Petition to W.H.O. Director General

Stop The Proposed Amendments To The International Health Regulations (IHR) To Save Dignity, Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms!

Stop The Proposed Amendments To The International Health Regulations (IHR) To Save Dignity, Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms!
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The 76th World Health Assembly is scheduled to occur from Sunday May 21, 2023 to Tuesday May 30, 2023. In order for the proposed amendments to be considered during the 76th World Health Assembly, they must be submitted to the World Health Organization at least 4 months in advance. The IHRRC plans to submit these proposed amendments to the WHO by Sunday, January 15, 2023.

The International Health Regulations are existing, legally-binding international law. If the proposed amendments are presented to the 76th World Health Assembly, they could be adopted by a simple majority of the 194 member nations. According to the already agreed upon rules of the IHR, if the proposed amendments are adopted, the member nations would not need to take any additional actions. The United States Senate would not be required to provide a two-thirds vote to give their “advice and consent.” No signatures by national leaders would be needed.

December 16, 2022

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Letter to
W.H.O. Director General
Head of Legal Affairs
Entire IHRRC
Entire WGIHR

I support the following OPEN LETTER by Interest of Justice:

Notice and Demand to stop IHR Amendments

Our organization Interest of Justice is considered “relevant” and “interested” stakeholder by the INB, which they say in this context includes non-State actors with a demonstrable interest in pandemic preparedness and responses, such as: international organizations; civil society organizations; private sector organizations; philanthropic organizations; scientific, medical and public policy institutions; academic institutions; and other such entities that have relevant knowledge, experience and/or expertise related to pandemic preparedness and response to share.

We claim our organization is being excluded by the WHO and as a result we are being denied our right to communicate with international organizations as we are asserting our responsibility, duty and obligation to defend human rights.

On the basis of our mandate, mission and responsibility, we wish to point out the following

It has come to our attention there are certain ideas & proposals to amend the IHR circulating within the World Health Organisation:

The proposed amendments would:

1. Change the overall nature of the World Health Organization from an advisory organization that merely makes recommendations to a governing body whose proclamations would be legally-binding. (Article 1). This would create an unacceptable imbalance of power detrimental to health.

2. Greatly expand the scope of the International Health Regulations to include scenarios that merely have a “potential to impact public health.”

3. Seek to remove “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.” which are legally significant words, and supplant them with arbitrary unilaterally defined words that may conflict with member states definitions and health policy in violation of Article 3(4) (Article 3)

4. Give the Director General of the WHO control over the means of production through an “allocation plan for health products” to require developed states parties to supply pandemic response products as directed. (Article 13A). This is unsustainable and slavery of member states which slavery is legally defined as “being under the will of another”

5. Give the WHO the authority to require medical examinations, proof of prophylaxis, proof of vaccine and to implement contact tracing, quarantine and TREATMENT. (Article 18).

6. Institute a system of global health certificates in digital or paper format, including test certificates, vaccine certificates, prophylaxis certificates, recovery certificates, passenger locator forms and a traveller’s health declaration. (Articles 18, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 35, 36 and 44 and Annexes 6, 7 and 8)

7. Redirect unspecified billions of dollars to the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex with no accountability. (Article 44A)

8. Allow the disclosure of personal health data. (Article 45)

9. Greatly expand the World Health Organization’s capacity to censor what they unilaterally consider to be mis-information and dis-information. (Annex 1, page 36) It cannot be overstated that the ‘Trusted News Initiative’ and UN’s ‘program to combat misinformation and roumers’ are not in conformity with law and as applied ubiquitously worldwide, is a clear overreach and violation of the UN charter and international Human Rights norms. The use of the term “in conformity with the law” in Article 21 of the ICCPR, should not be interpreted to imply any lower standard of legality for limitations on the right of peaceful assembly than other limitations within the ICCPR. It should be the same standard that applies to interpreting the language of “provided by law” within Article 19 of the ICCPR, as elaborated in the Committee’s General Comment No. 34:[1] “For the purposes of paragraph 3, a norm, to be characterized as a “law”, must be formulated with sufficient precision to enable an individual to regulate his or her conduct accordingly and it must be made accessible to the public. A law may not confer unfettered discretion for the restriction of freedom of expression on those charged with its execution. Laws must provide sufficient guidance to those charged with their execution to enable them to ascertain what sorts of expression are properly restricted and what sorts are not.” The laws regarding ‘health misinformation’ do not describe what exact speech is defined as health misinformation, in order to: a) be able to challenge the validity of the science and law to know if its really true or false misinformation (with a final res judicata judgment) and b) to give due process to the people that WHO is applying global censorship to. As a result, the WHO-UN global censorship programs (‘Trusted News Initiative’ and UN’s ‘program to combat misinformation and roumers’) that indisputably confers unfettered discretion for the restriction of freedom of expression on those charged with its execution is in violation of the legal order and absolutely null. Importantly, the creation and execution of the global UN-WHO ‘Trusted News Initiative’ and UN’s ‘program to combat misinformation and roumers’ should ultimately be determined to systematically deny human rights which is a national security threat in all nations. [1] HR Committee, General Comment No. 34 on Article 19: freedoms of opinion and expression, CCPR/C/GC/ 34, 12 September 2011; at para. 25. Conclusion: The persecution and censorship of scientific debate and even peer reviewed studies being suppressed by the WHO is a systematic denial of the human right to equal treatment by design which is reinforcing a grave systemic violation of human rights, which is a vice or defect that negates the very motive, content and purpose for WHO’s existence.  We assert the IHR cannot be legitimately amended to expand the World Health Organization’s capacity to censor what they unilaterally consider to be mis-information and dis-information. (Annex 1, page 36).

10. Create an obligation to build, provide and maintain IHR infrastructure at points of entry. (Annex 10)

The amendments to Articles 18, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 35, 36 and 44 and Annexes 6, 7 and 8 would create unprecidented intrusion into liberty and fundamental freedoms, human rights and autonomy.  The contact tracing and vaccine passport schemes interfere with privacy and dignity, therefore, adopting these unnecessary, overly burdensome, disproportunate, unreasonable and tyrannical policies is tantamount to internationally wrongful acts and under the mandate of our organization they must not be allowed.

Removing respect for dignity human rights infernal freedoms is a grave error for the world health organisation because it is impossible for you to do so this and stay within your legal limits of authority.

Even the mere suggestion and attempt to remove respect for dignity and human rights violates your own stated mission in the WHO constitution and UN Charter.

No international public servant in your position has the right or authority to negotiate, propose or enact any of the aforesaid detrimental policies.

This open letter is to demand that you adhere to your duties and responsibilities, and a drawn from applying any further attempts to subvert the dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of all of the people of earth.

Furthermore, we demand that you abstain from your monopolistic attempts to subvert nationstate sovereign health policy by creating wiggle instruments and definitions which may conflict with national health policy intention is the use of unilaterally draft in terms of art and coercion of member states to agree exceeds the authority granted to the international public servants that work at the world health organisation.

It is our understanding that you have met in secret all week in order to negotiate these spurious amendments to the HR with the intention to propose the final draft on Sunday, January 15, 2023. 

On, and for the record, this is a formal protest and objection of all secret negotiations to design global public health policy by interest of justice.  We are acting on our own behalf, and on behalf of, the international community, as conscientious objectors who are also stakeholders as recognised by the IMB with an interest in pandemic, preparedness and response.

We have written many times to meaningfully participate in the design of the pandemic treaty and IHR Amendmemts. We have demanded to be included on Annex E of the treaty negotiations, with no response.  Our organization, as well as its vulnerable primary stakeholder members are treated with contempt and marginalized by the WHO, through non feasance, denying us right to meaningfully participate and communicate with the WHO in the design of all health policy which may affect us, including these proposed IHR amendments.

It is in the WHO’s best interest to prevent any IHR Amendments which would remove respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms, or allow for vaccine or climate passports, precisely because the WHO will be exceeding granted authority, breaching human rights obligations and clearly interferring with commerce which implies waiving sovereign immunity and accepting responsibility for serious breaches of internationally wrongful acts.

Under our mandate to hold you responsible and in compliance with international law and internal regulations, we demand that any intention to cooperate with any of the aforementioned efforts will be considered in strict violation of international law, and you will be held accountable for such acts.

We do not accept the WHO’s illigitimate authority in this matter because they are clearly attempting to change customary law and just cogens norms do not allow this unnecessary oppression and disrespect to the balance of rule of law, dignity of man and human rights norms. The proposals if enacted pose a serious threat by disrespect to the fundamental freedoms of man.

Frankly, the vaccine passports and other undignified propsals are obscene, outrageous and unconscionable, as well as void. 

We demand the INB, IHRRC, WGIHR, WHO and favored stakeholders that are invited to participate in these secret negotiations stay within their legal and moral limits.  This means the international law and WHO’s prior obligations to protect respect for human rights requires that you do not amend the IHR in such fundamental ways, at this time, without meaningful public participation and lenthy debate, first proving the necessity, proportionality and legality.

It is important to note that under international law and the WHO constitution, at no time will it ever be acceptable to cross out respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms in the IHR or a treaty. 

In our opinion, it reflects very badly upon the WHO, the mere suggestion that this idea was even entertained, and negotiated in secret.  Judging by the public response the WHO has lost a lot of credibility with this outragous attempt to oppress people using international legal instruments to increase power not conferred by law, and to use as a weapon to strip humanity of dignity.

