Petition to All decision makers: global W.H.O Delegates

Stop Global Vaccine Passports/Digital ID

Stop Global Vaccine Passports/Digital ID
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January 15, 2023

979 Supporters

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Letter to
All decision makers: global W.H.O Delegates
the W.H.O. IHRRC
Entire HHS staff

To the decision maker,

It has come to my attention that the W.H.O. and many member states are considering the adoption of vaccine passports under WHO standards.

The WHO has been conducting secret negotiations regarding proposed amendments to the International Surveillance (Health) Regulations from at least 16 nations, 4 of which submitted proposals on behalf of many other nations.

The proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations can be accessed here:

Several proposed amendments address health documentation and their digitalization. This might include, for example, the maritime health declaration or passenger certificates for prophylaxis and vaccination. Some States Parties have proposed targeted amendments to include, inter alia, digital certificates or certificates with a quick response (QR) code.

The proposed amendments to Articles 18, 23, 31, 35, 36 and 44 as well as to Annexes 6 and 8 would institute a Digital Global Health Passport. This must be rejected by each and every decision maker in order to comply with international customary law and human rights obligations.

ANNEX 6 makes it appear as if there is a foregone conclusion of necessity which is not yet proven to exist in reality: VACCINATION, PROPHYLAXIS AND RELATED CERTIFICATES This Annex includes provisions related to the international certificate of vaccination and prophylaxis that should be provided for all travellers as proof of vaccination or prophylaxis if required by States Parties. Summary of proposed amendments The many amendments to this Annex relate to the digital format of the certificate and the necessary means of verification. Technical recommendation The comments made under Article 35 apply in general to Annex 6, for example, with regard to the feasibility of digital certificates in many countries, as well as not precluding future technological developments. Similar considerations apply to the feasibility of having the Health Assembly decide on the related technical requirements, since situations may change periodically at short notice.

The issue of the digital format of vaccination cards is being addressed in other proposed amendments to Articles 31, 35 and 36 (see related comments).

Please ensure the protection the fundamental rights of the international community against the negotiations that are being conducted by the World Health Organization to create persecution and medical apartheid through the "Global Digital Health Certificate" which is commonly known as a "Vaccine Passport", "Digital ID" or a VACCINATION, PROPHYLAXIS AND RELATED CERTIFICATE.

Any attempt to design and implement a globalized health policy which involves a centralized control of private health data in exchange for member states citizens to have access to basic services including church and recreational is an internationally wrongful act and must be prevented.

Every member of government involved in decision making worldwide should work to enact legislation designed to outlaw any and all such tracking and surveillance systems.  For example, in United States The following three bills were proposed during the 117th Congress. 
H.R. 3868 - No Vaccine Passports for Americans Act

H.R. 4126 - Vaccine Passport Prevention Act of 2021

S. 1932 - No Vaccine Passports Act

As a matter of strict customary international law, Siracusa Principles, the States have no authority to place digital (or otherwise) controlled limitations upon our ability to participate in society. NO demand for our personal health information may legally be made of the people, for any reason. Our personal health choices and free opinions associated with the prevention and treatment of any dis-ease is our private choice and WE MAY NOT BE COMPELLED TO REVEAL IT.

Furthermore, the centralization of health data in the WHO data management system is not proven to be secure or robust enough to trust the private health data will not be sold or leaked, which is an inherent structural defect in the entire vaccine passport/Digital ID scheme that is too high a risk for any member state to reasonably adopt.

Let us recall that participating in the design and implementation of internationally wrongful acts incur liability for responsibility.

The concept of a vaccine passport is akin to slavery.  Slavery is defined as "under the will of another", and is prohibited under WHO's limited power.

Please stand up for our future and vote no on vaccine passports to preserve the privacy, dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms that is your duty to protect.

I demand you do your duty to prevent the vaccine passports which will harm the public interest and that you uphold that sacred oath and prevent any form of "Digital Global Health Certificate" to be allowed to infringe upon our unalienable rights to privacy and association.

Thank you for your time in this important matter,





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Interest of Justice
Interest of Justice
Started this petition 8 months ago

929 comments on “Stop Global Vaccine Passports/Digital ID”

  • Elizabeth Boille
    Elizabeth Boille

    I am signing because i am against these Deadly Jabs and should have a choice. If I don’t choose the Jabs there should be no consequences. I speak for many Canadians. Vaccine Passports to track us no I will not be tracked

  • Jeannette Wiley
    Jeannette Wiley

    The WHO is a communist controlled dictatorship trying to take over the world and kill off milliions through pandemics and vaccines.

  • Nina Whitehurst
    Nina Whitehurst

    I am opposed to tyranny in all of its forms.

  • Mike Conroy
    Mike Conroy

    I appose this action to make vaccine passports mandatory. The health and management of individuals is a private trust agreement between patients and doctors. WHO has not right to enforce this upon the citizens of the world. It is not necessary in every essence of human rights.

  • Joyce Coulter
    Joyce Coulter

    It will lead to total control of individuals

  • Tammy Allen
    Tammy Allen

    Vaccine passports are not about the spread of disease they are about power@

  • Marilyn Otton
    Marilyn Otton

    Vaccine Passports are a means of control, not protection in any way!

  • Rosemary Neumann
    Rosemary Neumann

    I am entitled to sovereignty over my body as a God given right.

  • marilyn daniels
    marilyn daniels

    No passports tied to vaccines. That is medical tyranny.

  • kerry douglas
    kerry douglas

    this is obviously about control, and not about health, given the terrible consequences of the vaccine on peoples health . There is no benefit of this covid vaccines, it does not stop transmission, stop people getting sick, or stop people going to hospital and some dying. so It is obviously a tool for control and tyranny.

  • Dolores Walton
    Dolores Walton

    We The People of this United States of America say NO, NO, NO to any type of passports. We have our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence to defend our right to make choices for ourselves and our children. To date W.H.O. and other organizations have lied to the people about a synthetic, experimental shot that has caused death and injury of those who believed the lies told on mainstream media. NO PASSPORTS NEEDED OR WANTED.

  • Lynn McDonald
    Lynn McDonald

    It is an infringement on my rights to be exposed to the vaccine passports, especially when the data proves COVID vaccines do not prevent the virus and they can still be transmitted. There is absolutely no valid reason for a vaccine passports.


    The notion that vaccines prevent transmission of sickness has been shown to be untrue. They are irrelevant to travel.

  • Vale Kiev
    Vale Kiev

    All human beings have an absolute right to full informed consent for any and all medical procedures, medical privacy, and freedom from surveillance by governments and extra-governmental bodies. We reject “health passports” in the strongest terms.

  • Mirwais Zafari
    Mirwais Zafari

    Because traveling is our right and as a non-elected organization you can’t impose any restriction on it. Stop the tyranny!

  • Wanda Whitney
    Wanda Whitney

    COVID is not something for which you need a vax. Indeed, the vax is worse than getting that form of flu! This is just another way the “elites” are trying to rule over us and stop us from going where we want to go.

  • Judith Gogolin
    Judith Gogolin

    No one should be forced to take an experimental drug that we know does not work.

  • Lucille Baron
    Lucille Baron

    I want all vaccine mandates stopped and stop vaccine passports

  • John Shaw
    John Shaw

    Isolation for containment of a virus is totally ineffectual. THE REAL scientific papers prove that beyond any doubt.

  • Anita McMurtrey
    Anita McMurtrey

    Nuremberg laws were supposed to stop the illegal forcing of uninformed medical treatment of all people. You are NOT fully informed due to cover up and lies. Passports are only another way of controlling every aspect of our lives and the ushering in of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) overreach

  • Chandra Kelly
    Chandra Kelly

    I care

  • Mary Federico
    Mary Federico

    I protest the IHR Amendments that seeks to eliminate respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  • Bonnie Aitken
    Bonnie Aitken

    Denying anyone of the freedom to travel if they do not submit the tyrannical behavior of wood be despots is coercion. This is not about health but all about control. I will have none of it.

  • Jan Booysen
    Jan Booysen

    This is total overreach by an unelected organization (read big pharma stakeholders)

  • Rocco Sciarrone
    Rocco Sciarrone

    Freedom of travel to all people, regardless of V. status.

  • Billy Markert
    Billy Markert

    Vaccine passports will not work when the vaccine does not work.

  • Teresa Radek
    Teresa Radek

    Medical tyranny

  • Margaret Graham
    Margaret Graham

    For starters it is not a vaccine but a gene therapy which is killing the population with it’s lethal lngredients. The jab needs to be stopped immediately

  • Margaret Graham
    Margaret Graham

    The gene therapy is killing off the population and is not safe and effective as advertised. It needs to be stopped immediately.

  • Theresa Kosaber
    Theresa Kosaber

    My body, my choice!

  • sue tschudy
    sue tschudy

    I agree we need to be informed before giving consent, human rights!

  • Matthias Schweikl
    Matthias Schweikl

    I am for freedom ,and don’t want to be enslaved by some perverted rich fucks!

  • Heidi Ship
    Heidi Ship

    I am human, I don’t need a barcode.

  • Lawreen Ahlf
    Lawreen Ahlf

    Vaccines have not been safe or effective. There are many reasons why people may choose not to be vaccinated and they should not be punished for this decision.

  • Anthony Reid
    Anthony Reid

    I believe that vaccine passports are unjustified and go against human rights, dignity and freedom.

  • Susan Gefen
    Susan Gefen

    I am signing because you cannot take away our freedom.

  • Joanne Sochan
    Joanne Sochan

    Illegal and criminal

  • Maria Schiller
    Maria Schiller

    I am totally opposed to vaccine passports!

  • Edward OConnor
    Edward OConnor

    The only passport we should require is one that identifies us as a citizen of our nation.

  • King larry
    King larry

    I agree

  • Stephan Petronis
    Stephan Petronis

    I am signing this for our children.

