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Demand Secret Final Report Of The Review Committee (Due January 15, 2023) Is Promptly Released/Protest The Secret IHR Amendments!

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November 27, 2022

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Letter to

To the Director General of the World Health Organization (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus), the Working Group for amendments to the International Health Regulations (WGIHR) and to the International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC),

I am writing to protest the secrecy of any proposed IHR amendments at this time.

The IHR amendments should be made public to include time for due process and review of the subject matters in the light of day.   I support charges for international wrongdoing against the WHO for violating WHO ethics duties of transparency and participation if the proposed confidential amendments are not disclosed to the public because there is no transparency and no participation by relevant primary vulnerable stakeholders.   The deliberation process, in secret, breeds public distrust at a time of the WHO suffering scrutiny and restructuring in the top management.

I DEMAND the WHO publicly post the secret IHR amendments on the table in the current meeting.  Furthermore, in the interest of justice, peace, rule of law and to build strong institutions, I demand that the deliberation process is stayed, and opened to include the public participation of all relevant stakeholders in the design of public health policy.  The WHO is clear all relevant stakeholders includes the public, civil society groups and other non State stakeholders whom the WHO is supposed to serve in a palpable and meaningful manner.

I demand the full final report of the international health regulations review committee.

It's my understanding that it was met in secret and they were scheduled to submit a final report to Tedros the Director general of the world health organization January 15, 2023, but it's not yet made public

For any documents to be considered at the 76th world health assembly on May 21, 2023 you must submit to the world health organization and forward to 194 countries.

I demand the world health organization, the world health assembly, the cochairs of the review committee, and all of the delegates to make the documents public for the world to see.



Thank you,



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Interest of Justice
Interest of Justice
Started this petition 10 months ago

659 comments on “Demand Secret Final Report Of The Review Committee (Due January 15, 2023) Is Promptly Released/Protest The Secret IHR Amendments!”

  • Susan Smart
    Susan Smart

    I am signing because no one has the right to limit anyones right to move freely around OUR world.

  • Krista O'Dea
    Krista O'Dea

    The people need to be made aware of any and all amendments and have the right to vote on such amendments that impact their daily lives.

  • Björn Elisson
    Björn Elisson

    I’m for democracy/ transparency..

  • Janet Pess
    Janet Pess

    The WHO does not control our lives. They have no power over us!

