!!

  • Holly Tse
    Holly Tse

    It’s concerning that decisions are being made behind all of humanity’s backs! We need to restore what was one a society of sovereignty.

  • Janine young
    Janine young

    I am signing this because I feel there is no transparency and the elite few are trying to make BIG changes to the world and all of its inhabitants. They have offered no proof.

  • Michael Yoder
    Michael Yoder

    The WEF can take their ideas for world domination and control and shove them. They are a bunch of old senile elitist morons.

  • Mary Robinson
    Mary Robinson

    I believe that there needs to be clear, logical, reasonable explanations for proposed actions and that they must be presented to the public for review.

  • Maureen Smith
    Maureen Smith

    We deserve to know!

  • Suzanne Taylor
    Suzanne Taylor

    I want answers

  • Tammy Danyluk
    Tammy Danyluk

    Because “THEY” are not “MY” government. Since when do we comply/take orders by these “elites”? Our government is supposed to take direction from “US”, we don’t take orders from “Them”! “THEY” are the most narcissistic sociopathic people I’ve come to learn about, and “THEY” need to stay out of our government and our lives!

  • Adrienne Robson
    Adrienne Robson

    I am signing because I align with Elon Musk’s comment, Klaus Schwab and the WEF “give me the Willies”. He is a power hungry, out of control individual who is at the forefront of destroying all what is good in the world, namely our freedom. The drive for these radical implementations are based on flawed science. We must put the hand brake on Klaus and his associates. They must be stopped in their tracks!

  • Ruth Doerr
    Ruth Doerr

    I am signing because I don’t believe any thing you say Klaus Schwab. Try being truthful for a change.

  • Mouna Ibrahim
    Mouna Ibrahim

    The WEF and WHO are made up of unelected psychopaths and they have no say in our lives at all. What I do want Schwab to answer is what makes him & sociopath Gates think it’s their right to dictate to us about how we live and what we eat.

  • Kelly Pope
    Kelly Pope

    Unelected people should not be dictating what rights and freedams we can and cannot have. They need to but out and leave countries to look after themselves.

  • Georgina Anderson
    Georgina Anderson

    There needs to be transparency and accountability!!

  • Christine Vorderegger
    Christine Vorderegger

    The entire premise for the existence of the WEF is misconceived and entirely wrong. The notion that a group of people who have vast resources should seek to control the rest of humanity by setting chaos into motion is an affront to God and man; to all cultures and nations. These people are self-appointed and no one asked them to manipulate the future of this world or the people of this world. The best thing they could do is disband immediately and individually repent for their unmitigated pride and arrogance and seek to find out how they could use some of their resources to support humans, species and ecosystems to thrive rather than destroying everything. Shame on them.

  • Judy McCutcheon
    Judy McCutcheon

    I do not agree with anything the WEF is trying to do with mankind…. God and only God will reside in me.

  • Rrr zzz
    Rrr zzz

    I am signing because I oppose all involvement and infiltration of the WEF ajendas as referenced in this letter that I am supporting.

  • Mo Sheik Amod
    Mo Sheik Amod

    Get your Satanic ideas out of our faces!

  • MD WJ
    MD WJ

    Supporting the work to expose the end of ethical health freedom

  • Anthony Reid
    Anthony Reid

    Mandating an experimental vaccine is not legal nor ethical. The new mRNA technology has not been shown to be safe in humans.

  • Geoff Fisk
    Geoff Fisk

    I am furious that WEF think they can interfere in our lives

  • David Crane
    David Crane

    Klaus Schwab and the WEF and its members must be stopped. God is on our side, Thank You

  • Holly Reifert
    Holly Reifert

    I am signing this because it is obvious that the WEF and the WHO are conspiring with GAVI to murder millions of people with the bioweapons of covid and the clot shots! No more! You will all be brought to justice and the truth will be told!

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes

    Your culling of world population MUST STOP!!!

  • Nancy Paradise
    Nancy Paradise

    My brother and friends have died after being given this “Vaccine”.

  • Candy Peavy
    Candy Peavy

    I refuse to live under illegal and unlawful mandates. Globalism is anti human, immoral, and highly unjust. I will not comply. Period.

  • Patricia Gibson
    Patricia Gibson

    I oppose the enforced manipulation and murder of humans for any ideological or depopulation agenda. I do not want a world government of any form.

  • Gale Frost
    Gale Frost

    I support the IOJ Open Letter because I do not agree with the position of your organization which is to destroy all democracy and subjugate all people to your agenda.

  • Ginger Hartdegen
    Ginger Hartdegen

    Some people may be “woke” but most are awake, make no mistake.