  • Rosa Powell
    Rosa Powell

    I do not agree with the IHR amendments.

  • Nancy Miller
    Nancy Miller

    Vaccine passports deny people their privacy and rights to make educated choices!

  • Mary Buckley
    Mary Buckley

    We are all created by God the father who sent his Son Jesus to conquer Satan and HIS TRUTH has set us FREE. We believe in The Father, Son and Holy Spirit who give us courage to place evil under our feet!

  • Jon Olsen
    Jon Olsen

    We need to tell them where they can stick their vax passports, and it is not a scenic place!

  • Deborah Moos
    Deborah Moos

    I am signing this because vaccine passports are un necessary, take away our human rights and can and will be used to abuse each person.

  • Lora Chamberlain
    Lora Chamberlain


  • Kelly Carlson
    Kelly Carlson

    I strongly oppose vaccine passports. They have no value to health, only harm.

  • Janet Rhead
    Janet Rhead

    MRNA vaccine technology does not stop catching or transmitting the virus (which has not been isolated), nor does it prevent hospitalisation, ICU or death from the virus. A vaccine passport serves no purpose, it breaches all privacy laws, human rights and fundamental freedoms.


    Te veel controle op je prive

  • bruce haug
    bruce haug

    Digital passports are an infringement of personal liberties.

  • Maureen Smith
    Maureen Smith

    Vaccine passports will lead to more government control and limits to freedoms.

  • Bonni McKeown
    Bonni McKeown

    Medical procedures are personal and forcing themnon people is a crime. Vaccines for zCovid have not been shown safe and effective and must not be required for travel.

  • Helen Cederqvist
    Helen Cederqvist

    No thank you! There is a difference between needing to be vaccinated against yellow fever when visiting a certain part of the world or being controlled, or rather enslaved, by a non-elected body that is forcing me to share my personal data and giving up my right to free movement and bodily autonomy. Definitely not!

  • Suzanne Short
    Suzanne Short

    This Covid Vaccine is not a vaccine and our Riths and Freedoms have been taken from us which is just horrid to think and to live in this country and we are being abused daily when our Rights and Freedoms must be preserved. We must be a freedom loving country for all to see and appreciate. We should be an example to the entire World regarding our God Given Freedoms and Liberties to be practiced regarding every part of our Special Lives. In God We Truly Trust.l

  • Teri Joyce
    Teri Joyce

    My health information is personal. Each of us should have a right to determine our own health care based on the risks and benefits as we understand them.

  • Marlene Rock
    Marlene Rock

    I want to stop the stigma and segregation perpetuated against unvaccinated people by the use of vaccine passports.

  • Tim Cordoza
    Tim Cordoza

    the mRNA vaccines have been responsible for tens of thousands of vaccine injuries as well as at least 30,000 death in the U.S. Forcing people to take these vaccines in order to travel would be show intent to harm based on what we currently know about these vaccines

  • Deborah Pearce
    Deborah Pearce

    passports are control. no to vaccines

  • Rona Dunleavey
    Rona Dunleavey

    I do not want to exist by my vaccine status

  • Barbara K Quick
    Barbara K Quick

    I believe vaccine passports is absolutely wrong!!

  • Dione Johnson
    Dione Johnson

    This is fundamentally wrong to restrict individuals travel freedoms with regards to vaccine status. It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control of movement and control of humans.

  • Wolfgang Daubenberger
    Wolfgang Daubenberger

    it is criminal

  • matt lewis
    matt lewis

    This is clearly a control issue, nothing to do with health!

  • Elke Krieger
    Elke Krieger

    I am signing because vaccination cannot be an inforced requirement. Most people don’t know about the possible implications due to withheld information, missing data, political calculation, etc. It should be an individual decision based on scientific transparent information

  • Janice

    The vaccines don’t work so there is no need for vaccines or vaccine passports.

  • Christine Cahalin
    Christine Cahalin

    I believe in bodily autonomy and the freedom of the individual, and the right to roam freely. I will not submit my body to be injected with any substance not of my choosing. We all have equal rights to roam and to live freely. I do not submit to the tyranny of forced medical interventions.

  • Cecilia Rydelén
    Cecilia Rydelén

    No trust in the WHO and this treaty at all.

  • Vladimir Nikolić
    Vladimir Nikolić

    Die WHO gestoppt sein muss!

  • Pascale S
    Pascale S

    Ik niet wil dat dit erdoor komt. Gelijkheid voor iedereen. De wereld is van ons allemaal

  • Renee Bahrij
    Renee Bahrij

    The nations of the world do not need a vaccine passport protocol for any reason what so ever.

  • Mary heap
    Mary heap

    All our countries should be free to live how we want not dictated to by the few

  • Sylvia McBeal
    Sylvia McBeal

    I don’t believe we need vaccine passports,it goes against our rights

  • Linda Wood
    Linda Wood

    The proposed amendments violate human rights and negate the Nuremberg Code and Helsinki Declaration as well as the constitutions of many member states.

  • Helen Duffell
    Helen Duffell

    I am signing because I know that this is against our human right to have free choice over our body, mind and soul.

  • Kris Kitchen
    Kris Kitchen

    This is America! We are not a democracy

  • Philip van Niekerk
    Philip van Niekerk

    We are free sovereign beings, children of God. We shall not be restricted or mandated.

  • Denise Ketterer
    Denise Ketterer

    I am against vaccine passports.

  • Gerald Landry
    Gerald Landry


  • Kenneth Garner
    Kenneth Garner

    I am totally against unscrupulous means of trying to take over the lives of the populace.

  • Amanda Cooley
    Amanda Cooley

    The vaccine doesn’t work and even if it did it should not be forced!

  • Eric Chipman
    Eric Chipman

    Health freedom. No discrimination biased on medical. Human rights mist be upheld.


    Fundamental human rights is in danger of violation.

  • Philip Crangle
    Philip Crangle

    I don’t want to lose my freedom to tyranny nor be injected with harmful poison that will surely kill me

  • Ruth Kupeian
    Ruth Kupeian

    I am signing because God has given all humans the right to choose what is injected in their body and we are made free.

  • Roberrt Banner
    Roberrt Banner

    This stops my freedom!

  • Diana Nedlose
    Diana Nedlose

    I treasure freedom and desperately want freedom for all human beings worldwide

  • leigh ann tatnall
    leigh ann tatnall

    I will not participate in this evil. Stop the craziness.

  • Kirk Tatnall
    Kirk Tatnall

    I will not participate in this evil. Stop the craziness.

  • Anne Coles
    Anne Coles

    humans have been had their lives destroyed by the extreme measures that have failed.

  • robert adams
    robert adams

    Vaccines offer only limited immunity. All vaccines have not been tested for safety.

  • Peter

    Travel and mobility are Gog-given human rights, an unelected criminal group such as the WHO has no right to deny anyone that basic, fundamental right to travel wherever & whenever he or she pleases.

  • Calen Siclaire
    Calen Siclaire

    Medical Privacy

  • Victoria Pilon
    Victoria Pilon

    I am signing to stop vaccine passports.

  • S. Buddy
    S. Buddy

    Stop the tyranny with the poiseness jabs.

  • Robin Schoenemann
    Robin Schoenemann

    I oppose the vaccine passports

  • Dave Fields
    Dave Fields

    To stop vaccine passports

  • david werenka
    david werenka

    enough is enough

  • Pamela Bayless
    Pamela Bayless

    These represent a loss of freedom and constitutional rights.

  • Meredith Krebel
    Meredith Krebel

    The last three years shows the injustice of treatment toward those who refused an experimental treatment out of safety concerns. This draconian overreaction must be stopped

  • Carol Blumenthal
    Carol Blumenthal

    I am signing because I don’t want my freedom to travel contingent on obeying the diktats of people who have already harmed millions of us.

  • Nicholas Wind
    Nicholas Wind

    I care about humanity.

  • Julie Stevenson-Demeester
    Julie Stevenson-Demeester

    Vaccine passports are a violation of our right to medical privacy freedom and it’s ties to our right to freedom of travel.

  • Beverly Mayo
    Beverly Mayo

    I am signing because it is extremely harmful insofar as it is a violation of our rights. We now know that covid vaccines don’t work and cause horrible side-affects and death. It needs to stop.

  • Lorraine Dougan
    Lorraine Dougan

    People should be allowed to move about freely without having disclose any private health information. That’s the definition of “private.” Not everyone needs to know about it and discriminate against you if it’s something they disagree with.

  • Russell Jurkovich
    Russell Jurkovich

    Vaccine Passports is the a step in method of control that will take away your human right and puts a lot of power and into goverment ,big Pharma, and WHO. Along with this will come digital currency so they can track how you spend your money and who you give it to. Then they inject you with a microchip so they will no where you are and where you been and possibly who your talking to.

  • Rachel Robertson
    Rachel Robertson

    People do not need a vaccine passport. It is just a mode to control people more then they are already controled.

  • Vicki Streifel
    Vicki Streifel

    I am signing to stop the vaccine passports

  • Donna R Wenrick
    Donna R Wenrick

    I don’t believe that a vaccine passport should be required to travel.

  • Heather Beck
    Heather Beck

    We must stand up for right of consent and pro choice and not have the world controlled by a selected few who are interfering in peoples lives.

  • ShirleyBourgeois

    I am signing because the vaccine passport is akin to Slavery, the opposite of privacy, dignity and Human Rights.

  • B T
    B T

    I can decide to accept the vaccine or not! No experimental vaccines! I do not need to be tracked. And socialism does not acknowledge a God or liberty as established in our Constitution! One World Government is a nightmare not a dream!

  • Sheri DeCaluwe
    Sheri DeCaluwe

    To preserve the medical privacy of humankind!! Only my doctor needs to know my medical information.

  • L.

    Vaccine passports have absolutely nothing to do with health and all to do with mass surveillance and control! More ‘bull-oney’ by the idiots in power and we will not tolerate or accept this, or any other power grabs they long for!!