  • Robert Hanson
    Robert Hanson

    Dear WHO INB, I demand the conceptual draft of the treaty is not adopted in the next meeting the week of December 5, 2022. The INB has recognized relevant stakeholders in pandemic preparedness and response, however, these primary relevant stakeholders that represent many sectors of the public are being excluded from Annex E and from meaningful participation. Please open the process to restore trust in the WHO which is lacking due to the monopolistic tendencies of the WHO to design health policy without the input of relevant stakeholders with a wide body of knowledge to share. This exclusion of meaningful participation violates jus cogens norms and is unacceptable in the setting of monopolized centralized global public health under the direction and control of the WHO INB. 1. The draft treaty has no validity because, as written, it allows for accelerated regulatory authorizations of experimental medical interventions during emergencies, despite the fact that the unequivocal rules of science and ethics require time for scientific and legal review. In Article 7 (pages 15-16) the “WHO CA+” supports speeding up the process by which emergency drugs and vaccines are to be approved. The Siracusa Principles requires the science to be proved in order to justify the necessity and strictly required by the exigencies of the situation, and the draft treaty fails to take this serious situation into account, allowing for the most burdensome measures to be rushed and unnecessarily imposed on nations prior to ensuring safety trials are complete, at the edicts of the WHO health monopoly global security apparatus. 3. I am especially offended by and opposed to the part about legalizing persecution and censorship because it violates jus cogens norms: “tackling misleading misinformation or disinformation would also “strengthen research into the behavioural barriers and drivers of adherence to public health measures, confidence and uptake of vaccines, use of therapeutics and trust in science and government institutions.” 4. There are a series of issues with the draft treaty, including definitions and legal obstacles to its adoption at this time. UNDEFINED WORDS: The “WHO CA+” repeatedly used the following words in an inherently arbitrary and capricious manner, even though none of them are legally defined. Article 1 (page 11) Pandemic – 112 times Recovery – 52 times Response – 106 times Public Health – 44 times Preparedness – 74 times Equity – 32 times Prevention – 68 times Pandemic Response Products – 27 times IGNORING THE OBVIOUS: The “WHO CA+” never once mentions any of the following terms: Doctor, early treatment, natural, vitamins, herbs, gain-of-function, complimentary or traditional medicines, essential medicines. Why not? Shouldn’t they have a role in public health instruments? 5. I protest the concept in Article 12, where the “WHO CA+” advocates for a “global peer review mechanism” to assess each nation’s preparedness, and in Article 20 (page 27) it also advocates that at its first meeting, the “Governing Body” of the “WHO CA+” will approve procedures and mechanisms to promote compliance. I suggest the WHO create a process and automatic mechanism online for the public to present, and for WHO to accept, outside peer review documents. Rather than set up a global peer review mechanism that only accepts WHO approved experts work, there must be a mechanism for WHO to be able to peer review a peer review document by any group of experts of good repute who signed they have no conflicts. For instance, there is a peer reviewed document on NIH website that shows the PCR test is invalid for being wholly unscientific as used at 45ct in the Charite protocol (first WHO covid-19 diagnostics recommendations from January 2020) which has never been properly refuted by the WHO, NIH or anyone on earth. WILL THE WHO PEER REVIEW THE PEER REVIEWED CORMAN DROSDEN REPORT? see peer reviewed report that says WHO has faulty science to diagnose covid and false statistics: I demand an online mechanism in WHO to review contentious scientific peer reviewed documents immediately once any “evolving science” is known to be contentious and I demand the INB create a procedure in the treaty for a hearing immediately if the WHO’s peer reviewed conclusion conflicts with outside experts peer reviewed conclusions. 6. I protest Article 18 (pages 25-26) which makes it clear that if the “WHO CA+” is enacted, then an enormous amount of money is going to be transferred to businesses that provide “pandemic response products.’ Based on the exorbitant waste this declared pandemic and inequitable lack of funding of therapeutics which would have ended the alleged pandemic, this article sounds like a blank check for WHO approved products which may be wholly unnecessary or worse, exacerbate the problem, because WHO has a history of bad desicions, mainly because they are at the whim of funders who seek to benefit by the policies (and pandemic preparedness and response contracts) of WHO. 7. I protest the lack of willilngness of the WHO to include mandatory mechanisms for coordination with non state actors, CSO’s, primary vulnerable relevant stakeholders and the public. Page 22 -“Enhance WHO’s central role as the directing and coordinating authority on international health work, mindful of the need for coordination with entities in the United Nations system and other intergovernmental organizations;” 8. I protest Article 17 (page 25) which describes, as part of “a national One Health Action Plan” which, in the human and animal sectors: “optimizes consumption, increases investment in, and promotes equitable and affordable access to new medicines, diagnostic tools, vaccines and other interventions. The problem is the language is arbitrary and could lead to overfunding of vaccines and underfunding of therapeutics, when there should be a mandatory review board of outsiders to ensure the WHO stakeholders adequately fund therapeutics right off the bat, rather than allow funders to threaten the world “no one is safe until a needle in every arm”, and WHO gets caught up in the whims of funder stakeholdres who benefit from vaccines that cannot be legally allowed if therapeutics exist. Basically, the fact is, many people believe it looks like WHO is a vaccine peddler mafia who intentionally inequitably failed to fund therapeutics in order to inequitably push the non vaccine gene experimental injections and that should probably be addressed to restore public faith in WHO. The draft is dangerous as written because it fails to take this internal structural defect of WHO being at the whim of vaccine monopoly funders into account. It is not in dispute Tedros confessed WHO is at the whim of funders. 9. I protest Article 19 (pages 26-27) which would institute a new bureaucracy for the “WHO CA+” that would essentially duplicate the World Health Assembly with a “Governing Body” ruled over by two Presidents and four Vice-Presidents and a Conference of the Parties much like that which promotes “climate change.’ The climate change oversight body is unnecessary and based on fraudulent climate emergency science. Show us the science to prove the climate change agendas are strictly required by the exigency. Burden of proof is on INB if they propose these articles. It is worth mentioning the UN-WHO has refused to prove the climate science when asked and they refuse to consider outside peer reviewed science which disproves a climate emergency exists. 10. I protest Page 13 – “Central role of WHO – As the directing and coordinating authority in global health, and the leader of multilateral cooperation in global health governance, WHO is fundamental to strengthening pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of health systems.’ This is false wishful thinking, in reality WHO is absolutely not fundamental to strengthening pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of health systems. So far, during the unnecessarily declared pandemic the WHO’s oversight has been wholly unscientific, reckless, disastrous, resulting in loss of life and health. I protest centralized health under WHO and their unscientific blanket measures which are disproportionate on its face. This is a rebuttable presumption, therefore, I am refuting the WHO’s presumption that the WHO is fundamental to strengthening pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of health systems! 11. This is a legal notice and demand that participation of ALL relevant stakeholders is required by WHO INB to gain public acceptance of this potential pandemic treaty. Because the INB promised open participation of all relevant stakeholders but failed to actually include primary vulnerable stakeholders (who repeatedly asked to be included) the treaty design process, I believe the draft and final version of the pandemic treaty is invalid until all of the INB identified relevant stakeholders are included in a meaningful way. Thank you,