Interest of Justice not only protests and objects to the secret negotiations and spurious proposed IHR amendments, we condemn them as internationally wrongful acts which the WHO is responsible for, if actually proposed and adopted.

The proposed changes to the first principle in Article 3 of the International Health Regulations is in stark opposition to the jus cogens peremptory norms of international human rights law. If adopted, they would unreasonably strike out the following well defined legally significant text:

with the full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons

The verbiage used in treaties to protect human rights would be removed, allowing for the violation of Siracusa Principles and other limits of power.  Furthermore, the new text would exchange well defined legally significant human rights verbiage that is enforceable for people to protect their rights and replace these protections with undefined words that are void for vagueness and exchanging the superior human rights laws and verbiage for these terms could recklessly and needlessly lead to a situation of ambiguity that could strip the people of standard human rights protections.

The proposed amendments to the IHR text is much worse than before and serves no benefit.


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Interest of Justice
Interest of Justice
Started this petition 1 month ago

872 comments on “Stop The Proposed Amendments To The International Health Regulations (IHR) To Save Dignity, Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms!”

  • James Roguski
    James Roguski

    The proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations are an absolute abomination. Why in the world would anyone want to give more power, authority and money to the WHO when they failed so miserably over the past 3 years and long before that. The WHO should be abolished.

  • Kristina Robinson
    Kristina Robinson

    This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We will never comply to this global takeover by genocidal elites. Stop this immediately!

  • Jason Leimer
    Jason Leimer

    I am standing up for individual liberty

  • Ellen Stromswold
    Ellen Stromswold

    The WHO wants a huge amount of our tax payer money and way more power so that they can globally dictate their will upon us all. They want to take away each person’s sovereignty over their own body and health decisions as well as take away each country’s sovereignty as well as all of the rights these countries currently give us.

  • Joanna Weber
    Joanna Weber

    There are many reasons. Here a a few: There is NO full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons The treaty/regulations are an authoritarian overreach of the document There is a conflict of interest and corruption. A false model of health. Delegates are unelected, unaccountable, and unknown to the people they purport to represent and out-of-touch with the needs and desires of the people of their respective nations.

  • Mouna Ibrahim
    Mouna Ibrahim

    A bunch of corrupt unelected bureaucrats are not going to have any say in how I live my life.

  • Annie Elias
    Annie Elias

    I value each and every human life. Every person on this planet deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. These IHR do not support the unalienable rights of individuals, states, or countries. I support severing ties with the corrupt and contemptable WHO.

  • Javin Sanders
    Javin Sanders

    It is a power grab. Just reading article 3 makes me sick, and there is a giant text wall beyond that. What else is hidden in there

  • Heather Hankins
    Heather Hankins

    I will not relinquish my God-given rights, especially to NGO I didn’t even vote for!

  • C. Decker
    C. Decker

    Its my life not yours! Its my body not yours! You will not take charge of me or touch or control me! i am a man with natural rights born of God. No unelected bureaucrat will have any say in how i live my life.

  • Anita McMurtrey
    Anita McMurtrey

    We the people of the world do not recognize the World Health Organization as anything other than an advisory body, with no power whatsoever to enforce the recommendations that they make. In all matters, we the people make up the whole-of-society and we are the masters of the whole-of-government. We claim our right to personal, individual sovereignty in all matters, and cede that authority only to God, our creator. We the people of the world are responsible for our own health, and we are NOT ANSWERABLE TO THE WHO.

  • Lee Ann Vieck
    Lee Ann Vieck

    I am a free person of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! No one shall infringe on my rights to decide my own health and freedom choices!

  • Brenda Andersen
    Brenda Andersen

    I believe The New Proposed International Health Regulations to be in appropriate.

  • Joan Simmons
    Joan Simmons

    I am calling on our president and other elected officials to honer their oath to defend the constitution ..stop THE treaty and leave the WHO president Biden and you have taken a oath to protect the constitution .. by approving this treaty he an you will be guilty of braking that oath.. this looks like treason to me.. you will be destroying the constitution and enabling tyranny by a non- elected non- American body the WHO.. destroying the freedoms of not only Americans but of the worlds population,, Dear Representative, I am calling on you to stop the Biden Administration’s IHR Amendment from being signed and delivered to the WHO in Geneva and Exit the WHO altogether! The Biden Administration’s amendment empowers the WHO Director-General to regulate and enforce United States Public Health Policy, including, but not limited to, the prevention and management of global pandemics. It’s time to exit the WHO and the IHR International Health Regulations Agreement! The Administration does not have the authority to suspend our civil liberties and constitutional protections in the name of global cooperation. The United States must govern the affairs of its citizenry within the strict framework of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, under the consent of the governed, and I do not consent! VOTE YES ON HR 419 No Taxpayer Funding for the World Health Organization Act! Thank you.

  • Michelle Paul
    Michelle Paul

    I believe in personal freedom

  • Su A
    Su A

    We didn’t elect these people. We certainly will NOT allow them to violate our Rights.

  • Greg Eldefonso
    Greg Eldefonso

    I Am One With God

  • Anne - Marie Boland
    Anne - Marie Boland

    I am signing because this has nothing to do with health and is about control. I do not consent to these amendments and I do not acknowledge the IHR and I declare myself independent of them.

  • Jacobus Gouws
    Jacobus Gouws

    Stop the proposed amendments to the IHR and bring the WHO to justice.

  • Cathy Bretfeld
    Cathy Bretfeld

    I want the corruption and crimes against humanity to end.

  • Loretta Marmor
    Loretta Marmor

    I am signing to stop the WHO from using health or weather geo-engineering as an excuse to supercede nation’s constitutions.

  • Darrin Cutright
    Darrin Cutright

    I’m against, communism, and the stealing of our Nations Sovereignty.

  • Karstein Bjastad
    Karstein Bjastad

    More transparency, rigour and accountability needed, together with maintenance of national sovereignty.

  • Mary-Elizabeth Vent
    Mary-Elizabeth Vent

    COVID is being used an excuse for an unprecedented power grab and leading to a one world government. For most people, it is a mild virus. For many others, if they had been treated properly; they would have not have had an issue. The death rate was less than one percent. Does that even meet the definition of a “pandemic”? Sounds more like a scamdemic to me.

  • Racheal Clay
    Racheal Clay

    We deserve justice

  • Manal Guirguis
    Manal Guirguis

    No More unlawful acts against the people

  • Danielle Greer
    Danielle Greer

    I want justice for all those who have been harmed.

  • Danielle Greer
    Danielle Greer

    The Lord God Almighty is going to destroy these People and the evil government that want us all dead. FEMA is a weapon against We The People Of The United States of America. They turned them in to a army against The People Of America.

  • Judith Martinez
    Judith Martinez

    I am signing because each country should set their own rules and regulations. The amendments in the US must be authorized by the peoples’ representatives-US Congress

  • Micheall Campbell
    Micheall Campbell

    i am signing because, Everything from nov11th2019 I have become HopelesslyHomelessness & the System of the W.H.O. & All Associated & Affiliates are guilty by Association! & All Trust for All Authority’s EveryWhere, All Families of my own as Well Every Human Being on the Planet’s Families that have been Forced to get MURDERED by the Very Governments Authority’s of the their Countries Which are to Care for All Their Citizens, my Sisters & Brothers in the ‘HUMAN-RACE !’ From TURTLE iSLAND i STAND4FREEDOM&TRUTH LiFEorDEATH ! This is no Threat! it is my HEART, SOUL, SPiRiT, BODY, MiND, ESSENCE, ALL i HAVE & i have Not a Problem, if no Truth, no Freedom, there is only one way i see for me & i myself, is Not Move STAND4FREEDOM&TRUTH & i will not be any otherwise, give up! You have the wrong person! i STAND DiE ON MY FEET!!!! ‘“TAHLTAH-iNDiAN!”’

  • A Beneville
    A Beneville

    The proposed amendments to the IHR text is much worse than before and serves no benefit.


    Even my legal fiction (name in all caps) works in my own best interest. The WHO is a criminal organization and any attempt to alter, edit or modify the originally agreed upon document without my consent, fenders said contract null and void. Hello, My Name is Human!

  • Beth Mouser
    Beth Mouser

    I want to have the right to treat illness in the safest way I determine based on my choice of doctor and medical treatment.

  • Mouna Ibrahim
    Mouna Ibrahim

    The WHO is a corrupt unelected organisation headed by a terrorist that is Tedros and cowers and obeys psycho Bill Gates’ orders. They have no business or qualifications in health matters and they have no business in our lives. Bill Gates, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros, Harari, Fauci, Ted Turner, Obamas, Clintons, Tedros, Kissinger and all the rest of the evil globalists should have already by now be in wooden boxes in the ground for crimes against humanity and deliberately creating this disease to commit deliberate mass genocide but they buy the corrupt judges. Their money doesn’t entitle them to do anything that impacts the population. Do not give them power by complying.

  • Zarayna Pradyer
    Zarayna Pradyer

    The proposed amendments offend my politics, science, and religion.

  • Vladimir Nikolić
    Vladimir Nikolić

    Wir brauchen WHO nicht mehr!

  • Pamela Martin
    Pamela Martin

    The WHO is making poor, unscientific, illogical decisions on my behalf and that is criminal.