  • R. Denice Brown-Sweeney
    R. Denice Brown-Sweeney

    if it has to be spelled out for you, you are NOT rich or smart enough to rule the world.

  • Peter Mead
    Peter Mead

    The covid-19 vaccines have killed hundreds of thousands if not millions. Vaccine passports have hurt more people than they have helped. End vaccine passports and their use as a tool to subjugate and tyrannize people. Disband the IHR. The IHR is unable to use shared technical standards wisely, so the IHR must be disbanded to protect the world.

  • Deirdre McKervey
    Deirdre McKervey

    Medical information is a private matter and shouldn’t be used to control free movement

  • Billy Markert
    Billy Markert

    Passports are useless

  • Peggy Fitzpatrick
    Peggy Fitzpatrick

    I have the right to go where I want to go without a vaccine passport.

  • Jeannette Barras
    Jeannette Barras

    The vaccines are killing people. Should not be mandated and vaccine passports are nothing but a way of tracking us

  • Desiree Langeveld
    Desiree Langeveld

    I am signing this because vaccine passports are unconstitutional and only a form to control the people. People have bodily autonomy and nobody needs to force any type of vaccine on us. The covid shots have too many adverse reactions ( see VAERS system) and not enough clinical trials have been done. The vaccine does not stop transmission either. Natural immunity is the best type of immunity you can have and people should work on strengthening their immune system instead.

  • Frank Lacava
    Frank Lacava

    The rich and powerful are regimenting the public to controlled cattle

  • Simone Opit
    Simone Opit

    We do not need to know people’s vaccine status for any purpose in life

  • Kenneth David Peaker
    Kenneth David Peaker

    In a speech to the WHO Council on Eugenics, on February 25, 2009, Henry Kissinger stated: “Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, it’s game over. They will accept anything – forcible blood or organ donation – “for the greater good”. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them — “for the greater good”. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room are investors. It’s a big win-win. We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for extermination services. Now, what’s for lunch, huh?”

  • Carol Hern
    Carol Hern

    the vaccines never made sense right from the beginning and now we are finding out how dangerous they are. By implementing the vaccine passports they are coercing people to take the vaccine if they want to travel.

  • Fred- Paget
    Fred- Paget

    BFYTW Because Fuck You Thats Why !

  • Nicky Gardner
    Nicky Gardner

    I am signing because I do not want a Nazi world where I must produce my “papers” to prove that I have been jabbed with poison.

  • Sherry Gagne
    Sherry Gagne

    I am signing because I am a sovereign citizen entitled to freedom of movement

  • Debbie Grace
    Debbie Grace

    I don’t want to live in the world you are trying to destroy!

  • Gerald Chorba
    Gerald Chorba

    To put the Globalists on notice–NO WAY!

  • Will Tuttle
    Will Tuttle

    Vaccine Passports destroy health, freedom, justice, peace, and happiness for all.

  • Pia Nyman
    Pia Nyman

    This is not in line with the Human Rights to choose your own things in life , health and so on

  • Cammie Braddy
    Cammie Braddy

    Stop vaccine passports

  • David Crane
    David Crane

    These are not valid and never were. Another way to try and control us humans

  • Vicki Harland
    Vicki Harland

    A vaccine passport does not indicate health status!.. Never has and never will!!.. It purely a document for control and surveillance and breaches all privacy!!

  • Subash Chandarana
    Subash Chandarana

    I don’t want WHO to make my health decisions.

  • Mark McDonald
    Mark McDonald

    For the good and just

  • Anne Mason
    Anne Mason

    I value my freedom and human rights.

  • Sharon Sweet
    Sharon Sweet

    You have no right to mandate a vaccine that has not shown to be effective or safe. It does not prevent transmission and people have died. This is tyranny. You have no right to impose your mandate on any human being.

  • Aidan Fraser
    Aidan Fraser

    The W.H.O are a corrupt organisation who have no jurisdiction over any living man or woman and my medical information is private, as it should be.

  • Karen Lalonde
    Karen Lalonde

    A citizen under common law has the right to mobility and the right to choose what’s right for themselves regarding any medical treatment.

  • Victoria Pilon
    Victoria Pilon

    I oppose the vaccine passports. Choice of receiving vaccine is a personal right. My body, my choice.

  • Roger Longo
    Roger Longo

    mRNA gene therapy is poison.

  • David Roark
    David Roark

    I am signing this because no one has a right to stop me or anyone from traveling due to them pushing the illegal drugs causing deadly side effects that do absolutely nothing to hinder the spread of covid or the catching of covid.

  • Irene Golembioski
    Irene Golembioski

    I am signing because I am totally against this.

  • Sally Clark
    Sally Clark

    Vaccine passports to travel? No way! I should not be forced to take all and any jabs some government official (paid by Pharma) says humans should take if I want to travel. All medical interventions must be totally by personal choice, in consideration of real risk and benefit! The current passport systems are already more than adequate.

  • Elizabeth McLean
    Elizabeth McLean

    I believe that my injection status is a private matter.

  • Candy Peavy
    Candy Peavy

    These vaccines are a crime against humanity!

  • Kim Waligorski
    Kim Waligorski

    I will not comply when it comes to my freedom of choice. I believe we should get our freedom of movement back.

  • Stephen English
    Stephen English

    After the evils of the Covid19 jab, I have decided that I will never take another jab. If this is accepted, it will decimate international tourism as 30%+ of the population will never travel again

  • Nancy Mcknight
    Nancy Mcknight

    Stop the vaccine passports they are a means of control!

  • Brenda Lazenby
    Brenda Lazenby

    people must make their own decision when it comes to medical treatments

  • Yvonne Coleman
    Yvonne Coleman

    I don’t want dangerous ingredients being injected into my body.

  • Mary Schappert
    Mary Schappert

    I do not want to have to prove I am “vaccinated” to be allowed to socialize, get medical services or travel.

  • Martine Guedj
    Martine Guedj

    Les êtres humains sont nés libres et doivent le rester

  • Gary Cannon
    Gary Cannon

    I am signing because I do not want to have the Globalist control of my body or my ability to move freely around the Globe or even in my own country. The next step will be digital social credit score and slavery as we see in China.

  • Emilie Kemlo
    Emilie Kemlo

    I am against this level of mandated control

  • Christine Vorderegger
    Christine Vorderegger

    The vaccines are causing worldwide death and disability and are hugely destructive. The Davos group will not employ pilots who have been vaccinated because they fear they’ll black out while flying! Vaccine passports are a terrible idea. It’s just more control and enslavement of innocent people.

  • Maria Nelson
    Maria Nelson

    I do not consent to be tracked

  • Rex Dalton
    Rex Dalton

    Pass ports for vaccines have not helped stop c19 but only served to force citizens to take actions against their wishes causing the death of many of them.

  • Michelle Starr
    Michelle Starr

    Vaccine Passports have no place in today’s society. All individuals are just that… ‘individuals’ …all with different health issues, health statuses and health and wellness levels, and a ‘one size fits all’ approach in the health industry does not work at all. The recent mRNA development for Covid 19 has proven to be disasterous, downright dangerous and not necessary for the majority of populations. There is no requirement for mRNA medicines and these have not been fully tested and have been shown to be dangerous to the health of a larger percentage of the world’s populations. To impose upon citizens to take vaccinations of an unknown, unproven quality and unnecessary is a crime against humanity and all those ‘elites’ pushing for these, will be held accountable for the damage they are causing.

  • Barbara Owens
    Barbara Owens

    Individuals should have the freedom to decide what medications may enter their body. Vaccine mandates are a form of unacceptable coercion.

  • Birgitte Gunge
    Birgitte Gunge

    Jag är emot vaccinepass

  • Marina Muhlberg
    Marina Muhlberg

    Stop the experiment

  • Janice Barton
    Janice Barton

    I am signing this petition because I value my privacy and others.

  • Lili

    I was born free, I want to leave in freedom till the end of my life!

  • Maria Nielsen
    Maria Nielsen

    I CARE!!!

  • Anita Zukowski
    Anita Zukowski

    We have our rights it is our body. Secondly no science behind this. Thirdly many it is not working. Ty ou asked for 1 I gave you many

  • Masiso Nelomwe
    Masiso Nelomwe

    I am signing because vaccine passports are not necessary

  • Patricia Sullivan
    Patricia Sullivan

    I do NOT wish to be discriminated against. I value EQUALITY and FREEDON. I don’t want my human rights abused.

  • Donna Allard
    Donna Allard

    I am signing because I do not want anyone to make decisions about my body except myself. Each person should decide that as an individual.

  • Lynda Heise
    Lynda Heise

    i don’t want humans to be micromanaged

  • Anne Beneville
    Anne Beneville

    Medical Freedom, Decisions about treatment should be between a doctor & a patient & the doctor should not be coerced or influenced by Pharma.

  • Seppo Sutinen
    Seppo Sutinen

    I don’t accept to take a jab for travelling, working or shopping necessaries

  • Milda TIERNEY
    Milda TIERNEY

    The great reset is bad for the world

  • Gabor

    Damn you and your evil agenda. We will avenge every single person you killed under the guise of “fighting COVID”. You WILL be held responsible. You will own nothing and we will be happy.

  • Jason Stickel
    Jason Stickel

    This is forced genocide and it will be exposed and the perpetrators punished

  • Eric Chipman
    Eric Chipman

    No to medical discrimination, mandatory or forced anything.

  • William Stone
    William Stone

    Health freedom is important.

  • Brian Nother
    Brian Nother

    I don’t agree

  • g k prasad
    g k prasad

    the who is an unelected body and it should not be involved in dictating policies and procedures for all the sovereign people of the world

  • Kerrie Hugo
    Kerrie Hugo

    I am free to move around

  • Judith Dompieri
    Judith Dompieri


  • Jamie Sermon
    Jamie Sermon

    Vaccines passports discriminate against those who have natural immunity and therefore exercise their right to choose not to be vaccinated.