  • Catherine M Duis
    Catherine M Duis


  • Karen Bracken
    Karen Bracken

    DEFUND THE WHO. This is a criminal organization and we need to shut the UN/WHO down.

  • sandra moran
    sandra moran

    I am signing because I am a FREE human being with God-given RIGHTS!

  • Bob McKenzie
    Bob McKenzie

    Any amendments, laws, regulations ratified without the consent of the people are immoral and illegal. Humanity’s freedom is at stake.

  • edward kramer
    edward kramer

    it is nueremberg crime

  • Rian Ly ess
    Rian Ly ess

    Human rights

  • Steven Chatham
    Steven Chatham

    I am signing this to protect the God ordained freedoms of humanity. It is our right to choose what is put into our body. No government organization has that right.

  • Keith Burgess
    Keith Burgess

    I do not want interference from this corrupt organization.

  • Melody Chard-Schonski
    Melody Chard-Schonski

    I am signing because I will not be taking any vaccines and will not have any use for a vaccine passport. I did not vote for the WHO and will not comply.

  • Steven Chatham
    Steven Chatham

    Anyone who commits crimes against humanity should be brought to justice

  • Neal Univac
    Neal Univac

    It sure seems like it because no one can get any information about the proposed IHR Amendments submitted by 14 countries and on behalf of even more unknown countries. Please have a transparent vote of public on this

  • Matt M
    Matt M

    I want to

  • Patrick Allan
    Patrick Allan

    Nothing should be hidden from the public eye when decisions are being made about public policy.

  • Chandra Kelly
    Chandra Kelly

    God given rights

  • Emma Miller
    Emma Miller

    Stop the enslavement of humanity!

  • Robin Keel
    Robin Keel

    I care about our freedom.

  • Jeannette Barras
    Jeannette Barras

    Canadians want to make their own health choices and don’t need the WHO to tell us what to do

  • Curt Odell
    Curt Odell

    The WHO pandemic response was horrific. US sovereignty cannot be handed over to such a corrupt International organization.

  • Sharon Delaney
    Sharon Delaney

    If the meetings need to be held in secret then it’s not in the interest of the people.

  • Sharon Lamont
    Sharon Lamont

    I don’t want what they’re selling.

  • Deanna Miller
    Deanna Miller

    We did not vote for the WHO. It has no place in our healthcare. Countries should maintain their rights to individual health responses.

  • Paula Romines
    Paula Romines

    Too much is secret in this amendment!

  • Brown Kevin
    Brown Kevin

    We must be able to see proposed rules and regulations. We are not cattle.

  • Marien Breen
    Marien Breen

    I do not agree with these measures being voted on in secret without the public’s knowledge. We do not comply.