  • Fiona Mcleod
    Fiona Mcleod

    The damage to the human race being done by these evil people must STOP.

  • Sue Dekany
    Sue Dekany

    I am more than capable of making my own decisions and helping my friends and family. I have no need of a nanny state!

  • Kim Marais
    Kim Marais

    I do not agree with any of their proposed amendments nor with the WHO dictating our health policies any longer.

  • Michael Mottram
    Michael Mottram

    To help bring this madness and evil to an end.

  • Janet Simpson
    Janet Simpson

    This is being done without the consent of the populations it affects. No body, especially when unelected, has the right to ‘delete’ our fundamental human rights.

  • Roger Longo
    Roger Longo

    All Covid shots must stop now. Prosecute the drug companies CEO’s, Fauci,Gates, CDC, FDA, NIH etc.

  • Roberrt Banner
    Roberrt Banner

    This is not what the WHO and IHR is supposed to be doing!

  • John Thorpe
    John Thorpe

    I am not a number,I am a free man!

  • Effat Yousuf
    Effat Yousuf

    The WHO did not provide any scientific advice that benefited my country Canada, it only contributed to misinformation and disinformation. Wast of our hard earned tax dollars to support such an organization, especially when they are unelected by Canadians!

  • Meredith Klitzke
    Meredith Klitzke

    The WHO cannot be trusted!!!

  • Johane Joy
    Johane Joy

    I am sighing because I want to stop IHR amendments which not only are done illegally, against any moral compounds yet are in breach of the fundamental human rights

  • Ann Robinson
    Ann Robinson

    They are stripping us of our dignity and human rights and they have no right to be in charge of our ‘health’.

  • Barbara Hanson
    Barbara Hanson

    The tyrants must stand down. Humanity does not consent to their tyranny.

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart

    They are crossing a line that should not be crossed.we need human dignity to stay. These tyrants need strung up and new responsible people put in who have more sympathy and compassion for humanity

  • Peggy Fitzpatrick
    Peggy Fitzpatrick

    We cannot allow this to happen!

  • Ina Gabler
    Ina Gabler

    The WHO seeks to become a tyrannical global government and use vaccines and medications as instruments of control. Mr. Tedros is appointed, not elected, and has no medical training. He’s blatantly unqualified to be the world ruler he wants to be, doing the bidding of those with power behind him.

  • Joan Newton
    Joan Newton

    It is vitally important that our fundamental freedoms and human rights are respected and retained.

  • Ray Bouvy
    Ray Bouvy

    I want individual right to my health decisions in the future.

  • marilyn daniels
    marilyn daniels

    Do not want global health decisions made by unelected officials.

  • Athena Bongard
    Athena Bongard

    My body is sovereign. I did not vote to elect the WHO, and as a US citizen I demand that this group of individuals STOP trying to control me and my body choices.

  • Joseph O’Leary
    Joseph O’Leary

    I want God given human dignity and freedoms and rights to be preserved.

  • Jerry Grev
    Jerry Grev

    want nothing to do with WHO

  • Anthony Castillo
    Anthony Castillo

    I am signing because the WHO is ran like a dictatorship that puts financial and one world government interest first.

  • Jason Cratty
    Jason Cratty

    These people have no right to dictate. They are unelected and who do they think they are? They rule no body! Demons!

  • George Pledger
    George Pledger

    Sovereignty for every nation

  • Nina Lathe
    Nina Lathe

    WHO is a corupted organization full of unelected corupted evil persons and corporations who are acting against all the countries constitutions and laws. All their secret and open actions created huge damages to the world measured in people’s lives and rights. WHO is nothing about health, everyone on this planet knows this and did nothing good, is just a tool of some people who are paying for the distruction of the world, of the entire humanity and civilization. A treaty between impostors, liers and criminals is not a treaty, is conspiracy, a crime organization, a trying for abusing of the power they do not have.

  • Rebecca H
    Rebecca H

    Im signing because the US is a constitutional republic and we don’t need global elites dictating our health policies.

  • Janice

    Humanity needs to take all of its rights back. NOW.

  • Angie Stone
    Angie Stone

    I want a better world for my granddaughters, not this tyranny.

  • Debbie Grace
    Debbie Grace

    No one in the world should have such power over personal decisions!!

  • Robert Dotson, MD
    Robert Dotson, MD

    Stop the secret meetings and the war on Humanity that WHO and the Western governments have been engaged in!!!!!

  • Evelyn Bale
    Evelyn Bale

    It is wrong! We still have rights and Freedom!

  • sandra moran
    sandra moran

    We the people are the power, not the self-appointed, crimes against humanity tyrants!

  • Geraldine May
    Geraldine May

    The WHO is an unelected, private body. I have given them no power to decide anything having to do with my health.

  • Theresa Noullet
    Theresa Noullet

    I do not want some agency in which we have no input making laws for the U.S. and other countries and removing all of out sovereignty and freedom of choice. s. and other

  • Shirley Hodge
    Shirley Hodge


  • david werenka
    david werenka

    the who is not acting in the interests of people or health.

  • Matthew Grace
    Matthew Grace

    I’ve seen my mother significantly injured by the covid jabs, I’ve seen my cousin have multiple strokes in his early 40’s, and has numerous people I knew in good health have significant injuries or die in their 30’s and 40’s after taking the shot. I know zero healthy people who died from covid.

  • Ruth Soriano
    Ruth Soriano

    I want a better world for my kids and grandkids, not a tyranny

  • Jeannine Schulz
    Jeannine Schulz

    I am a sovereign being who is entitled to dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms. I decide what is right for my body.

  • Robert Schulz
    Robert Schulz

    I am a sovereign being who is entitled to dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms. I decide what is right for my body.

  • Adamant King
    Adamant King

    I am supporting human rights

  • Philip Crangle
    Philip Crangle

    I want an end to this new world order healthcare tyranny

  • Robert Denomme
    Robert Denomme

    I am signing because I want my children and grand children and future generations to enjoy the freedom that I had without compromise. The W.H.O. is an evil organization.

  • Roland Sauve
    Roland Sauve

    We need to rid ourselves of the WHO immediately due to their stupidity in reguards to our health act

  • Margarita Reygan
    Margarita Reygan

    I am signing because this is the most important action at present times to preserve the freedom for the whole humanity. Many thanks for your tireless efforts. We will win!

  • Marianne Bollinger
    Marianne Bollinger

    I do not agree with those rules, My body My choice!

  • Geoff Fisk
    Geoff Fisk

    I wish to halt the WHO attempts to monopolise global health policies.

  • Ruth Borup
    Ruth Borup

    WHO er et korrupt og forbryderisk foretagende. Vi er alle født frie og det vedbliver vi at være. Ud af WHO…

  • Raymond Anthony
    Raymond Anthony

    I do not support the WHO o the UN and it’s communist agenda!

  • Barry Merchant
    Barry Merchant

    I didn’t vote for you and you don’t represent me. I do not consent to you having any control over health care in my country and my health in particular.

  • Darryl Turner
    Darryl Turner

    We are doing just fine ourselves as a people and don’t need any outside input. No need for anything, but our god given right to make our own destiny.

  • Mark Helling
    Mark Helling

    It’s a thing called ‘sovereignty’ … and keeping it!

  • Jacqueline Steffen
    Jacqueline Steffen

    I am signing because the Amendments must be stopped! The WHO does not have authority over countries to dictate health regulations! I demand our human rights be respected in all forms!

  • Fred- Paget
    Fred- Paget

    To Hell with these bandits.. Death to all tyrants!

  • Almut Tolkien
    Almut Tolkien

    transparency is a must. I am sovereign.

  • Melanie Ross
    Melanie Ross

    I do not believe my human rights should be in the hands of a global company that I have no way of selecting or then voting on issues. I do not support a treaty that is done in secrecy and manipulation or bribery for countries to sign. Holding a barrel over someone’s head, can only mean one thing – corruption.

  • Dan Kromer
    Dan Kromer

    Globalists are worthless pieces of shit. Try them and execute them. Period.

  • Charlotte Brock
    Charlotte Brock

    I want science in our health systems instead of ideologies practiced with bias.

  • Cassandra Auerbach
    Cassandra Auerbach

    I support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • Anne Mason
    Anne Mason

    I care about human rights and I must resist as the WHO attempts to steal our humanity!

  • Keith Perry
    Keith Perry

    The W H O have no mandate from anyone in the world to act without the consent of the worlds population.

  • Jacqueline Pagnanelli
    Jacqueline Pagnanelli

    I support the Constitutional Republic where citizens have individual health freedom versus global dictatorship!

  • Rachel Tope
    Rachel Tope

    I want to be able to make personal health decisions and not have my personal health rights be controlled and dictated by anyone else.

  • Janet Rhead
    Janet Rhead

    I do not consent to an NGO comprised of international unelected beaurocrats dictating what medical procedures I have.

  • Nancy Cohn
    Nancy Cohn

    We will not succumb to global control of our bodies and minds

  • Darcy Bell
    Darcy Bell

    I’m a human being, God damn it. My life has value. I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

  • Kelly Carlson
    Kelly Carlson

    As a human being, I demand full respect, dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of persons to be honored, not disregarded as the WHO is attempting to do . The WHO is a disgrace by attempting to ignore this.