  • Wendy Luttrell
    Wendy Luttrell

    I support the open letter to stop all vaccine passports by the Interest of Justice.

  • Amos Poole
    Amos Poole

    I oppose medical tyranny.

  • Stephen Brennan
    Stephen Brennan

    Nooooo, to vaccine passports, or Digital I.d.

  • Judith Dompieri
    Judith Dompieri


  • Katharina Fridhem
    Katharina Fridhem

    Vaccine passports is absolutely atrocious and should be banned. Nobody should EVER be required to have such a passport.I consider it a criminal act to force people to have a vaccine passport and to take the vaccines or otherwise they loose their rights in society. Unbelievably sick!!!

  • Marion Wallis
    Marion Wallis

    The definition of vaccine needs to be again correctly defined before any mandates for vaccines, or gene altering injections be even discussed.

  • susan finegold
    susan finegold

    I am opposed to any and all forced medical mandates.

  • Mara Sabelli
    Mara Sabelli

    I am signing because their is no accountability to vaccine manufacturers.

  • Donna Rivet
    Donna Rivet

    I have not given ANY privately funded corporate organization, or any politician or bureaucrat permission to sign any agreements on my behalf that supersedes or violates my fundamental human rights. These rights are not at the prerogative of governments or corporate interests or their billionaire organizations. No one has elected you to speak for or determine ‘Science’ or the direction and structure of our societies, communities, and countries. This is illegal Regulatory Capture by corporate interests self styling themselves as ‘world directors’. Just cause you ‘say so’ is ridiculous. None of this is your prerogative. Politicians involved in allowing your corporate organization to dictate or influence governance policy are out of line and ate themselves ‘captured’. This is corruption and cannot be tolerated. We need an investigation into the extent of Regulatory Capture that is criminally interfering in governments and policy of governments. Without this transparency and accountability you people are like the mafia. ’ This is a call for a transparent investigation into the reach and influence of corporate interests and agendas; Regulatory Capture; the corruption of government, institutions, authorities, and media by the influence and control of corporate interests. That’s the most pressing issue given the carnage you people are doing, and seek to inflict on every aspect of life. You people are out of line.

  • Mary Assaf
    Mary Assaf

    I feel that consent is a fundamental right in all health protocols. One must always have the freedom to refuse a treatment. The mRNA shots have not proved effective and are possibly connected to death and disease. No organization has the right to mandate these “vaccines”.

  • Tammy Bergeron
    Tammy Bergeron

    This is against my constitutional rights

  • Leland Lehrman
    Leland Lehrman


  • Barbara Blaylock
    Barbara Blaylock

    My body, my choice. I will not take the poison to travel. It is my born right to travel freely. My body, my choice.

  • Bobbi-Jean Brent
    Bobbi-Jean Brent

    This is an attack on our freedom. They’re aiming for complete global control and it needs to be stopped.

  • E Duffy
    E Duffy

    This whole issue spoken of in the letter above is by far the most important issue needing to be addressed at this moment in our history. Any other question is secondary! Thank you!

  • Jeannine Schulz
    Jeannine Schulz

    They do not have the right to trample on our rights and freedom.

  • Robert Schulz
    Robert Schulz

    They do not have the right to trample on our freedom.

  • Patrick LeBrun
    Patrick LeBrun

    I value my liberty more than your tyranny.

  • Bob McKenzie
    Bob McKenzie

    The science is not settled on this issue and vaccine passports amount to totalitarian control.

  • Teal Kells
    Teal Kells

    This madness NEEDS to stop!! We didn’t elect you and your cronies!!

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost

    I will not submit.

  • William French
    William French

    No one should be required to get an experimental vaccine in order to travel

  • Rose Ann Desjarlais
    Rose Ann Desjarlais

    People have rights. Do not believe in toxic substances.

  • Kate M Smith
    Kate M Smith

    It’s my GOD given right not to be shot up with experimental gene therapies!

  • Carolyn Stoppard
    Carolyn Stoppard

    I am concerned by this takeover of individual consensus

  • brenda Barnard
    brenda Barnard

    vaccines passports is a fascist agenda

  • Mylene Lefebvre
    Mylene Lefebvre

    It is my body, therefore it is my choice. No one should be excluded from society or denied the right to travel for a personal decision I made for myself.

  • Rian Ly ess
    Rian Ly ess

    Vacations are a choice for every individual

  • Pamela Francher
    Pamela Francher

    We already have Govement intruding enough in our Lives.

  • Diana Rees
    Diana Rees

    to expose the Demonic side of corrupt governments

  • Ruth Welsh
    Ruth Welsh

    I am signing because this isn’t about health it’s about control

  • Karen Palazzolo
    Karen Palazzolo

    I am signing this because I believe in FREEDOM to choose what I put in my body and where I am allowed to travel. Passports are clear discrimination, and I won’t support division or discrimination. Ever.

  • Michael DeYoung
    Michael DeYoung

    Vaccines should NEVER be mandated!

  • Julie DeLanoy
    Julie DeLanoy

    We all have a right to our healthcare privacy. Whatever happened to HIPPA?! We refuse to be controlled by global elites and their evil agenda.

  • Mark bunker
    Mark bunker

    Vaccines are not needed ! let alone a passport. Vaccines cause the disease

  • Ann Robinson
    Ann Robinson

    This is not allowing body sovereignty. We all must have a choice. And the freedom to pursue our lives.

  • Maia Dugan
    Maia Dugan

    Unfortunately the WHO , WEF, and the global elite( who I consider to be the scum of the earth!) Think we are all stupid ! It’s all about control and power. Disgusting!

  • Charles Roscoe
    Charles Roscoe

    I will not submit to unelected NWO globalist mandates.

  • Margaret Frazer
    Margaret Frazer

    It is our basic human right to decide whether we get vaccinated or not, our choice, period. We must be allowed to travel without having to prove our vaccination status.

  • Barbara Doughty
    Barbara Doughty

    This should never have been implemented in the first place. 30.000 qualified nurses, and 40.000 qualified care workers have had to leave their job because of their choices for their own body.

  • Barb McKee
    Barb McKee

    This is Wrong!

  • Colin William Roper
    Colin William Roper

    I think this yet another ploy dressed up as public health protection to gain more power over us all I also think that there are persons in authority who think that the term Covid should be used to rename as many other diseases as possible in order to keep the name alive, and continue public fear.

  • Clara Shwartzman
    Clara Shwartzman

    This requirement is intentional limitation of freedom of movement without any medical necessity.

  • Peter Hiebert
    Peter Hiebert

    First off, I’m signing because this covid “thing” was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the human race. The evidence is beyond overwhelming. By the way, what should it tell us if Klaus Schwab is banning his people from flying on planes with vaccinated pilots!? He said, ” The safety of our members is our number one priority”.

  • Marion Hiebert
    Marion Hiebert


  • Beverley Tripp
    Beverley Tripp

    I am signing this petition because I am totally against digital passports and proofs of vaccinations. These are total infringements on our rights a human beings to move freely in our world.

  • shirley whinray
    shirley whinray

    The vaccines are biological weapons to kill us people are dropping dead worldwide. I will not participate in the insane and luciferian ideology to control us all.

  • Angela Terwogt
    Angela Terwogt

    I am signing because this is a violation against humanities rights and freedoms, this is an insult to our sovereignty and liberties. This is an insult and hijack against body autonomy and privacy including major adverse effects including death in most shots whereby the risks is much higher than any so called made up benefit.

  • Angie Stone
    Angie Stone

    I will not comply with any kind of medical passport. It is against the Nuremberg Code and my human rights.

  • Wendy johnson
    Wendy johnson

    We do not consent to mass extermination of the world’s population

  • Nan


  • Tod Benton Jones
    Tod Benton Jones

    I do not wish to live in an anti-democratic global police state run by health-nazis.

  • Kristin Terkelsen
    Kristin Terkelsen

    This is against personal freedom.

  • Arlene Greer
    Arlene Greer

    I am strongly opposed to vaccine passports.

  • Chris Billesdon
    Chris Billesdon

    All vaccine mandates and passports must be stopped. My body my choice. This “vax” does not stop infection nor transmission. Nor is the FDA approved vaccine available for anyone. Only the EUA version. It stinks in every direction

  • Teresa Temos
    Teresa Temos

    Because that goes against our human rights and the constitution!!

  • Andree Emond
    Andree Emond

    It’s not a vaccine!

  • Mike Gibbens
    Mike Gibbens

    I am signing because they are against the Charter of Rights.

  • Joanne Dean
    Joanne Dean

    I am signing this to stop vaccine passports. Passports are just part of the agenda to control us. Vaccines didn’t even stop the transmission or prevent infection, so a vaccine passport would be useless.

  • Douglas Dolleman
    Douglas Dolleman

    Vaccine passports are criminal methods to control the popuations

  • Andrea H Franklin
    Andrea H Franklin

    I am totally opposed to any and all Vaccine Passports. I am a free citizen of a free country. The USA and a vaccine passport violates our Constitution and my rights as a free citizen.

  • Janet Carlson
    Janet Carlson

    A great many people are okay with a certain percentage of vaccine injured individuals for “the greater good of all”. I am not one of those people.

  • Sharon Lee
    Sharon Lee

    Bodily autonomy is a priority and a God given right. Forced, Coerced or tricked is not and will not ever be for the health of any one or society. Segregating people is never for the Good of humanity.

  • Adrian Swanston
    Adrian Swanston

    This is uncalled for.

  • Mary Lou
    Mary Lou

    There is no need for our medical information to be available to everyone. This is just a step towards imposing social credits on humanity. There is NO real need for this passport at all.

  • John Paul Grimes
    John Paul Grimes

    Vaccines need at least 3 years of testing data before unleashing them on the public. And a vaccination is private health information.