  • Nancy Mcknight
    Nancy Mcknight

    I don’t agree

  • Ann Robinson
    Ann Robinson

    Signing because I would be a fool not to.

  • Jill Bargen
    Jill Bargen

    I am signing because our frderal finance minister and PM Trudeau use tax dollars to support the WEF and they are both members in standing while they do not look after Canadians.

  • Amy Harlib
    Amy Harlib

    There is an insidious global ruling class plot to enslave all life on earth behind all the madness and suffering inflicted on We the People. How to fight back against this TOTAL SLAVERY! RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY! DITCH THE DAMNED ‘SMART’ PHONES AND THE DAMNED QR CODES AND GO BACK TO LANDLINES OR FLIP PHONES AND USE CASH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! INSIST ON CASH! CBDC IS TOTAL SLAVERY! Other than getting rid of nuclear weapons which I support 100% the rest of the anti-nuclear peace movement and CLIMATE CRISIS propaganda is parroting UN utter GARBAGE, a complete surrender to the ENSLAVEMENT AGENDA by the diabolical despots of Davos – ruling class criminals who lust for total power and control and all of whom should be tried and jailed for life and their malign organizations dismantled: the UN, the WEF, the IMF, the WHO, the BIS, NATO, Blackrock, Vanguard, The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, The Bilderbergers, the CFR et al. There is an evil predator globalist technocratic elite agenda of eugenics/depopulation/genocide using bioweapon poison jabs, war, geoengineering, EMF radiation, starvation and economic collapse – THE GREAT RESET/AGENDA 2030/4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to get rid of billions of ‘useless eaters’ and to use nano tech to turn the survivors into ROBOTIZED COMPLIANT SLAVES! WAKE UP AND RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY! These are psychopath megalomaniacs who want to play god by turning all life into digitized metaverse mechanistic synthetic biology to be manipulated by their AI algorithms. A more demonic sickening idea is nearly impossible to imagine! APPALLED AND HORRIFIED AT INSANE TYRANNICAL PROTOCOLS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH TOTALITARIAN CONTROL! REVERSE THIS NOW! MAKE THE WORLD AND AMERICA 2019 (comparatively speaking), AND FREE AGAIN! NO, I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE MORONIC SCARIANT SHMARIANT MONKEYSHINES! WAKE UP ALREADY! TOTALLY CONDEMN BIDEN AND ALL OTHER POLS WHO HAVE NO POWER TO LAWLESSLY ACT LIKE AN EMPEROR OR DICTATOR AND DECREE JAB CROW ‘SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS’ FASCIST SEGREGATION/DISCRIMINATION/APARTHEID VIOLATIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION, THE NUREMBERG CODES AND EVERY CIVIL RIGHT IMAGINABLE. NO GREEN NEW DEALS OR BUILD BACK BETTER FROM THE CRIMINAL TECHNOCRAT TYRANTS KLAUS SCHWAB AND HIS CRONIES FROM THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. STOP THE TERRIBLE TYRANNY OF THE TECHNOCRATS GLOBAL AGENDA OF TOTAL SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL USING THE VIRUS AS EXCUSE AND PROPAGANDA TOOL! NO MUZZLING STIFLING MASK MANDATES! NO FORCED VACCINES! END TORTUROUS DEVASTATING LOCK DOWNS NOW! I WANT MY LIFE BACK. Pam Popper: Del Bigtree: Naomi Wolf:

  • Stan Stanfield
    Stan Stanfield

    The release of these covid-19 injections under EUA is illegal, let alone being made mandatory.

  • Paula Quercioli
    Paula Quercioli

    I am against the WEF having any control over our Republic. Or over me.

  • kim lafferty
    kim lafferty

    No slavery, we like being human. Climate crisis, starving your “fellow humans” and imposing poverty and control while you all enjoy every luxury. That says it all.

  • Alex Overton
    Alex Overton

    Justice is my interest.

  • Rex Dalton
    Rex Dalton

    Countries of the world do not need any part of such totalitarian leadership by self appointed individuals.

  • ronald nagel
    ronald nagel

    this is experimental drug not a vaccine

  • Julie Stevenson-Demeester
    Julie Stevenson-Demeester

    you are overstepping what is you rights – you are a world dictator that needs to be held accountable for crimes against humanity

  • Dawna Maria Teahen
    Dawna Maria Teahen

    Killing the innocent and children stops NOW!!! Forced vax is all so 5G and other pollutants of our water, GMOs in our air and earth will go unnoticed SHAME ON YOU!

  • Janet Frye
    Janet Frye

    in support of all cultures & in opposition to homogenization

  • William Gruber
    William Gruber

    I am against all things WEF.