  • ilana eberson
    ilana eberson

    It is our human right that our health is in our hands and we get to decide what happens to our own bodies. We can’t have random unelected officials and evil morons deciding what we can and can’t do with our own bodies.

  • Marilyn Hogan
    Marilyn Hogan

    I want to leave a better place for my Grandchildren

  • Angelena Cook
    Angelena Cook

    I am signing because I was born free, have lived free for 80 yrs and I fully intend to die free no matter how that happens.

  • Barbara Harris
    Barbara Harris

    Human rights I do not support the WHO having control over world health

  • kent stadler
    kent stadler


  • Cheryl Little
    Cheryl Little

    The WHO has to legal right to dictate anything to any sovereign nation. Time to put it back in its place as an advisor group and nothing more!

  • Laura Schepis
    Laura Schepis

    I am not willing to give up my medical or personal sovereignty as a free American to an international organization who has a God complex.

  • Padmanaban Subramanian
    Padmanaban Subramanian

    Enough is enough. No more interference on individual health choices by WHO.


    I am against all kind of dictatorships, medicinal, digital. I say no to all their bullshit.

  • Shoshi Herscu
    Shoshi Herscu

    These crimes against humanity must be stopped now!

  • Kathy Daly
    Kathy Daly

    My health is not going to be subjected to untested vaccination.

  • Cody Coons
    Cody Coons

    I am tired of the health fear tactics and my liberty not being respected in these amendments.

  • Laura Marian
    Laura Marian

    WHO has no right to decide upon my body. That’s only mine, and is God created, He created a perfect body and I don’t give a shit about these amendments and the nation states who proposed them

  • Hadewych Verschueren
    Hadewych Verschueren

    As long as members of the WHO has his fingers in the production of vaccinations and geoengineering, that long we know these new proposed Pandemic Treaties are a horrific crime against us all! STOP THE AMENDMENTS!

  • Simon Whyld
    Simon Whyld

    The WHOs pandemic treaty is a threat to democracy and freedom

  • Steve Weis
    Steve Weis

    I strongly believe in the human rights that are being threatened by these changes to the International Health Regulations and strongly oppose the WHO dictating standard terms to all countries without their agreement.

  • Christine Cahalin
    Christine Cahalin

    I do not submit to the undemocratic rules of the WHO and I want it disbanded. I believe in the freedom of the individual, in bodily autonomy and the wisdom of local and diverse responses to health conditions and emergencies. There can never be a single, global, response to diverse nations.

  • Giorgio Gourlas
    Giorgio Gourlas

    Our sovereignty is not negotiable. Forever Free.

  • Maria Nielsen
    Maria Nielsen

    I care!!!

  • Connee Burton
    Connee Burton

    I bow only to God Almighty!

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt

    We the people need to have our rights protected

  • Sara French
    Sara French

    I demand that the well-defined verbiage to protect human rights remain in-tact.

  • Philippa Daley
    Philippa Daley

    The WHO are corrupt and without humanity. An unelected body should NOT have any say over our health and well-being it goes against everything a sovereign or Republic democratic nation stands for.

  • Jan Kwikkel
    Jan Kwikkel

    I am signing because… ” to officially protest the IHR Amendments being negotiated this week that removes dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms. Sign NOW! Its more important than most people realize.”

  • Jill Everett
    Jill Everett

    Enough is enough! We are free people and will defend our freedoms.

  • Mouna Ibrahim
    Mouna Ibrahim

    This unelected body of evil, narcissistic, sociopathic, psychotic animals need to get out of our lives for good. Do not obey Satan’s followers and do not give them the power over you.

  • Laura Sholtz
    Laura Sholtz

    The WHO has become a travesty! It does not stand up for health, for the people, for protecting anyone; instead the WHO is baldly focussing on harm, on genocide.

  • Marcy Nathan
    Marcy Nathan

    This amendment is the OPPOSITE of freedom, of individual rights.. This amendment is frightening! One organization, one country should NOT be able to dictate these issues which are individual HUMAN RIGHTS !


    curtailing inherent human rights as advocated by the original U.N. is anathema!

  • George Fyall
    George Fyall

    To stop this tyranny.

  • Heather Mc|Gowan
    Heather Mc|Gowan

    WHO is not elected body and should have no right to govern anyone

  • Darren Greenhalgh
    Darren Greenhalgh

    This has nothing to do with ‘world health” and needs to be stopped!

  • Barbara Gladders
    Barbara Gladders

    The US should not be ceding its authority to the WHO for implementing health policy, nor should those policies ignore or deny the rights of the individual. Our bodily autonomy and the right to make our own health decisions free from coercion or manipulation is essential to preserving our civil liberties; we must not let any global body interfere with that.

  • John Oude Egberink
    John Oude Egberink

    I don’t like

  • Jytte Carola Leather
    Jytte Carola Leather

    the WHO are trying to take away our human rights to decide what medication goes into our bodies. Our freedoms are being eroded and it has to stop.

  • William Gruber
    William Gruber

    Each country and person should have sovereignty over their medical rights and not non-elected bureaucrats whose funding comes the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Leigh Stewart
    Leigh Stewart

    I am signing because their crimes against humanity must be stopped. Their intention is pure evil. They have far too much power.

  • Patrick Allan
    Patrick Allan

    The WHO and their backers like gates, Trudeau, Biden, and many more are activitely trying to destroy our culture and way of life. Through their vaxx policies they make a lot of money at our expense and kill us off.

  • Adele Barnabe
    Adele Barnabe

    I am a normal human being who cares about this earth

  • Marcia Troyer
    Marcia Troyer

    I believe in the sovereignty of nations and the freedom and dignity of human beings made in the image of God.

  • Michelle

    We need to fight to the end for our God given freedoms and rights.

  • Juha

    Haluan olla vapaa!

  • Beth Trewin
    Beth Trewin

    Humanity must be free

  • Audrey Famette
    Audrey Famette

    Everyone has the god given right to choose what medical procedure should or should not be given to them. No organization should be allowed to dictate a medical procedure for anyone, in any country.

  • Rebecca Kahn
    Rebecca Kahn

    HHS The proposed changes to the first principle in Article 3 of the International Health Regulations is in stark opposition to the jus cogens peremptory norms of international human rights law. If adopted, they would unreasonably strike out the following well defined legally significant text: “with the full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons” The verbiage used in treaties to protect human rights would be removed, allowing for the violation of Siracusa Principles and other limits of power. Furthermore, the new text would exchange well defined legally significant human rights verbiage that is enforceable for people to protect their rights and replace these protections with undefined words that are void for vagueness and exchanging the superior human rights laws and verbiage for these terms could recklessly and needlessly lead to a situation of ambiguity that could strip the people of standard human rights protections. The proposed amendments to the IHR text is much worse than before and serves no benefit. Respectfully,

  • Marie Clodge
    Marie Clodge

    I do not recognize the corrupt WHO organization or any government who supports them. They are engineering these plandemics to depopulate the world with the aid of billions from B & M Gates Foundation, who are known eugenisists (In his own TED Talk some years ago, Gates admitted reducing populations with vaccines (which are really bioweapons as you well know). I will not participate and I am a SOVEREIGN individual. Without prejudice and recourse marie free woman of clodge family

  • Robert Du Broy
    Robert Du Broy

    Fundamental freedoms and rights must be respected. Any wording short of that invites tyranny.

  • Rachel Robertson
    Rachel Robertson

    I am signing because the dignity and human rights of each individual need to be upheld to maintain fundamental freedoms

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    Tired of them trying to rule the world.they need to go.

  • Debra Curry
    Debra Curry

    I want only officials I elect to have a say… not WHO or WEF or UN or any other body but my elected government. Stay out of my country!

  • Shelly M
    Shelly M

    Their actions are driven by the dark side!!👿

  • Linda Frederick
    Linda Frederick

    I am a nurse & sick of ALL governments who went against the science.

  • Marilyn Otton
    Marilyn Otton

    These changes are intended to remove the protection of human rights. This is lunacy – unless your intention is …?

  • Jason Kuntz
    Jason Kuntz

    I am signing due to our freedoms are at stake, but a rogue organization that is acting and promoting the propaganda of fear just like the nazis did. stop these sick people.

  • Sharon Sweet
    Sharon Sweet

    I believe in freedom. I do not believe any institution or organization should ever dictate what happens to another human being, period.

  • Wayne Creeden
    Wayne Creeden

    All bull shit .

  • Carol Rivers
    Carol Rivers

    I believe in human rights and the freedom to choose

  • Ele Fraser
    Ele Fraser

    I am signing to save the sovereignty of all human beings on this planet and not be enslaved by the new world order.

  • Maureen Els
    Maureen Els

    The WHO cannot act as if they’re an elected group of people who can act and make decisions which will impact people and their lives. Who gave them that authority?

  • koppy kat
    koppy kat

    Our soverignty is not negotiable

  • Herman Waagmeester
    Herman Waagmeester

    The WHO should be stopped!

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes

    What you’re trying to do is all wrong & illegal.

  • Marco Sandi
    Marco Sandi

    Bodily autonomy is the first principle of a free human being. Without bodily autonomy one is a slave. Slavery is evil and should be condemned by the WHO.

  • Hermanus Potgieter
    Hermanus Potgieter

    I was not part of any public group that have given the WHO the right to rule.