  • Judith Mosteller
    Judith Mosteller

    There are still so many questions about efficacy and safety of these so-called vaccines for Covid-19. At this point in time, the Covid vaccines are not really vaccines, but experimental injections that do more harm than good for the populations around the world. There should be no mandates anywhere. There should be NO “vaccine passports” for anyone, anywhere.

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous

    I don’t believe in the vaccine passport. It’s Totalitarianism in disguise…

  • Aline Munsch
    Aline Munsch

    My body, My choice!

  • Carolyn Stoppard
    Carolyn Stoppard

    It is my choice and I choose NOT to risk getting Belles Palsy as I did after the first vaccine. It doesn’t stop the infection or transmission so I am waiting for the reason why they are still promoting and even thinking of mandating this vaccine.

  • Patricia Ricciatti
    Patricia Ricciatti

    i oppose infringements of my basic human rights.

  • Nancy Miller
    Nancy Miller

    Vaccine Passports should NOT be required in the USA or any place!

  • michael w malsberger
    michael w malsberger

    Stop politicizing medicine!

  • Dr Linda Lutz
    Dr Linda Lutz

    It us an invasion of my private health history. This is only ve done to control people

  • Brown Kevin
    Brown Kevin

    Some people choose to stay un-vaccinated as is their right, of course. Therefore a passport is not needed.

  • Summer Rinauro
    Summer Rinauro

    I am a mother of 2 sensitive children

  • Sandy Werner
    Sandy Werner

    Because CoVid 19 doesn’t exist as any kind of threat anymore and it’s more than ridiculous to pretend it does. It’s Absurd.

  • Livina Hiacinth
    Livina Hiacinth

    This has nothing to do with health. It is a means for control of the individual and is diabolical in this intention. Vaccines don’t work to stop transmission or stop infection, as admitted by the CDC. A sham; a deceit.

  • Eric Mair
    Eric Mair

    Vaxx passports are the road to digital control.

  • Deborah Moos
    Deborah Moos

    I am signing this as these an encroachment and illegal against the US Constitution.

  • Bernhard Nagel
    Bernhard Nagel

    Vaccines are not required for healthy patients and I have observed this in my 48 years of practicing and treatment of patients. We have been captured by the Pharma madness of a vaccine in every arm.


      Can I just say what a relief to find an individual who really
      understands what they are discussing on the web.
      You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
      A lot more people really need to read this and understand this
      side of the story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular because you surely possess the

  • Marilyn Elizabeth Symons
    Marilyn Elizabeth Symons

    I am signing because this is a gross abuse of human rights .

  • Kerstin Colmsjo
    Kerstin Colmsjo

    Freedom to chose for ourselves

  • Annie Summers
    Annie Summers

    It’s an infringement on personal liberty.

  • lee parish
    lee parish

    I am opposed to vaccine mandates and pass ports

  • M Stalford
    M Stalford

    Many reasons!!!

  • michelle henfrey
    michelle henfrey

    They are not about health but control

  • Bethany Johnson
    Bethany Johnson

    Because I have no belief in vaccines. The injections contain venoms and Graphene. The Natural Immune system is superior to rogue science.

  • john thoma
    john thoma

    Vacc.ination is a personal decision.

  • Karolina Balck
    Karolina Balck

    do ot accept WHO treaty

  • Kevin Stewart Hobson
    Kevin Stewart Hobson

    It is mass murder.

  • Janet Woodworth
    Janet Woodworth

    This IS Unconstitutional !! I have a God given right to FREEDOM!!!

  • Nana Black
    Nana Black

    I am signing because we need answers as to exactly what his fancy words mean. What future have they in store for us.

  • Robert Ruder
    Robert Ruder

    One word objection: Ridiculous!

  • Maureen Els
    Maureen Els

    It’s not a health issue. There’s a more sinister motive

  • Diane AMIEL
    Diane AMIEL

    This is TYRANNY!

  • George Kay
    George Kay

    No agency has the authority implement this as a requirement. Especially after the “vaccines” they are demanding be administered have and are caused tremendous death and injury throughout the world!

  • Nachman Rosen
    Nachman Rosen

    Vaccine passports are unethical

  • Richard DiCapua
    Richard DiCapua

    Our health and freedoms are in danger from this unelected group

  • Bernard John Christensen
    Bernard John Christensen

    Will not comply

  • Lisa Hangs
    Lisa Hangs

    These violate God-given human rights!

  • Neville Lacey
    Neville Lacey

    It is abundantly clear that neither vaccine passports nor the mRNA “vaccines” themselves have anything to do with health. In fact, given that the mRNA vaccines do not prevent transmission or infection, holders of the proposed passports would be the people most likely to be spreading the disease.

  • Marcia Troyer
    Marcia Troyer

    I do not trust or believe vaccine passports have any other purpose but to control people and remove their liberty from them. They are nothing about health. No vaccine passports!

  • Robert Denomme
    Robert Denomme

    I am signing because these elites are trying to control our lives and take away our freedom. Also mandates do nothing to stop the transmission of this virus.

  • Amy Michelle Alexander
    Amy Michelle Alexander


  • Susan Ward
    Susan Ward

    I am signing because this is a totalitarian move by the WHO that reminds me of Nazi Germany. It will be a dystopian future for our children if this comes to pass.

  • Jay Em
    Jay Em

    “The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken. God is known by the judgment which he executes: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God”

  • Anne-Marie MacLeod
    Anne-Marie MacLeod

    They LIED, people DIED

  • John Keirstead
    John Keirstead

    I never believed in any digital tracking passports that remove rights from individuals.

  • Edward Woods
    Edward Woods

    I’m Signing cause I do not consent

  • Ben Oyuke
    Ben Oyuke

    I am signing this petition to STOP vaccine passports.

  • Dwayne Brown
    Dwayne Brown

    I am supporting IOJ and do support vaccine passports or anything equivalent

  • Denise Mcintosh
    Denise Mcintosh

    I am no mans guinea pig, my body is God’s. I was born free and will never believe in their evil!!!!!

  • Bradley Ott
    Bradley Ott

    I am signing because we as a collective are being led to the slaughterhouse by our elected officials who are he’ll bent on carrying out a globalist plan for the extermination of mankind… It will not happen!!!

  • Dorthe Kragh
    Dorthe Kragh

    I have no faith in vaccine passports. Vaccination is always done to protect the individual, never to protect anyone else. Further, it is unethical to demand vaccination with unproven new technologies, which are now turning out to be hurting the population at large. This is pure powermongering and control.

  • Melanie Abbott
    Melanie Abbott

    I vehemently am against any ‘vaccine’ mandates. It is up to We The People to detrmine our medical decisions; not the gov’t, not WHO; not our doctors. WE DECIDE WHAT GOES INTO OUR BODY AFTER BEING PROPERLY INFORMED!

  • Joan Simmons
    Joan Simmons

    the world elite need to be stopped

  • Christine

    I want my freedom

  • Lesley Burns
    Lesley Burns

    Vaccine passports represent, amongst other things, taking away an individual’s right to refuse to undergo a medical treatment as well as the matter of the security of one’s personal information

  • Dave Bird
    Dave Bird

    As a living man, IO have the right to freely travel without arbitrary limits being imposed on me by unelected bureaucrats

  • Michelle

    We need to fight for our God given freedoms

  • Mary Robinson
    Mary Robinson

    I believe that vaccine passports required by the G20, the IHR Amendments of the WHA or the WHO violate both individual sovereign rights as asserted by the Nuremburg codes and also the rights of sovereign Nations, responsible only to their electorate.

  • Alan Robinson
    Alan Robinson

    I believe that vaccine passports required by the G20, the IHR Amendments of the WHA or the WHO would violate both individual sovereign rights, as asserted by the Nuremburg codes, and also the rights of sovereign Nations, responsible only to their electorate.

  • Laura Allison
    Laura Allison

    I refuse to be surveilled or part of Gestapo mentality.

  • Candace Beattie
    Candace Beattie

    I am signing because this was a planned pandemic and all these lockdowns including bs vaccine passports, is destroying the economy and the world. WEF was started by a greedy elite wanting to control rhe world and he has sucked in PM’s and elites around the world! They are truly not vaccinated so why do they get away with flying all over the world?? Enough is enough!!!!

  • Sherry Duffy
    Sherry Duffy

    Vaccine passports should never exist.

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    This is unconstitutional.totaly.

  • Suzanne Turner
    Suzanne Turner

    It is against basic human rights to restrict movement

  • Jim Jovanovich
    Jim Jovanovich

    I don’t want a vaccine passport. I and everyone else doesn’t need one nor would it be used to track people’s health. It’s a lie. It’s all about globalist control, not health and safety.

  • Marleen Laska
    Marleen Laska

    WHO & WEF have NO soverignty to institute ANYTHING!! We are Americans in America, our SOVEREIGN NATION!

  • Theresa B Nealand
    Theresa B Nealand

    I do not want to witness any more murders committed by “you” by poisonings of our families & friends. There is no ‘jab’ just a death shot for too many.

  • Beth Novak
    Beth Novak

    Vaccine passports are discrimination

  • Lillie Adams
    Lillie Adams

    we do not want or need vaccine passports because the vaccine has caused many injuries and deaths.

  • Okeke Charles
    Okeke Charles

    I hate WHO and want it’s dissolution

  • Wendy Llewellyn
    Wendy Llewellyn

    I hate you and what you are doing to the world – you’re evil

  • Jocelyn Ann Wilson
    Jocelyn Ann Wilson

    There is no way I’m going to have this experimental JAB in my body & vaccine passports are a violation of my human rights.

  • Ramón Martínez
    Ramón Martínez

    Because these injections are terrorism weapons

  • Renee Powers
    Renee Powers

    The vaccine passport is an infringement on every person’s human rights.

  • Rrr zzz
    Rrr zzz

    I oppose the digital vax ajendas and uninformed concent. Covid variants which are only mild flu’s and are not as great a threat as the vax and the digital concerns.