  • Jack Nelson
    Jack Nelson

    We are created in the image of God, and therefore are endowed with certain inalienable rights, to wit, life, liberty and property. The agenda of the WEF violates all of these in a nefarious attempt to play God in the lives of the rest of the hum

  • Dolores Walton
    Dolores Walton

    Inclusiveness means to share the Open Letter & Questions that “We The People ask to be shared by FDA at this meeting.

  • deb olson
    deb olson

    I believe no unelected bureaucratic elitists should have any say over anyone’s sovereignty. There is no one-size-fits-all global fix to anything. The WEF is not king and must be disbanded.

  • Douglas Dolleman
    Douglas Dolleman

    transparency is a must – we will find out if our questions are not answered truthfully.

  • Tracie Smith
    Tracie Smith

    The WEF needs to come completely clean. We see YOU.

  • Peter Hiebert
    Peter Hiebert

    I am signing because the World Economic Forum with all it’s members and Young Global Leaders DO NOT have the common good of mankind at heart. Contrary to what you believe, we are humans with a body, soul and spirit, and deserve/have-the-right to be treated with dignity and respect. Your Covid “made for TV narrative” with that untested experimental gene therapy, will be a turning point in history alright, but not an exercise benefiting the human race or honouring the Creator God. That said; your ‘day in the sun’ will be a short one. Read the last section of THE BOOK for the final outcome of The Conflict Of The Ages. The hand writing is already on the wall.

  • Bhavana Lymworth
    Bhavana Lymworth

    Bodily autonomy is a human right.

  • Adrian Swanston
    Adrian Swanston

    I’m signing this because this unethical individual is not an elected official.

  • Joe


  • Mary Renaghan
    Mary Renaghan

    I believe in the right to choose what I put into my body and what has been to humanity by this organization is a crime against Natural Law. Full Disclosure and No More Lies.

  • Carol Brouillet
    Carol Brouillet

    I am deeply concerned that the WEF’s goals conflict with the health of humanity, our freedom, true peace and justice.

  • David Goulden
    David Goulden

    I sign sign these petitions because the Interest of Justice is working to protect honest citizens throughout the world.

  • Rod Hans
    Rod Hans

    The Nuremberg Codes were put there for a good reason. Those violation them cannot be doing anything good.

  • Christine Thompson
    Christine Thompson

    We the people do not give permission for any of these changes

  • Deborah Pearce
    Deborah Pearce

    We do not concent

  • Cheryl Henderson
    Cheryl Henderson

    We are being lied to above the Climate change ideology and the vaccines. Both of these are causing death and damage to people all around the world. The WEF is not interested in helping people but destroying them.

  • Marlene Rock
    Marlene Rock

    WEF is wrong.

  • Janice Barton
    Janice Barton

    I am signing because I would like answers to these questions.

  • Carol Trifiletti
    Carol Trifiletti

    We need to stand up and stop these crimes against humanity.

  • Josh Brooks
    Josh Brooks


  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    I am signing this because the WEF must stop their attempt at destroying all nation’s sovereignty and taking away freedoms and dismantling our Constitutional rights.

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    It’s wrong unethical and has to stop now.

  • Wayne Mckenzie
    Wayne Mckenzie

    These people need to be held accountable

  • Mark Halpert
    Mark Halpert

    The WEF and or Klaus Schwab has NO business controlling or directing policy in any sovereign nation. My father fought through the 2nd World War for freedom, not to have unelected, wealthy, secular humanists dictate an agenda to the world.

  • Paula Michelle Stirzaker
    Paula Michelle Stirzaker

    Klaus is evil and committing crimes against humanity. At the very least, he should answer the people’s questions… but he should also be held accountable for his actions by court proceedings and punishment.

  • Donna McCaskill
    Donna McCaskill

    It’s time for accountability!!!

  • Jim Jovanovich
    Jim Jovanovich

    Let Klaus Schwab know that he won’t get away with his crimes against humanity. Nor his cronies like Trudeau and Freeland either!

  • Rosel van der Merwe
    Rosel van der Merwe

    Klaus Schwab is a self elected Criminal to the WEF. We don’t need a WEF – let every country govern its own economy !!

  • Joe

    They are not educated

  • Jens Barman
    Jens Barman

    Klaus Schwab makes me wanna puke my guts!

  • Debbie B Brannen
    Debbie B Brannen

    Klaus Schwab is evil!

  • JoAnn Codori
    JoAnn Codori

    This madness has to stop!

  • Celeste Trilli Palamara
    Celeste Trilli Palamara

    I support Open Letter and Questions to Claus Schwab


    We do not want your great reset. We demand our freedom. They need to leave people alone and stop the murders.