  • Ina Goosen
    Ina Goosen

    We the people – the majority – will not stand by & watch officials misuse their office to take control of the world population for their own warped ideals.

  • Loretta Marmor
    Loretta Marmor

    I do not want to be part of thw WHO’s move to a medical dictatorship

  • Loretta Marmor
    Loretta Marmor

    I do not want to be part of the WHO’s move to a medical dictatorship

  • Gloria Norton
    Gloria Norton

    Human rights are being stolen

  • John Porter
    John Porter

    I prefer medical health freedom vs medical tyranny being used to subdue my Human Rights given me from God .

  • Guillemette Smoes
    Guillemette Smoes

    l’ OMS n’est pas démocratique

  • Jacqueline Young
    Jacqueline Young

    To support this petition to hold these clowns accountable for what they have done

  • Josh Payne
    Josh Payne

    They have been committing crimes and getting away with them far to long

  • Janice Barton
    Janice Barton

    I am signing because I totally disagree with what the WHO are planning and their total disregard for Human Rights. I agree that the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations should definitely be scrapped!

  • Noella West
    Noella West

    Our rights are on the line!

  • Gerry Segal
    Gerry Segal

    WHO needs to be abolished. Let this be our intent.

  • Douglas Dolleman
    Douglas Dolleman

    “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms”

  • Robert Denomme
    Robert Denomme

    I believe each country should determine their own health regulations with global input for consideration

  • Frank Gonzales Jr.
    Frank Gonzales Jr.

    I support respecting dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  • Anne Marie Dareys
    Anne Marie Dareys


  • Connee Burton
    Connee Burton

    It is against God.

  • Dolores Walton
    Dolores Walton

    I am writing to say STOP The Proposed Amendments To The International Health Regulations (IHR). Refrain from future attempts to propose such regulations.

  • Carole Trombadore
    Carole Trombadore

    I am signing to protect my human rights and my Constitutional Rights.

  • Daniela Hauptmann
    Daniela Hauptmann

    I like freedom

  • Tara Stafford
    Tara Stafford

    Justice for the people is our only hope. We can do this.

  • Janet Erskine
    Janet Erskine

    I want to live in a representative democracy and not to be ruled by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.

  • Jacqueline Steffen
    Jacqueline Steffen

    I am signing because I fully support the Interest of Justice and their work in defending human rights. The WHO is in no way legitimate and needs to be crushed!

  • Roberta Jamieson
    Roberta Jamieson

    I am a sovereign woman with humsn rights and dignity and self determination. No one can remove these from me.

  • VICKIE fairburn
    VICKIE fairburn

    It’s none of the IHR group what people put in their body! I bet these reprobate minds aren’t taking any vaccines (gene therapy)! Evil people, used by the WEF and luciferian weasels.

  • Celeste Duvenhage
    Celeste Duvenhage

    Human Rights are God given. No human has the right to take them away.

  • Kelly Pope
    Kelly Pope

    I believe in a free world and we need to stop the insane amount of corruption all around the World. This is WWIII we are in and we need to stop them killing off humanity.

  • mike hoskin
    mike hoskin

    these people are lawless


    we have to stop the madness

  • Jim Roberson
    Jim Roberson

    The assault on democracy world wide.

  • Carolyn Duprey
    Carolyn Duprey

    I believe in our freedom!!

  • Vincenzo R
    Vincenzo R

    I am signing because no one has the right to rule over human rights. I t is high-crime and the oppressive & suppressive group is an organized private club corporation of criminals organization and should be dealt with justice. It’s a pure blackmail act and enemy

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes

    I don’t like it.

  • Julia Jett
    Julia Jett

    We need to stop this Global “BULLSHIT!!!”

  • Liesel Briggs
    Liesel Briggs

    No means No! I do not agree with the amendments. Where is there respect for life.

  • Pasi Slonje
    Pasi Slonje

    Stopp the evil

  • Nora Buhler
    Nora Buhler

    We are a sovereign nation not controlled by who.

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt

    It’s very important to keep all human rights in tacked and UNchanged

  • Keith Burgess
    Keith Burgess

    My rights are being violated.

  • Laura Sholtz
    Laura Sholtz

    I don’t need any organization telling me what I should do with my body or ordering me around, especially as it concerns my own health. Why does the WHO think they need so much power and money anyway? Obviously they won’t do any good for anyone but themselves.

  • Teresa Temos
    Teresa Temos

    I am signing because I believe in human rights and ones only bodily autonomy.

  • Claudia Perono
    Claudia Perono

    Sono contraria a queste intrusioni sulle persone

  • Davide Sparacii
    Davide Sparacii

    Firmo perché a intrusioni sulle persone, a obblighi, sono contro la guerra e il ricatto

  • Marsha McGrath
    Marsha McGrath

    Human rights and dignity are key to our personhood and must be part of the World Health Organization. The WEF is not protective of humanity.

  • Amelia Hissong
    Amelia Hissong

    I don’t want to lose sovereignty in our nations! I don’t trust the WHO.

  • Kenda Hess
    Kenda Hess

    These IHR changes must be stopped

  • Doe Kelly
    Doe Kelly

    what the WHO is up to is egregious and unconscionable not to mention, corrupt.

  • Bryan Sullivan
    Bryan Sullivan

    Health freedom and choice is important!

  • Dorothy Norris-Elye
    Dorothy Norris-Elye

    No-one – whether in or out of public office – can legitimately arbitrarily dispose of any shared essential belonging also to others and not personally and only their own, to do with as they please. The sovereignty and democracy/citizen’s right of self-governance of each country, being entailed for posterity, belongs equally to each citizen; the rights of each person are inherent, inalienable and their own and may not be infringed upon by anyone. There can be NO excuses for human rights abuses. There never were, never will be – and ‘Never Again’!

  • Danielle McDonald
    Danielle McDonald

    This is such a violation of all our rights. There is nothing in the news about this. Americans have no idea that this is going on behind their backs.

  • Daniela Hauptmann
    Daniela Hauptmann

    I don’t want to be a WHO slave to be injected with lethal toxins at their whim. I don’t want to live in a smart city, I don’t want a chip nor electrode in my brain. I don’t want notorious psychopaths and genocidal eugenicists be in charge of my body, my life.

  • Beverly Foster
    Beverly Foster

    The United States is removing itself from the UN and all its criminal “agencies”. We care nothing for the IHR or any proposed treaty, as we no longer are members of any of this psychopathic activity. Congress is proposing to defund Davos and the WHO.

  • Simon Whyld
    Simon Whyld

    The WHO pandemic treaty is a threat to global democracy and individual freedom.

  • Clara Ferguson
    Clara Ferguson

    You have no right to rule over the world and enslave the population. Only God has rights over mankind because He is our Creator and creator of our beautiful earth and does not enslave us!

  • Graciela Cardenas-Mustapha
    Graciela Cardenas-Mustapha

    STOP The amendments to Articles 18, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 35, 36 and 44 and Annexes 6, 7 and 8 would create unprecedented intrusion into liberty and fundamental freedoms, human rights and autonomy. The contact tracing and vaccine passport schemes interfere with privacy and dignity, therefore, adopting these unnecessary, overly burdensome, disproportunate, unreasonable and tyrannical policies is tantamount to internationally wrongful acts and under the mandate of our organization they must not be allowed.

  • R. Denice Brown-Sweeney
    R. Denice Brown-Sweeney

    The egregious travesty perpetrated globally of the Covid tyranny speaks to the incompetence of the W.H.O. and everyone associated with it.

  • Margaret Frazer
    Margaret Frazer

    I demand the right to choose what happens to my body. You have no right to demand that everyone must do as you say, ie., vaccinations, vaccination passports.

  • Brenda Duncan
    Brenda Duncan

    I am against the vaccines, vaccine passports and our personal rights and freedoms that are being taken away.

  • Dianne Johnson
    Dianne Johnson

    We need to stop the medical tyranny!

  • Michelle Kenyon
    Michelle Kenyon

    I completely disagree with the WHO and the IHR amendments. The US should remain a sovereign nation and not participate in this global tyranny.

  • Arie Merkestein
    Arie Merkestein

    Ik teken omdat ik het niet eens ben met de voorgestelde wijzigen.

  • virginia lamp
    virginia lamp


  • Jeanne Brown
    Jeanne Brown

    God gives each human freedom that no other mere human has a right to take away. The audacity of pompous and immoral “elites”……. Enemies of God

  • jocelyn lavoie
    jocelyn lavoie

    Each pêrson have a right to choose the fundamental freedoms.

  • Michelle Kenyon
    Michelle Kenyon

    The IHR amendments must be stopped. This is nothing but global tyranny.

  • Julianne Benson
    Julianne Benson

    I do not give my advice and consent to these proposed amendments.

  • Linda Kajganic
    Linda Kajganic

    I have lost faith in the W.H.o.

  • Sharon Hickey
    Sharon Hickey

    I am signing because I fully agree with the concerns and request stated within.

  • Gillian Wilde
    Gillian Wilde

    I am signing because our human rights and freedoms are being taken away

  • Lisa Boshell
    Lisa Boshell

    Our countries choose our own constitution – we here in America demand our rights be upheld AS PER OUR DULY ENACTED CONSTITUTION.

  • Dianne Thomson
    Dianne Thomson

    I am signing because I do not want a one world government nor anyone telling me what I can & cannot do, & where I’m allowed to go. We the people did not vote for any of you. Anything to do with my health is between my dr & myself. How dare you group of psychopaths think your going to pull this off & get away with it. Your EVIL… everyone of you!!