  • Candace Cate
    Candace Cate

    This is unconstitutional and attacks our rights to medical and personal freedoms. Vax passports have no place in a free society!!

  • Joan Pennings
    Joan Pennings

    Satan has broken loose on this planet.

  • Joanne Benton
    Joanne Benton

    As human beings we should not have to be recordable as to where we go. We are born free and should stay free for our natural life.

  • Bogdan Fon
    Bogdan Fon

    I want to get my freedom back !!

  • Kathryn Baxter
    Kathryn Baxter

    I do not support mandated “vaccinations.” I do not support fabricated “science.” I do not support digital tracking or government privacy infiltration.

  • Karen Roe
    Karen Roe

    Medical info should be private, between patient and physician. Show your papers is not freedom.

  • Ina Gabler
    Ina Gabler

    Vaccine Passports are illegal, unconstitutional, and are an instrument to control citizens.

  • Patricia

    F their passports!

  • Ginger Hartdegen
    Ginger Hartdegen

    This IS and will be an absolute FAILURE and ATROCITY! Also, the faux vaccines don’t prevent ANYTHING so again, please stop!

  • Diane AMIEL
    Diane AMIEL

    This whole vaccine nonsense is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

  • Jill Bargen
    Jill Bargen

    I had an adverse reaction to pfizer, my daughter had an adverse reaction to Moderna, my father dies several weeks after his covid v and he declined speedily while he had been healthy and active prior to his v.

  • Randy Bargen
    Randy Bargen

    Daughter had adverse reaction, wife had reaction, the covid shots do not prevent transmission and discrimination is not acceptable.

  • Craig Ward
    Craig Ward

    I am signing this because the Covid 19 vaccination does not protect anyone from Covid 19

  • Amy Harlib
    Amy Harlib

    There is an insidious global ruling class plot to enslave all life on earth behind all the madness and suffering inflicted on We the People. How to fight back against this TOTAL SLAVERY! RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY! DITCH THE DAMNED ‘SMART’ PHONES AND THE DAMNED QR CODES AND GO BACK TO LANDLINES OR FLIP PHONES AND USE CASH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! INSIST ON CASH! CBDC IS TOTAL SLAVERY! Other than getting rid of nuclear weapons which I support 100% the rest of the anti-nuclear peace movement and CLIMATE CRISIS propaganda is parroting UN utter GARBAGE, a complete surrender to the ENSLAVEMENT AGENDA by the diabolical despots of Davos – ruling class criminals who lust for total power and control and all of whom should be tried and jailed for life and their malign organizations dismantled: the UN, the WEF, the IMF, the WHO, the BIS, NATO, Blackrock, Vanguard, The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, The Bilderbergers, the CFR et al. There is an evil predator globalist technocratic elite agenda of eugenics/depopulation/genocide using bioweapon poison jabs, war, geoengineering, EMF radiation, starvation and economic collapse – THE GREAT RESET/AGENDA 2030/4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to get rid of billions of ‘useless eaters’ and to use nano tech to turn the survivors into ROBOTIZED COMPLIANT SLAVES! WAKE UP AND RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY! These are psychopath megalomaniacs who want to play god by turning all life into digitized metaverse mechanistic synthetic biology to be manipulated by their AI algorithms. A more demonic sickening idea is nearly impossible to imagine! APPALLED AND HORRIFIED AT INSANE TYRANNICAL PROTOCOLS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH TOTALITARIAN CONTROL! REVERSE THIS NOW! MAKE THE WORLD AND AMERICA 2019 (comparatively speaking), AND FREE AGAIN! NO, I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE MORONIC SCARIANT SHMARIANT MONKEYSHINES! WAKE UP ALREADY! TOTALLY CONDEMN BIDEN AND ALL OTHER POLS WHO HAVE NO POWER TO LAWLESSLY ACT LIKE AN EMPEROR OR DICTATOR AND DECREE JAB CROW ‘SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS’ FASCIST SEGREGATION/DISCRIMINATION/APARTHEID VIOLATIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION, THE NUREMBERG CODES AND EVERY CIVIL RIGHT IMAGINABLE. NO GREEN NEW DEALS OR BUILD BACK BETTER FROM THE CRIMINAL TECHNOCRAT TYRANTS KLAUS SCHWAB AND HIS CRONIES FROM THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. STOP THE TERRIBLE TYRANNY OF THE TECHNOCRATS GLOBAL AGENDA OF TOTAL SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL USING THE VIRUS AS EXCUSE AND PROPAGANDA TOOL! NO MUZZLING STIFLING MASK MANDATES! NO FORCED VACCINES! END TORTUROUS DEVASTATING LOCK DOWNS NOW! I WANT MY LIFE BACK. Pam Popper: Del Bigtree: Naomi Wolf:

  • Janelle Fornecker
    Janelle Fornecker

    They are not effective!

  • Rex Dalton
    Rex Dalton

    Individuals should have the right to decide whether or not to be vaccinated. Something most are capable of doing when provided with accurate data they can trust from an independent source free from propaganda and false information or none at all as at present.

  • Jon Michael Winkler
    Jon Michael Winkler

    Freedom is not granted by a passport – freedom is granted by itself. (Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison

    Your wasting a coverup that you know is happening ,this is a determent of what it’s really all about

  • ronald nagel
    ronald nagel

    stop this madness

  • Theresa Noullet
    Theresa Noullet

    Because no one should be FORCED to submit to ANY medical intervention…. this is where “MY BODY, MY CHOICE” really applies.

  • Tim Aldridge
    Tim Aldridge

    This is all against international law since the end of WW2 no country can force people to take an experimental vaccine and for ing people to do so is illegal

  • Heather Hankins
    Heather Hankins

    I am frightened for humanity. I’ve see. Death and disabilities result without a doubt from the jabs.

  • Janet E Johnson
    Janet E Johnson

    Vaccines cause adverse harms and death, enrich pharmaceutical company felons, and contribute to genocide.

  • Dolores Walton
    Dolores Walton

    It has been proven over the last three years that the synthetic, experimental shots have not prevented the transmission of covid and therefore there is no need for “vaccine passports? NO to passport approval.

  • Douglas Dolleman
    Douglas Dolleman

    vaccines passports are untested and unproven in the prevention and spread of diseases. This is a thinly disguised attempt to control the nations populations. 

  • Peter Hiebert
    Peter Hiebert

    The vaccine passports are TOTALLY useless. It’s strictly a form of people control. A horrible waste of money, time, and people resources.

  • Shelley Keylor
    Shelley Keylor

    I am signing because in a free society, we can travel where ever and when ever we want and whether or not we took a poisonous/deadly jab is nobodies elses business.

  • Bhavana Lymworth
    Bhavana Lymworth

    bodily autonomy is a human right.

  • John David Newson
    John David Newson

    It is my right to choose

  • Joe

    No passport

  • Mary Renaghan
    Mary Renaghan

    I do not support this agenda.

  • Alanna Maria Humphrey
    Alanna Maria Humphrey

    Vaccines are poison and they do not work and not everyone can take them and that is everyone’s personal right and personal risk and personal health. We did well without them, we do not need them now. Not ever. Its evil to implement such a thing. Crazy and immoral. International travel should have nothing to do with raking in big money to big pharma’s pocket. Shame on you for even considering and having the debate on the table.

  • Carol Brouillet
    Carol Brouillet

    This is an attack on all people’s rights to privacy, mobility, fundamental freedoms. It threatens everyone’s ability to function in human society.

  • Rod Hans
    Rod Hans

    Vaccine Passports will be another abusive government overreach that violates rights and fails to solve the problem. More attempts to centralize power under false pretenses without offering any clear benefit.

  • Dr Linda Lutz
    Dr Linda Lutz

    These are unnecessary. It is just a way to control us

  • Damien Mandin
    Damien Mandin

    Enough of the their will. My life, my body, my truth. Amen

  • Geraldine MANDIN
    Geraldine MANDIN

    We are all individuals and some of us would have more harm than benefit from some vaccines. The vaccine passport would negatively impact people, their freedom, their freedom of choice. Name and address should be enough to travel and be able to visit our family.

  • Cindy Denmark
    Cindy Denmark

    Vaccine passports are unreasonable and most likely be used for control purposes.

  • Christine Thompson
    Christine Thompson

    The concept of forcing vaccines on others in order to travel freely, is an evil, an abomination

  • Anna Jolly
    Anna Jolly

    Vaccine passports contravene human rights.

  • Amy Harlib
    Amy Harlib


  • Paula Kenyon
    Paula Kenyon

    The requirement to have a vaccine passport is discriminatory, an abuse of our human rights to have to reveal our medical details and overreach by those assuming they hold the power.

  • Rob Budreika
    Rob Budreika

    I am signing this petition against vaccine mandates as it’s based on no choice about being vaccinated or not. The passport does not allow for informed consent which is a right of all citizens

  • Cheryl joerger
    Cheryl joerger

    Vaccine passports are unethical, immoral and anti democratic. The new shots don’t even work for disease prevention.

  • MS lumina
    MS lumina

    These passports are only and truly nothing but documents of surveillance and absolute control. They are evil.


    Vaccine passports are tyrannical! People need freedom to follow their own medical choices. I have been harmed by pharmaceutical products in the past and my system does not tolerate further stress to the system, yet these passports do not care about that. I have religious beliefs against anything that involves aborted fetal cells, but these passports don’t care about that. People without these potential “exemptions” also deserve the choice whether a particular product is something they want for them or their families, or not. Pharmaceutical companies have been fined billions and billions of dollars for fraud and deceptive marketing, causing insufferable harms to countless families, and cannot be trusted, yet vaccine passports assume they are saviours! This is not acceptable on any level! Vaccine passports must not be allowed anywhere at any time, even if a plague that kills 30% of the population were to come, it must still be the choice of the individual and parents whether to take a vaccine or not! If the death rate were that high and the vaccine worked, people would flock to it. You only need to coerce people with a vaccine passport when there is not a positive benefit-to-risk ratio. This is not about health but about controlling the population.