  • Sheila Dunphy
    Sheila Dunphy

    I want the Truth & Justice for everyone & everyone who is responsible for the Crimes Against Humanity to be held accountable.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Freedom from global influences

  • Sol Davis
    Sol Davis


  • Adamant King
    Adamant King

    WEF is an illegal communist organisation to control the world. It must be closed

  • Peggy Craighead
    Peggy Craighead

    I want to see these people shot or hung in public

  • marilyn daniels
    marilyn daniels

    No WEF or WHO making health decisions

  • Robert Denomme
    Robert Denomme

    I am signing because this man is one of the most evil human beings on our planet. He cares nothing for the people and is only interested in power.



  • Leon Fekonja
    Leon Fekonja

    I support the following open letter to Klaus Schwab and WEF.

  • Joan Martin
    Joan Martin

    Klaus, you Nazi bastard, you will face the highest penalty when, we the people will get you to court. You are a serious evil monster with a face only mother could love !

  • Laura Allison
    Laura Allison

    Schwab is the definition of a impotent, soulless thing that believes in depopulation of the useless eaters. What he does not realize is he and all his followers are the ones who are worthless, now and always and your destruction is nigh.

  • Dianna Hunt
    Dianna Hunt


  • Steven Standbridge
    Steven Standbridge

    Truth needs tobe free

  • Billy Allen
    Billy Allen

    I support the IOJs Open Letter to the WEF in Davos.

  • Douglas Dolleman
    Douglas Dolleman

    The WEF and Klaus Schwab must be held accountable for the radical global influence put pond the the worlds populations

  • Joanne Sochan
    Joanne Sochan

    Criminals against humanity must be stopped and held accountable

  • Roland Sauve
    Roland Sauve


  • Roger Longo
    Roger Longo

    Enjoy your crickets & lab grown meat

  • Dianne Brauer
    Dianne Brauer

    This man needs to be brought to justice for murdering crimes

  • Maureen Els
    Maureen Els

    IOJ are working hard to protect citizens worldwide from the injustices of WEF and Klaus Schwab and his associates

  • Ingrid Oppermann
    Ingrid Oppermann

    I want to live in a free world

  • Rachel Mixx
    Rachel Mixx

    Klaus Schwab has no business interferring in Americans’ rights and freedom.

  • Sharyn Monteith
    Sharyn Monteith

    Those at the top of this debacle need to be held accountable

  • Sean Casey
    Sean Casey

    We have to stop this attempted dissolution of our inalienable human rights!!

  • Dorothy Norris-Elye
    Dorothy Norris-Elye

    I would LOVE to hear the answer!

  • Stephen J Hunt
    Stephen J Hunt


  • Donna Rivet
    Donna Rivet

    The WHO is a privately funded corporate entity with strong ties to Big Pharma. This is a corporate power grab that violates fundamental human rights and the sovereignty of our nations . We have politicians and bureaucrats colluding in this treason. NO politician, bureaucrat, or corporate entity OWNS any body, anywhere. Our governments have NO authority to sign ‘treaties’ that violate or remove the fundamental rights of the people they are supposed to be working for.

  • Robert McDuffie
    Robert McDuffie

    I believe in the truth – period❗️ 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Jesse Wayne Blenn Miller
    Jesse Wayne Blenn Miller

    Las “vacunas” son demasiado peligrosas y solo para dar ganancias a la grandes compañias sin importar los daños y las muertes qje causan.

  • Pim Wiersinga
    Pim Wiersinga

    Id the word ‘inclusiveness’ means anything at all, you can’t restrict it to your fans. Honesty before fandom!

  • Adele Barnabe
    Adele Barnabe

    I like freedom

  • Jeannette Barras
    Jeannette Barras

    Who elected Klaus Shwab to govern us. Not me. WEF had no right to tell us what to do. Just because they have more money than us who are being bled dry by our government

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    This is wrong and illegal.

  • Queen X
    Queen X

    We need to expose these guys

  • Latanya Townsend
    Latanya Townsend

    Hi administrator, Thanks for the well written post!

  • Tania Roussel
    Tania Roussel


  • Gene Rozmarynowski
    Gene Rozmarynowski

    We want answers and accountability.

  • Nelle Desir
    Nelle Desir

    Hi admin, Thanks for the in-depth post!

  • Glenn Noblin
    Glenn Noblin

    I really don’t want to see decievers, murderers and enslavers get away with being above the law.

  • Shawnee Domingo
    Shawnee Domingo

    Hello webmaster, Your posts are always well-delivered and engaging.

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  • Darnell Dobbins
    Darnell Dobbins

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  • Donna Rivet
    Donna Rivet

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  • Kirk Pyke
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