  • Deborah Sacco
    Deborah Sacco

    It is the RIGHT action to do for all humanity.

  • Lynn Simpson
    Lynn Simpson

    I am signing because the unelected elites do not have the right to override our countries’ constitutional rights and even our Prime Minister, who works for Canadian people doesn’t have the legal right to allow foreign entities to come in and run our country. That would be treason.

  • Lisa Hangs
    Lisa Hangs

    We can decide our health on our own!

  • Mike Conroy
    Mike Conroy

    The proposed inclusions/amendments are a blatant attempt to strip the population of common fundamental human rights.

  • Mary Assaf
    Mary Assaf

    I am in total agreement with the opinions of IOJ and give my compete support to their open letter to the WHO and other above-mentioned organizations.

  • Janet Frye
    Janet Frye

    The issues addressed are not universal so general mandates would totally inappropriate. Human rights to autonomy and freedom are inherent and not to be superseded

  • Wanda Whitney
    Wanda Whitney

    I do not agree that our basic human rights are negotiable! We have not elected any of these people who want to make us like animals in a cage. Let them be the ones with recycled urine and bugs, not us. They need to see what the average person eats, drinks, works for a small salary, and does daily.

  • Teresa Graves
    Teresa Graves

    I do not want a world group make decisions for my country!

  • Anne Coles
    Anne Coles

    The WHO must stop interfering with human rights.

  • Diane Gregor
    Diane Gregor

    We the people of our world, do not want Who to make these amendments and reject all.

  • Ina Gabler
    Ina Gabler

    The WHO seeks world domination that would usurp other nations and states of their sovereignty and also to eviscerate human rights, including the right to choose or consent to medical treatments. The WHO’s charge is not to govern but to advise member nations. Mr. Tedros seeks tyrannical rule of global health yet has no medical training and is not an elected official. Any organization that seeks to deprive individuals and nations of their legal and natural rights is criminal.

  • Russell Jurkovich
    Russell Jurkovich

    I don’t want to become as slave of big or international governments, without human rights what rights do we have none.

  • Barbara

    I believe in respect for human dignity and fundamental freedoms, including individual bodily autonomy. I live in a democracy and do not want to be governed by the WHO or the UN or a one world government of any sort. This must not pass.

  • Sharon Southwood
    Sharon Southwood

    No one should have authority over medical choices of a competent individual. Pretty simple. Pretty alarming.

  • Douglas Dolleman
    Douglas Dolleman

    Stop The Proposed Amendments To The International Health Regulations (IHR) To Save Dignity, Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms!

  • David Rippel
    David Rippel

    The limited and biased information the WHO considers when evaluating international health issues should in no way infringe on the sovereignty or human rights of any nation on earth.

  • Carolyn Stoppard
    Carolyn Stoppard

    The WHO needs to work towards being trusted again. The WHO mandating anything now will not provide trust but will further erode trust.

  • Dustin Ranogajec
    Dustin Ranogajec

    This is and will be a violation of human rights! This Needs To Be Stopped!

  • Daphne Blake-Leavitt
    Daphne Blake-Leavitt

    I believe in human rights and freedoms.

  • Marleen Laska
    Marleen Laska

    Who gives the WHO the RIGHT to take sovereignty from countries?? Nothing…sovereign countries have ABSOLUTE power & authority to run their countries as they see fit according to their laws…NO GLOBALISM!!

  • Kylie Home
    Kylie Home

    It is not acceptable to remove dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms in the IHR or a treaty without extensive consultation with the whole of humanity.

  • Sylvia McBeal
    Sylvia McBeal

    I do not want my rights taken away

  • Pat Harney
    Pat Harney

    I support this letter.

  • Geoff mc kemey
    Geoff mc kemey

    I am a free human being and I will never give up my right to bodily autonomy.

  • Cheryl Carey
    Cheryl Carey

    Our freedoms can not be violated

  • Florence Trentacosti
    Florence Trentacosti

    I believe in freedom and dignity and self-determination of human beings.

  • Janice Pepperman
    Janice Pepperman

    I believe we are born free and our freedom comes from God.

  • Yvonne Breese
    Yvonne Breese

    I am signing because I support IOJ’s CRIMINAL Charges for crimes against humanity and breach of ethics against key W.H.O. Staff Director General and Chief Scientist (and her successor Jeremy Farrar). Support charges already filed (and not yet answered by WHO) for PCR fraudulent statistics, false declaration of pandemic that violates international law, as well as the unilateral and void definition of vaccine that allows gene therapy with unreasonable risks to be mislabelled globally as a vaccine, in excess of W.H.O. authority, knowing it cannot actually PREVENT DISEASE, required for all vaccines, to the detriment and harm of the international community and public interest.

  • Janet Eyring
    Janet Eyring

    I am signing to reverse

  • Ann Robinson
    Ann Robinson

    We want to retain our dignity, human rights, sovereignty and make our own HEALTH decisions.

  • Nancy Miller
    Nancy Miller

    I want USA to control USA!

  • Rachel Robertson
    Rachel Robertson

    The unelected people at this meeting have no right to speak for the entire world. You have not right to control or remove our human rights.

  • Lola Fuller
    Lola Fuller

    I am signing because the US has a Constitution that is not to be infri get, by enemies, foreign and domestic. My health is nobody’s damned business and all the so-called government can go to hell. I didn’t vote for them, didn’t vote for any of the current residents and I will NEVER COMPLY. Screw your damnable overreach!

  • Billy Markert
    Billy Markert

    First, it is not the right thing to do Second, there are not enough people voting on it.

  • Glenda Tice
    Glenda Tice

    I am signing because I value my sovereignty above all else!

  • Patricia Herrera
    Patricia Herrera

    I protest the IHR Amendments being negotiated THIS week that literally seeks to eliminate “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms”.

  • Kenneth David Peaker
    Kenneth David Peaker

    These criminal organizations and their political scoundrel handlers and co-conspirators are nothing more than a bunch of psychopathic hacks who view human life and all life as scum and trash to be organized and manipulated and disposed-of at their whim. The going’s on right now, today, place Lenin’s and Stalin’s and Mao’s and Pol Pot’s antics in a positive light, not to mention the U.S.’s entire historical record of absolute bullshit, you that deemed it prudent to drop nuclear weapons on unarmed civilians as a real-life test of nuclear weapons on a population, much like the bio-weapon crap happening right now.

  • Rian Ly ess
    Rian Ly ess

    Freedom Of choice

  • Thom Waters
    Thom Waters

    I am signing because it’s obvious that with these amendments the WHO is overstepping it’s bounds from one that makes recommendations to where it supersedes the inherent rights of the citizens of nation states who will then be under its rule. This goes against the tenets of our own constitution and as such having been voted on essentially in secret and without the input of the public on whom it will impact, it should be considered null and void.

  • Frank Rosse
    Frank Rosse

    I am signing to protect human dignity. We deserve to have our freedom protected from foreign interests.

  • Geraldine Candelaria
    Geraldine Candelaria

    The United States is an autonomous entity and should not sign the rights of its citizens regarding medical decisions to any entity including the World Health Organization.

  • Meagan Dick
    Meagan Dick

    I do not need the government involved in this kind of affair. Less government involvement, the better for Canadiana. We never voted for the world health organization.

  • Jackie Anderson
    Jackie Anderson

    I don’t believe that the unelected body of the W.H.O. has the right or authority to regulate health over individual people and nations.

  • Teresa Radek
    Teresa Radek

    This is not acceptable

  • Angie Stone
    Angie Stone

    I do not want my sovereignty and democracy denied by WHO.

  • Angela Fiddes
    Angela Fiddes

    I will not be dictated to by the WHO, it destroys national sovereignty.

  • Julie Gillespie
    Julie Gillespie

    I am against forced vaccinations and I am against ruling over individual country’s sovereignty.

  • Lorie Hovinga
    Lorie Hovinga

    I’m signing for Current and Future Generations

  • Kathryn Vestal
    Kathryn Vestal

    My government cannot surrender my health and bodily sovereignty. It is my right to accept or resist medical treatments of any kind.

  • Wayne Mckenzie
    Wayne Mckenzie

    There is no way one organization should demand they control me or any one country’s health care

  • Martin Wilson
    Martin Wilson

    Freedom of Choice is essential

  • R. Bruce Thorpe
    R. Bruce Thorpe

    They have no right to manipulate Human rights. Dignity and respect of must REMAIN in place.

  • Barb Schimpl
    Barb Schimpl

    There are so many things wrong with these amendments affecting us today and into the future forgnrratio s to come.

  • valerie ng
    valerie ng

    I’m human. It’s the right thing to do.

  • Carol Muise
    Carol Muise

    America is a sovereign country. No other entity or country should usurp our freedoms and laws.

  • Laurence Bailey
    Laurence Bailey

    I believe WHO should only be advisory and not have executive power over any country’s decision of operation.

  • Mary Roland
    Mary Roland

    I am signing because I want to stop the IHR Amendments being proposed!

  • Sue Dekany
    Sue Dekany

    Human rights can not be unilaterally reassigned to the WHO. I do not consent to new “rulers”.

  • Björn Elisson
    Björn Elisson

    I am a strong believer in democracy/ physical integrity and national sovereignty..