  • Stacy De Cossio
    Stacy De Cossio

    What transparency of any proposed changes that would impact US Citizen’s rights and any expanded authority by WHO impacting same.

  • Donna Rivet
    Donna Rivet

    The WHO is an unelected, foreign, privately funded corporate entity with strong ties to Big Pharma, that has no business interfering in the democracy, constitution, or fundamental human rights of any nation. Great harms have been inflicted by this organization by their dictates to compliant and colluding politicians and bureaucrats. Investigation, transparency, and accountability is not optional.

  • Ann Waller
    Ann Waller

    I do not agree with anything the WHO proposes especially in secret. Not knowing what the IHR amendments are concerns me.

  • Carlos Costa
    Carlos Costa

    World Health Organization To the WHO DG, WGINB and Review Committee for INB, I am writing to protest the secrecy of any proposed IHR amendments at this time. The IHR amendments should be made public to include time for due process and review of the subject matters in the light of day. I support charges against the WHO if the proposed confidential amendments are not disclosed because there is no transparency, no participation by relevant primary vulnerable stakeholders. The deliberation process, in secret, breeds public distrust at a time of the WHO suffering scrutiny and restructuring in the top management. I DEMAND the WHO publicly post the secret IHR amendments on the table in the current meeting. Furthermore, in the interest of justice, peace, rule of law and to build strong institutions, I, as an injured excluded primary vulnerable stakeholder in pandemic preparedness and response, demand that the deliberation process is stayed, and opened to include the public participation in a palpable and meaningful manner. Thank you,

  • Vale Kiev
    Vale Kiev

    After these amendments faced enormous global opposition, the WHO has gradually curtailed participation by stakeholders directly affected by changes to the IHR. Stakeholders do not even know the identities of their own national delegates to the WHO. We categorically oppose amendments being discussed in secret meetings by an unelected, unaccountable pseudo-governmental body.

  • Wanda Whitney
    Wanda Whitney

    They have the audacity to think they can sign off on actions that affect us and we have NO say in the matter? How presumptous!!!! Stop any action on those death vaccines NOW.

  • Charles Beyda
    Charles Beyda

    You have no right to take our freedom and individual rights. This a crime against humanity.

  • Carolina Shahverdiyeva
    Carolina Shahverdiyeva

    To the WHO DG, WGINB and Review Committee for INB, I am writing to protest the secrecy of any proposed IHR amendments at this time. The IHR amendments should be made public to include time for due process and review of the subject matters in the light of day. I support charges against the WHO if the proposed confidential amendments are not disclosed because there is no transparency, no participation by relevant primary vulnerable stakeholders. The deliberation process, in secret, breeds public distrust at a time of the WHO suffering scrutiny and restructuring in the top management. I DEMAND the WHO publicly post the secret IHR amendments on the table in the current meeting. Furthermore, in the interest of justice, peace, rule of law and to build strong institutions, I, as an injured excluded primary vulnerable stakeholder in pandemic preparedness and response, demand that the deliberation process is stayed, and opened to include the public participation in a palpable and meaningful manner. Thank you, Carolina Shahverdiyeva

  • Christopher Ferland
    Christopher Ferland

    I believe these events are meant to shift human rights away from the individual and into the hands of those acting for special interest groups

  • Scott Farnsworth
    Scott Farnsworth

    The WHO is a terrorist organization, period. They are all guilty of crimes against humanity, as are the politicians who enforce their baseless “health policies”. The Nuremberg Code was established for a reason. These criminals have now been exposed, and the consequences they face will be severe!

  • Thom Waters
    Thom Waters

    I am signing because I believe in the fundamental notion of bodily autonomy being the cornerstone of personal freedom. Without it all other considerations are moot. This is fascism pure and simple and anti-democratic

  • Melanie Dewar
    Melanie Dewar


  • Ann Robinson
    Ann Robinson

    I am signing because I want to STOP the WHO Pandemic Treaty and demand the investigation and lift immunity for Soumya Swaminathan’s Crimes Against Humanity BEFORE she leaves office!

  • Judith Martinez
    Judith Martinez

    Because I live in a constitutionally republic and i have rights under my constitution.