  • Alec Theilman
    Alec Theilman


  • Cheryl Henderson
    Cheryl Henderson

    The evidence of vaccine death and injure to people all around the world is overwhelming. The WEF is not there to help but to kill millions with their hateful policies.

  • Andrew Dick
    Andrew Dick

    Too much corruption and not enough transparency.

  • Robert Denomme
    Robert Denomme

    I am signing because vaccine passports are only hurting the unvaccinated. Yet the vaccinated can spread the virus probably more so than the unvaccinated.

  • Anonymous

    The people should not be required to inject our bodies with toxic substances that can mame or put us to death that truly do not stop the transmission of the virus nor prevent hopitalizations or death.

  • Debra Anel
    Debra Anel

    I am signing this petition, because passport mandates is against the law. Mandates are not lol. Our human rights have been taken away, and those responsible should be charged with crimes against humanity, for any involvement with this planned pandemic.

  • Danbu Schinc
    Danbu Schinc

    This is yet another immoral attempt to enslave and control the entire population of this planet, at the expense of a small group of evil benefactors who consider themselves the rightful heir‘s of all that is good in the world.

  • Anne-Marie MacLeod
    Anne-Marie MacLeod

    My body My choice

  • Miriam Rothman
    Miriam Rothman

    It is the correct thing to do.

  • Diane Hatcher
    Diane Hatcher

    Government has no business telling me what to put in my body.

  • Marlene Rock
    Marlene Rock

    I want to stop vaccine passports.

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    You want to much personal information and power. People know if their to sick to to much power.

  • Jayne Tobin
    Jayne Tobin

    If these people continue it will be the end of humanity

  • Lisa Bergquist
    Lisa Bergquist

    A person shouldn’t have to be vaccinated to travel

  • Donald Kenneth Stoodley
    Donald Kenneth Stoodley

    These passports are just another way to control the people of the world, they have nothing to do with safety.

  • sonja Natoli
    sonja Natoli

    Don’t restrict my freedom!

  • Susie Dionne
    Susie Dionne

    We don’t want your garbage gene therapy! Stop this madness

  • Janette LoBianco
    Janette LoBianco

    This is an assault on our freedoms.

  • Josh Brooks
    Josh Brooks


  • Marianne Bollinger
    Marianne Bollinger

    I am signing to stop vaccine passports

  • Judy Phillips
    Judy Phillips

    No to anything of the One World Order. Ungodly entities setting rules for God’s children is of SIN.

  • Jan Ucieklak
    Jan Ucieklak

    There is no need of this

  • Valerie Cibic
    Valerie Cibic

    This is against all fundamental human freedom.

  • Gale Juiliani
    Gale Juiliani

    Stop vaccine passports, I should always have the right to travel with or without vaccines. The vaccines are not safe or effective.

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    It’s wrong unethical illegal it has to stop now.

  • Wayne Mckenzie
    Wayne Mckenzie

    Passports are nothing more than a biased way to control people’s freedoms and rights

  • Tiina Virtanen
    Tiina Virtanen

    I am signing because this seems to be making various new vaccines obligatory if one wants to simply live!! As the Covid-injections were developed in record time and really no proper testing, I fear that the same will happen again. And vaccine manufacturers have total indemnity regarding adverse effects and compensation for them.

  • Mia hakes
    Mia hakes

    I want this to Stop!

  • Lili

    I want this to be stopped asap. I need freedom!

  • Paula Michelle Stirzaker
    Paula Michelle Stirzaker

    Vaccine passports and digital ID’S are a part of the UN plans to control all people under a one world govt and is a crime against humanity!

  • Gina Verdi
    Gina Verdi

    The vaccines are ineffective and therefore this agenda is not necessary!

  • Deborah Reese
    Deborah Reese

    I am signing this petition because the WHO & WEF should not be mandating an experimental, deadly shot or forcing anyone to have a vaccine passport. This vacs was never approved by the FDA & is only experimental. The government’s own VAERS website report shows enough deaths & injuries due to this shot. It needs to be stopped. No vax & no vax passports.

  • Donna McCaskill
    Donna McCaskill

    It’s time for accountability!!!

  • Jim Jovanovich
    Jim Jovanovich

    I am signing because NO ONE has the right to track and trace my whereabouts without my permission and I will NOT give away my freedom to a bunch of people who lie and say it will help with containing illnesses or viruses. My health has nothing to do with whether I can travel or not. I am a free citizen of my country and intend to stay a free citizen of the WORLD! Those who want to impose this on us can just go to jail right away and stay there forever.

  • Lisa Hangs
    Lisa Hangs

    They are illegal!

  • Jacqueline Steffen
    Jacqueline Steffen

    Stop the Vaccine Passports.

  • Linda VanderVeen
    Linda VanderVeen

    Medical freedom is of the utmost importance. Requiring someone to take medication for any reason at all is evil. We must be able to make our own decisions about our medical care.

  • Lise McDowall
    Lise McDowall

    It’s a weapon of control

  • ilana eberson
    ilana eberson

    It’s our right NOT to be forced to get vaccines as well as passports. We have the right by G-d of bodily autonomy. We cannot let unelected groups like WHO to decide free peoples’ rights.

  • Sylvia Shackleton
    Sylvia Shackleton

    Everyone has the right to travel and it is against the laws of God to require passports which require you to take a poinsonous vaccination which is not a vsccination but is a DNA damaging Bio Weapon

  • Rosel van der Merwe
    Rosel van der Merwe

    Vaccine Passports is a way to control population. Vaccines should be voluntary according to Nuremberg !!

  • Joe

    Not educated

  • Jens Barman
    Jens Barman

    Vaccine passports are the governments way of controling the people. THAT CANT HAPPEN!

  • Pam Hall
    Pam Hall

    This is an invasion of privacy and serves no useful purpose.

  • Chrissie Bettencourt
    Chrissie Bettencourt

    I have been dealing with vaccine injuries for 2 years now and have had zero help from the medical community. I do not believe these vaccines are safe and I definitely do not believe that our ability to travel should be affected by whether we have taken the vaccine or not.

  • Debbie B Brannen
    Debbie B Brannen

    This is NOT safe for anyone.

  • Mary Kulus
    Mary Kulus

    I will never be told what to put in my body and I’m so tired of this evil overreach!

  • Jamie Sermon
    Jamie Sermon

    I do not want a vaccine passport.

  • sonja Natoli
    sonja Natoli

    Don’t put limits on my freedom. Pandemic is phony! It is the vax killing folks.

  • Maureen Smith
    Maureen Smith

    We do not want to be like China.

  • Terri Kane
    Terri Kane

    This imposes on our individual sovereignty.

  • Lillian Furchner
    Lillian Furchner

    I don’t believe digital and or vaccine passports support a democratic society. Taking away people’s freedom to choose and freedom to travel is communistic.

  • Andrea Willmann
    Andrea Willmann

    it is not a question of health and security of people, not for prevention of epidemic or pandemic health problems, it is just an instrument to controll, force and supervise people


    no one wants vaccine passports. What I do with my body has nothing to do with the government. We demand freedom

  • Melissa Gillem
    Melissa Gillem

    It’s the right thing to do

  • Leslie Angel
    Leslie Angel

    I am signing because I am against any digital or otherwise mandated vaccines or passports in any form and at any level of travel. Mankind is free and will never be forced to submit to your tyranny no matter what plans you people make.

  • Linda L Drew
    Linda L Drew

    Demanding vaccine passports is unconstitutional. Just another power grab.

  • Donna Rivet
    Donna Rivet

    The WHO treaty is a threat to fundamental human rights and the security of nations and people

  • Marsha McGrath
    Marsha McGrath

    This is a ridiculous requirement. No other vaccines have required proof to travel. Mainly, this is intended to restrict freedoms. Shoot it down like the China balloon.

  • Cynthia Pavia
    Cynthia Pavia

    Vaccine passports have nothing to do with public health and everything to do with removal of our human rights. This control system is unacceptable.

  • Lucille Baron
    Lucille Baron

    I am against vaccine passports

  • Adamant King
    Adamant King

    Vaccine passports are am illegal intrusion into my liberties

  • Alwyn Carstens
    Alwyn Carstens

    I am opposing draconian measures to control the poppulationn

  • Mary Randall
    Mary Randall

    I don’t want to live in Nazi Germany part 2.

  • Patrick LeBrun
    Patrick LeBrun

    Vaccines are individual health care decisions and should not be mandated by any governing body,

  • Peggy Craighead
    Peggy Craighead

    Vaccine passports are wrong

  • Helen North
    Helen North

    This is just another tool to track & restrict movement, whenever the governments of the world decided.



  • Jim Gerlach
    Jim Gerlach

    Freedom with mandated limitations of public access is not freedom, but slavery.

  • sue davies
    sue davies

    The government is the ruler of my health and body

  • Angie Stone
    Angie Stone

    They are against my human right to bodily autonomy and they breach the Nuremberg code.

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison

    this whole vaccine scam is a genocide corruption talk to real professional people

  • Barbara Shead
    Barbara Shead

    Vaccine status is private Covid Vaccines don’t work

  • Kate Karlsson
    Kate Karlsson

    Ingen kommentarer



  • shirley whinray
    shirley whinray

    Stop the toxic vaccines and the vaccine passports, there is no pandemic and never was it’s just a cash cow for the crimonal organisations

  • Leon Fekonja
    Leon Fekonja

    I support LETTER TO, all global W.H.O. delegates, WHA, IHRRC, WGIHR, INB, entire HHS staff.

  • Joan Martin
    Joan Martin

    I am signing because this brings us back to Nazi Germany. Only psychopah idiots would come up with nonsense like passports !

  • Joan Martin
    Joan Martin

    I am signing because this brings us back to Nazi Germany. Only psychopathic idiots would come up with nonsense like passports !