  • George Boucher
    George Boucher

    No agency outside the US government has a right to interfere with the constitutional rights of American citizens!

  • Irina Fedorov
    Irina Fedorov

    To protect human rights

  • George Boucher
    George Boucher

    No organization outside the United States government has the right to interfere with the freedoms of United States citizens!

  • Yali Boucher
    Yali Boucher

    No organization outside the United States government has the right to interfere with the freedoms of United States citizens!

  • Peggy Fitzpatrick
    Peggy Fitzpatrick

    I am resisting the takeover of my rights and the rights of all citizens of this world. What the WHO and others are doing is morally wrong.

  • Gerald Landry
    Gerald Landry


  • paul korteland
    paul korteland

    Een paar puntjes: – MSM zwijgt als het graf als Pfizer desgevraagd in het Europees Parlement erkent dat het vaccin niet is getest op transmissie van het virus. Dit wetende hebben ze , big pharma + politiek + mr. global, de mensheid besodemieterd. En toch nog het gore lef hebben om nog meer autoriteit te willen verwerven om onze gezondheid te “behartigen”. – WHO heeft geen idee van hoe de wereldwijde oversterfte kan zijn ontstaan. Puur toeval dat de het samenvalt met de massale vaccinaties? – Dit is een aanslag op onze grondwet waarover niet gestemd is. Dit is een misdaad. – door de eenzijdige aanpassing in 2009 door de WHO van de definitie van een pandemie hoeft een virus alleen maar besmettelijk te zijn. Dus ook al vallen er geen doden, en is er geen sprake van het uitbreken van een ernstige ziekte dan kan er toch een pandemie wordt uitgeroepen en zij we verplicht, als slaven, alle opdrachten van de WHO uit te voeren! Dit is het begin van het einde. Zeker als je bedenkt dat we meer virussen in ons lichaam meedragen dan dat we cellen hebben. – tot op heden is het virus sars-cov-2 nog nooit door iemand geïsoleerd en daarmede is het nog nooit aangetoond dat het bestaat. – Met een simpel Blue Tooth Low Energy appje kan je heel makkelijk aantonen met je mobieltje dat gevaccineerden voorzien zijn van een MAC-adres. Dit slaat toch alles.

  • Tina Waldmann
    Tina Waldmann


  • Thelma Landry
    Thelma Landry


  • Ernest Landry
    Ernest Landry


  • Nancy Stratton
    Nancy Stratton


  • Patricia Arkinstall
    Patricia Arkinstall

    Basic human rights

  • Dori Sullivan
    Dori Sullivan

    I need to protect myself from the greed and powerplays of individuals and corporations who really don’t know me and could care less about me. It’s all about lining their pockets and puffing up their egos. ENOUGH of this nonsense!

  • Paula Quercioli
    Paula Quercioli

    I am totally against these amendments! I actually think we should withdraw entirely from this treaty, and the WHO!

  • Susan Fry
    Susan Fry

    It is imperative to preserve Human Rights, dignity and fundamental freedoms. Vaccine passports and the like are wrong.

  • David Lintern
    David Lintern

    I am signing because I believe that every person on the planet should have the right to make all decitions regarding their own bodies and what medical treatment they want without being forced or coerced.

  • Victoria Chisham
    Victoria Chisham


  • Sue Coleman
    Sue Coleman

    The WHO shouldn’t be deciding anything for anyone. I resist.

  • Dolores Walton
    Dolores Walton

    To oppose any agreement to the IHR amendments. We The People of this United States of America will retain our sovereignty from international law. The 76th World Health Assembly does not speak for the people of America. We The People have our Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence to guide this county and all it’s decision making about any health regulations needed to protect us.

  • Patrick O'Callaghan
    Patrick O'Callaghan

    These amendments should not happen

  • Sharon McGleenon
    Sharon McGleenon

    I am signing because I disagree with the WHO lack of transparency and push to take away peoples rights , dignity and freedoms to impose their will on them

  • Maia Dugan
    Maia Dugan

    We cannot allow the globalist elite to interfere on how Americans live. That it goes to far into our privacy. They want total control and say they are trying to protect us. This is the big lie about the pandemic. I believe they will kill more people with the vax eventually than the actual virus!!

  • Veronica Grimwood
    Veronica Grimwood

    I am signing because I totally believe in freedom of choice.

  • Janet Woodworth
    Janet Woodworth

    This IS against My personal freedom and 💯 Unconstitutional!! This is meant to Destroy Humanity!!

  • Carolyn Jankiv
    Carolyn Jankiv

    They are corrupt.

  • Yara Kauffmann
    Yara Kauffmann

    In standing for my sovereignty, our God given rights and individual free will. I am one with my Creator

  • Lynn McDonald
    Lynn McDonald

    I do not agree with the W.H.O. have such power over the world’s population. The W.H.O. was not consistent or reliable during Covid.

  • Derek von Bannisseht
    Derek von Bannisseht

    The WHO has no place in my health decisions.

  • Athena Bongard
    Athena Bongard

    I did not elect the WHO. I am sovereign and I deserve my dignity, my human rights and my fundamental freedoms as given to me as a USA citizens and the US Constitution.

  • Joan Lajeunesse
    Joan Lajeunesse

    I am signing because this is a complete disregard for the sovereignty of individual nation states

  • Melanie Ross
    Melanie Ross

    I disagree with these amendments. That the intent of this is to remove human rights and to take away an individual’s bodily autonomy. We as citizens of the world, have the right to make our own decisions, not be dictated to.

  • Amy Van Buskirk
    Amy Van Buskirk

    Our healthcare should NOT be governed by any international organization.

  • Nicolie O'Neill
    Nicolie O'Neill

    We have to stop the taking of human rights that have been fought for so hard over the centuries.

  • Michael Briskin
    Michael Briskin

    This is a travesty.

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson

    No one is able to make my healthcare decisions better than I.

  • Lynn Smith
    Lynn Smith

    I am signing because I do not want this tyranny to take place.

  • Heidi Javadi
    Heidi Javadi

    WHO is a dangerous venom and it’s insulting people’s intelligence. We are coming for you

  • Debbie Grace
    Debbie Grace

    Nobody world wide should have such power!

  • Anne Leduc
    Anne Leduc

    I beleive in freedom.

  • Jill Bargen
    Jill Bargen

    Conflict of interest is evident in the actions of these boards, it is inhuman to take away people’s freedoms while profiting and controlling without regard for human rights.

  • Lucinda Brennan
    Lucinda Brennan

    This plan forces AMericans to give up our sovereignty. We don’t want that decision being made FOR us – when most of the country isn’t even aware of the issue. The United States can make it’s own decisions!!!

  • Rebecca Mondorff
    Rebecca Mondorff

    Stop infringing on my rights as a sovereign human being living in the United States. We have had enough medical tyranny and will not comply with any more! Cease and desist immediately!

  • R. Hogge
    R. Hogge

    The last 3 years has shown the real story of why We The People need to stop this corrupted process and withdraw from The WHO and the UN.

  • Debra Curry
    Debra Curry

    I want my freedoms!

  • Sharon Hines
    Sharon Hines

    I do not believe the WHO should have control over my health or anyone else.

  • Vanessa Peregrym
    Vanessa Peregrym

    I prefer to have autonomy over my own body and I prefer my country to remain sovereign. I do not want evil people with an evil agenda to reign over us.

  • Teresa Temos
    Teresa Temos

    I believe in bodily autonomy, freedom of choice and a true democracy!!!

  • Beverly Mayo
    Beverly Mayo

    I strongly believe we need to respect & maintain our dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  • Heidi Clingen
    Heidi Clingen

    I am signing because Americans are sovereign and America is a sovereign nation. We do not take orders from foreign entities.

  • Dorothy Norris-Elye
    Dorothy Norris-Elye

    There are NO excuses for human rights abuses. Not even if you’re ‘only following orders’.

  • Marilyn Hogan
    Marilyn Hogan

    They need to stop trying to Control the World

  • Deb Hattin
    Deb Hattin

    I do not want any organisation I have not even voted for to subject me to medical tests, quarantine, medical procedures without my consent. I do not give consent for any of this to be done to me or my family for any illness or virus going around. I want the right to say yes or no to any medical intervention or quarantine.

  • Donna Rivet
    Donna Rivet

    The WHO is an unelected, privately funded corporate entity with strong ties to Big Pharma. This is Regulatory Capture on a scale the world has never seen before. I did not make any agreements or contracts or treaties with this corporate entity or these people. They have NO business with me, and are on notice to not interfere with me or my fundamental human rights, my constitutional rights, or my understanding of my nation’s sovereignty. I have no intention of being advised by them or dictated to by them. I have not given any politician or bureaucrats any prerogative to sign any contract with this corporate entity on my behalf either. The politicians and bureaucrats elected to political office in my country have been given no jurisdiction or prerogative to form any such ‘treaties’ with foreign corporate organizations, or to violate the sovereignty of this nation and our people by such agreements. Politicians doing so are abusing their political office. The WHO is a privately funded corporate organization self styling itself as a ‘world authority’. I do not recognize their grandiose claim.

  • Brandie Foote
    Brandie Foote

    I want Freedom for all from the WEF.