  • Norma Susan Smith
    Norma Susan Smith

    I’m signing because the vaccines are killing people. As planned……

  • Laura Allison
    Laura Allison

    I refuse to be under surveillance and we know the plans of the WEF and all their subhuman cronies.

  • Cassandra Auerbach
    Cassandra Auerbach

    This has noting to do with health—it is just for communist social control

  • Peter Brian Phillips
    Peter Brian Phillips

    We do not need vaccine passports which will l lead to loss of freedom for us all

  • Donna Allard
    Donna Allard

    Nobody should be mandated to put something in their body that they don’t want. Nobody!

  • Karen Bailey
    Karen Bailey

    I am signing because it is an invasion of medical privacy to have vaccine passports.

  • Steven Standbridge
    Steven Standbridge

    Truth needs tobe free

  • Billy Allen
    Billy Allen

    Vaccine passports are unjust and unconstitutional.

  • Kathryn Caldwell
    Kathryn Caldwell

    I am signing because I am AGAINST any type of vaccine passport. I view them as complete invasions of my privacy and freedoms. I say NO to vaccine passports!

  • Dianna Bey
    Dianna Bey

    I am signing because I don’t believe in people knowing should know if I am vaccinated with the poison. PLUS it violates my HIPPA right.

  • Marcia Niemi
    Marcia Niemi


  • Maureen Sullivan
    Maureen Sullivan

    I want to be FREE

  • Christine Cahalin
    Christine Cahalin

    There’s absolutely no need for vaccine passports. My health history is mine alone. I was born free and I fully intend to remain free. Nobody has the right to invade my bodily integrity. I will never submit .

  • Dianne Thomson
    Dianne Thomson

    I demand they stop vaccine passports

  • dietmar rake
    dietmar rake

    I am vaxx-free and want to stay free

  • Teresa Shandl
    Teresa Shandl

    I don’t like being controlled

  • Cheryl Carey
    Cheryl Carey

    Stop vaccine passports, keep the world free!

  • Roland Sauve
    Roland Sauve


  • Debra Zaboroski
    Debra Zaboroski

    I am signing because of the books I have read about the harms vaccines and I have followed the Science of Dr. Peter McCullough, Bryan Brindle and Dr. Mercola.

  • Kathy M Murtha
    Kathy M Murtha

    dont want anyone telling where I can go or not in my country or to other…I believe in preserving freedom

  • Jen

    You guys are idiots and in the pickets of big pharma.

  • Maureen Els
    Maureen Els

    Vaccine passports are not concerns about my health – they are to control my freedom and restrict my choices p

  • Olina Budin
    Olina Budin

    I am signing because the Covid 19 injections are unscientific and do horrible altering to bodies to people who have. Even lied to about safety All who are responsible need to face Justice

  • Marie

    We don’t need these passports, we have been fine without them and it is really a subversive evil tactic to take away people’s Unalientable GOD given rights. I do not recognize these passports and never will!

  • Christine Labrot
    Christine Labrot

    I am to travel freely

  • King larry
    King larry

    I agree with this action

  • Rachel Mixx
    Rachel Mixx

    Vaccine passports are discriminatory, and anti-freedom. And besides these are not vaccines – they are bioweapons.

  • Ann Fitzgerald
    Ann Fitzgerald

    Government has gone mad trying to control our lives

  • Sharyn Monteith
    Sharyn Monteith

    I do not want to be forced to have a vaccine in order to travel

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith


  • Carol

    People are not cattle and have rights. Our medical freedoms are our own, and are no one else’s business. We should not be controlled because of our choices

  • Jean-Guy Leclair
    Jean-Guy Leclair

    I disagree that we need a vaccine passport. It is between the patient and doctor only. My body my choice. No government or none elected body can rule my body. This would give them total control and all the power to restrict our movements.

  • Kathie morris
    Kathie morris

    No vax passports

  • Kathie morris
    Kathie morris

    Full transparency

  • Mark Weme
    Mark Weme

    This is pure evil.

  • Michael J Pernoud
    Michael J Pernoud

    This type of passport would be a violation of our civil liberties and would give the government way to much power and control of our lives.

  • Danita Sisco
    Danita Sisco

    Any organization and/or country that demands a vaccine passport only proves that they are Nazis who want nothing more to do than ruin freedom and kill people. Same with the US government now medically coding & tracking people who will not take the COVID shot.

  • Sean Casey
    Sean Casey

    We have to stop this attempted dissolution of our inalienable human rights!!

  • Virginia Thomas
    Virginia Thomas

    Who gives these people the right to come up with this global vaccine passport. This is not a medical issue but a control issue! I pray God does something to stop these evil people from doing further doing more damage to us!

  • Ina Gabler
    Ina Gabler

    Vaccine passports are part of a tyrannical plan to restrict movement of most people, a prelude to other digital IDs and control.

  • Charles Roscoe
    Charles Roscoe

    vaccine passports are illegal.

  • Rosemary Allen
    Rosemary Allen

    Terrible idea. Experienced this demonisation of ‘the other’ and division of society in Melbourne 2021-22. Reminiscent of WW2 and East Europe under communism. Papers Please.- no thank you.

  • Caroline Gerlach-Berthaud
    Caroline Gerlach-Berthaud

    This is a very important and urgent matter and you have my full support!

  • Anne-Marie MacLeod
    Anne-Marie MacLeod

    So tired of the endless lies Perpetrated on the citizens by those who think they know better when actually they know nothing

  • deb olson
    deb olson

    The world needs to prosecute these homicidal bureaucrats for crimes against humanity.

  • Jon Olsen
    Jon Olsen

    No to Nazi control

  • Dorothy Norris-Elye
    Dorothy Norris-Elye

    The world has seen this before; the growing numbers of the more aware will not accept slave passes (and all of the long-planned rest of the deprivations) to control our movements, lives and ability to live. The jabs can form no excuse for these slave passes, as they offer no benefit but produce great harm from the instant the jab fluids first touch healthy blood to blanch haemoglobin and begin the clotting process. The jab contents are cytotoxic – among many other things. The nonsensical ‘climate change’ excuse of ‘life’-attributed claims of humanity’s/Life’s causation of ‘panic-mode dangerous’ variable warming between long, slow cyclical periods of glaciation and the ongoing and accelerated health/sunlight-blocking ‘geoengineering’/weather control aircraft spraying, now joined by ground sources, that poisons the Earth, with atmospheric spraying, often-audible and visible to all, as it creates a ‘Greenhouse Effect’ of warming, for another artificially-created excuse for these slave passes and the imposition of famine and the rest of the various threats from the WEF, can no longer fool enough of the people enough of the time, albeit using absurd computer models and projections divorced from all historical data and reality. Destroying public health and the ability to survive does not provide a good track record for those attempting to forcibly micromanage the health and lives of those already damaged by various ‘Opposite Day’ and damaging/deadly policies imposed. No sane person would propose the same treatments for every individual, never mind demand to force them on all life, even if they were actually ‘safe and effective’ for many, as they demonstrably are not. The Bradford Hill causation criteria have been long since fulfilled with a tech consisting of toxins and pathogens that should have been abandoned as the disaster it is, and has always been. And the WHO has thoroughly proven to the world that it’s unfit to recommend the treatment of a paper-cut as, going by recent history, their protocols would be more likely to infect it with an injection known to cause gangrene. Censorship provides proof of the perpetrators having much to conceal and the increase in this will not con many into retaining blind complacency. It’s more likely to make even more realise that there’s a serious problem being concealed, something that must be urgently addressed – as has been happening to more and more all along. And if the WHO succeeded in helping to make an inimical-to-life hell-on-Earth situation and you somehow survived the process – you’d be left with hell-on-Earth. Even IF you COULD (or would want to) live there, it’s been made inimical to life in a myriad of ways. What’s the point?

  • Cathy Townsend
    Cathy Townsend

    I am signing because I believe in liberty or thought, beliefs, and actions with integrity. I am an American. This violates freedom of movement, etc.

  • michael w malsberger
    michael w malsberger

    This is a blatant attempt to force the acceptance of a new and damaging biotechnology on the general public: don’t do it.

  • Peter Rowan
    Peter Rowan

    Vaccine passports are medically unnecessary. Good diet and exercise are necessary.

  • Donna Rivet
    Donna Rivet

    The WHO is a privately funded corporate entity with strong ties to Big Pharma. This is a corporate power grab that violates fundamental human rights and the sovereignty of our nations . We have politicians and bureaucrats colluding in this treason. NO politician, bureaucrat, or corporate entity OWNS any body, anywhere. Our governments have NO authority to sign ‘treaties’ that violate or remove the fundamental rights of the people they are supposed to be working for.

  • Robert McDuffie
    Robert McDuffie

    I do not believe vaxx passports or any form of digital ID is in my best interest or the interests of those who love freedom and the human right to individual autonomy.

  • Christina Vandenberg
    Christina Vandenberg

    Vaccine passports are just a control grab. They are unnecessary and they take our privacy away.

  • Carolyn Stoppard
    Carolyn Stoppard

    All people should have free will to decide the best outcome for their families and communities. Mandates do not allow for this

  • Carolyn

    All people should have free will to decide the best outcome for their families and communities. Mandates do not allow for this

  • Pim Wiersinga
    Pim Wiersinga

    I’ve got a passport, I don’t need another one; no have I subscribed to one.

  • Rhonda Cromwick
    Rhonda Cromwick

    Goes against the Nuremburg trials

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown

    I oppose digital Pasasports and Digital IDs regarding vaccination status.

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison

    keep your nose out of my life or you will make me evil like the ones that dictate this corruption

  • Robert Denomme
    Robert Denomme

    I am signing because vaccine passports are meaningless because those getting the vaccine are super spreaders of the virus.

  • Joanne Dean
    Joanne Dean

    I am signing this because this is not about our health and safety, but as a means to control us.