  • Wendy Llewellyn
    Wendy Llewellyn

    The WHO need to disappear – the chaos snd havoc they wreak is hitlerian in its evil

  • Zarayna Pradyer
    Zarayna Pradyer

    I am yet to be convinced that the amendments will be beneficial in the short, medium or long term for the majority of humanity.

  • Ruth Blackburn
    Ruth Blackburn

    I strongly object to the wielding of fraudulent authority, which is in direct violation of The United States Constitution, by the WHO, or any other foreign entity.

  • Geoffrey Knapp
    Geoffrey Knapp

    my trust in the IHR amendments is insufficient

  • Agnes Marko
    Agnes Marko

    I wish to live in a free independent nation and not be governed by foreign influence dictates!

  • Deborah Drew
    Deborah Drew

    Sovereignty is paramount.

  • Joan Simmons
    Joan Simmons

    I strongly object to the wielding of fraudulent authority, which is in direct violation of The United States Constitution, by the WHO, or any other foreign entity.

  • karen young
    karen young

    I don’t want this to become law!

  • Marlene Rock
    Marlene Rock

    I want to protect Human rights and freedoms.

  • Vivien Muir
    Vivien Muir

    People Around the world, and the countries they live in, must have the freedom to make their own choices, and not to be forced or coerced into solutions that do not benefit the people of this world. Stop seeking to control humanity within human agendas. Yours truly, Vivien in Canada.

  • HowardG Stone
    HowardG Stone

    General principle for human integrity

  • Bill Schmidt
    Bill Schmidt

    No international unelected governing body will ever take away my Medical rights enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  • ilana eberson
    ilana eberson

    I am signing because it’s our human right to have bodily autonomy and not leave it to some freakazoid group of unelected criminals to decide what we can and can’t do with our own bodies.

  • Elizabeth Boille
    Elizabeth Boille

    The W.H.O want to strip us here in Canada and around the world of everything including killing us off with forced Injections. We will be under there Totalitarian Power and control, No more sovereignty, Or Democracy. Will lock lock us down for something as minor as a cold.

  • Pamela Bennett
    Pamela Bennett

    No one governing body should have the power and control over the fine details and health of all the people of the world. It’s treason and hubris beyond compare . Human beings have a sovereign right to choose what to do with their own bodies regarding ANY health concern, regardless of what we power hungry mob yells ‘Emergency’

  • Paul Greenhalgh
    Paul Greenhalgh

    I am a sovereign being and exercise my right of choice.

  • Michael Principe
    Michael Principe

    Save human rights

  • Elizabeth Boille
    Elizabeth Boille

    I am signing because of the Totalitarian And power of the W.H.O. They want to control dictate our every move on this planet. Take away our choice to our autonomy. Take our rights and freedoms. They can call Pandemic for minor as a cold. Kill off the whole planet is their sick evil plan. They need to be charged with murder, and defunded asap.

  • Susan Miles
    Susan Miles

    I expect my dignity and human rights to be respected in public health emergencies. I don’t believe the W.H.O. should make decisions about what occurs in my community. You were not elected by anyone.

  • Ruth Doerr
    Ruth Doerr

    I am signing because I wish to uphold respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  • John Willard
    John Willard

    I will not comply with your foolishness.

  • Valerie Lafrance
    Valerie Lafrance

    I believe the WHO is a captured organization, not working in the interests of humanity. All countries should call this out and defund the WHO.

  • Katherine Barfield
    Katherine Barfield

    I am very strongly opposed to these amendments and actions taken by the who to usurp our countries and citizens rights to their own healthcare decisions and choices!

  • Ian Stadler
    Ian Stadler

    I am signing because I dont want the WHO to have the amount of power over our freedom of choice that they are looking to have.

  • Cynthia Bradbury
    Cynthia Bradbury

    I am signing because I do not want the WHO to control our health, what we put into our bodies or any part of my life. There is absolutely no need for the WHo to have such control and power.

  • Mark Dale
    Mark Dale

    The people of every sovereign state never elected the WHO to decide upon anything let alone dictate.

  • R NS
    R NS

    This is an outrageous attempt to seize power by undermining the sovereignty of nations


    Human Rights and Justice Now! Stop the Cruelty and Insanity Now! God Is Watching over his Creation! Democracy and constitutional and civil rights enshrined now!

  • Kelly Carlson
    Kelly Carlson

    Stop the amendments. They are ANTI-human rights!

  • Maureen Smith
    Maureen Smith

    We need to stop over regulation , and power grabs by government and other bodies to maintain the level of freedom most of us desire.

  • Valentin Stoyanov
    Valentin Stoyanov

    I don’t want ammendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) To Save Dignity, Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms!

  • Liona shareing
    Liona shareing

    this amendment takes away control and freedom

  • Frances Volpe
    Frances Volpe

    The IHR is a corrupt anti-human entity and I do not want to give them any power over the citizens of the USA and control over our health.

  • Judith Gogolin
    Judith Gogolin

    I believe in the sanctity of human life. I believe in human rights. I believe in freedom.

  • Judy Leman
    Judy Leman

    Every being is a sovereign being …..and so it is!!!!

  • Terry Blackburn
    Terry Blackburn

    I was born free to make my own choices. I will die standing free to defend them.

  • Deborah Pearce
    Deborah Pearce

    We need to stop this take over of our human rights.

  • Cristina Damato
    Cristina Damato

    I am signing because I believe there is no such thing as one size fits all for health. I believe nations and local regions need to make decisions on health issues based on local conditions.

  • Lora Chamberlain
    Lora Chamberlain

    The IHR amendments are horrific! The WHO must be disbanded! They failed during COVID miserably and some fool wants to give them even more power and money to fail again and again and again – not on my watch!

  • Joanne Hallenbeck
    Joanne Hallenbeck

    The US is a sovereign nation. I don’t want other entities mandating health issues . My body, my choice.

  • R Cadieux
    R Cadieux

    respect for individual rights

  • Charlie Hansen
    Charlie Hansen

    I want all my brothers and sisters of this world to remain free from tyranny.

  • Ulrich Gurzinski
    Ulrich Gurzinski

    For Human Rights

  • Ben Mason
    Ben Mason

    These proposed changes are an affront to every sovereign being on the planet.

  • Natalie Fenner
    Natalie Fenner

    Please respect our divine right to autonomy and the rights to informed personal choice.

  • Antonio Graneri
    Antonio Graneri

    Please respect our divine free will. We have fought wars to retain our freedom. This proposed bill is in direct opposition to our rights to Freedom.

  • kristina wiese
    kristina wiese

    i am a human being & not a number

  • Curt Odell
    Curt Odell

    I am signing because the WHO destroyed any shred of trust with their actions during COVID. The last thing we need is an Int’l organization making unilateral decisions for the U.S.

  • Sandra

    I am signing as it’s unlawful WHOARE CRIMINALS

  • James McKenzie
    James McKenzie

    I am signing because I believe these amendments constitute a fundamental attack on established human rights and freedom’s.

  • Michelle Starr
    Michelle Starr

    All of the world’s populations deserve to make their own decisions regarding their health and outcomes; our innate freedoms; and we the people do not need a world government body telling citizens of countries that those in the WHO have no information or idea as to how that country and it’s citizens operate. We are not stupid uneducated individuals…we know what is good for us and the WHO directives in the past by unelected beauracrats, especially during the alleged Covid pandemic, were absolutely unscientific, unnecessary and unwarranted, destroying countries and citizens lives by the millions…NO to the WHO

  • Brian Yates
    Brian Yates

    Eliminating the “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms” shows us what the WHO really this of us – peasants to be ruled by the global elites.

  • Pauline R. King
    Pauline R. King

    Stop the Insanity! We answer to God! Not Big Pharma!

  • Dick Bartelse BARTELSE
    Dick Bartelse BARTELSE

    Ik teken omdat de uitleg precies aangeeft waar we terecht tegen moeten protesteren, dit mag niet doorgaan!

  • Pauline Collings
    Pauline Collings

    Why should the WHO control what we do in our lives… I strongly disagree with vaccine passports and I have been vaccinated

  • Pauline Collings
    Pauline Collings

    These amendments should be stopped

  • Kathryn Baxter
    Kathryn Baxter

    It is unconscionable that a single entity, let alone a single person, be imbued with unilateral authority to enslave the populations of the world’s various countries under the guise of medical conservancy, especially by means of secret and nefarious “negotiations” among rulers of those countries who do not necessarily represent the desires or true interests of those populations. The actions of the IHRRC, et al, in this matter is unequivocably global tyranny and a literal act orf war on humanity.

  • Valerie Cibic
    Valerie Cibic

    I do not want foreign powers dictating to the Australian men and women health policies which are against our 1901 Constitution which is designed to protect our Common Law rights.

  • Doug Hurley
    Doug Hurley

    Plainly this is an anti democratic move.

  • Ramón Martínez
    Ramón Martínez

    I’m signing because human LIFE and HEALTH, DIGNITY and FREEDOM must be saved from all the institutional criminals that are the global threat at this moment of history.

  • Judith Martinez
    Judith Martinez

    I am still against the amendments and am offended that once again the WHO is trying to take our authority by pushing these amendments through.

  • Heidrun von Koenen
    Heidrun von Koenen

    I am sign because I want to stop this crazyness – what are these people doing to us!

  • Kathleen Williams
    Kathleen Williams

    The WHO is now run by persons that intend to control our freedom and human rights.