  • Sovereign Being
    Sovereign Being

    we will not be injected with your poisons. humanity is onto you. you will be destroyed. Karmic law is inescapable.

  • Carolyn Stoppard
    Carolyn Stoppard

    I cannot risk another adverse reaction

  • Grace Davidson
    Grace Davidson

    I do not believe anything should be secret when it applies to the public–why the secrets. All should be in the open, we have a right to know what you are deciding to do with us.

  • Sherry Junop
    Sherry Junop

    This should NOT be done in Secret nor should people be making decisions for and contracts for blanket statements on health treaties

  • Melanie Ross
    Melanie Ross

    I am signing this as I wish to have my sovereign right to my health and be able to manage my health as I feel is right for myself and my family. I also know there are always options for treatments and choices should be allowed, after full consent provided. It appears to be only about control if no one country can make decisions for itself and be informed by an unelected person that knows not the specifics of every country in the world to make these decisions. Where have actions such as this ever worked. Global organizations based in different countries even understand this simple principle of incorporating the cultural nuances and peoples values, rather than saying that something just has to be so. The way this is being forced appears without any thought to logic or differences the world over.

  • George Bodley
    George Bodley

    I’m opposed to all vaccine mandates and so called vaccine passports. These injections are ineffective and extremely dangerous.

  • Anne Mason
    Anne Mason

    I care about my freedom, my health, my privacy.

  • paola amaldi
    paola amaldi

    No treaty, no amendments to the HIR05, NO HIR05, no W H O who is at the service of Big Pharma, Foundations, Banking cartel

  • Patricia Smith
    Patricia Smith

    No secrets, please. Only transparency.

  • D Fleming
    D Fleming

    I do not agree with the secretive manner in which the WHO is operating! Decisions like these need to be transparent and allow for meaningful opportunity for questions and discussion with all stakeholders. The general populations of the world deserve to know your intentions. Humanity requires it!

  • Janice

    The WHO cannot get away with their tyrannical plans to dominate/control our global humanity.

  • jerry grev
    jerry grev

    this is just wrong

  • Elaine Marriott
    Elaine Marriott

    The WHO has not been voted in democraticly and therefore does not represent me as a Canadian citizen. stop your over reach!

  • Jeffrey Cook
    Jeffrey Cook


  • David Goulden
    David Goulden

    I am signing to protest the SECRET IHR Amendments at the WHO meeting November 28-December 2,2022 because anything the WHO does and in secret is harmful to all citizens of the world. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina Verdi
    Gina Verdi

    The WHO and these “elite leaders” are not going to make health decisions for me! Acting in secret is not in our best interest…only theirs!

  • Jackie Conrad
    Jackie Conrad

    I value my freedom.

  • Dr B Bastien
    Dr B Bastien

    As Trudeau and his cabinet ( mostly WEF members or students) no longer represents the will and desires of the Canadian people and can not sign any treaty of such grave consequence without a nation wide referendum authorizing them to. So all secret meetings and negotiations are nul and void with the NHO whom is a foreign organization that should only supply recommendations to assist sovereign governments with health policies and not assume a role to govern said nation states. The people must come first and not the agendas of the UN, WEF and the WHO. To the WHO DG, WGINB and Review Committee for INB, I am writing to protest the secrecy of any proposed IHR amendments at this time. The IHR amendments should be made public to include time for due process and review of the subject matters in the light of day. I support charges against the WHO if the proposed confidential amendments are not disclosed because there is no transparency, no participation by relevant primary vulnerable stakeholders. The deliberation process, in secret, breeds public distrust at a time of the WHO suffering scrutiny and restructuring in the top management. I DEMAND the WHO publicly post the secret IHR amendments on the table in the current meeting. Furthermore, in the interest of justice, peace, rule of law and to build strong institutions, I, as an injured excluded primary vulnerable stakeholder in pandemic preparedness and response, demand that the deliberation process is stayed, and opened to include the public participation in a palpable and meaningful manner. Thank you, DrB Bastien

  • Audrey Gonyea
    Audrey Gonyea

    We the people are sovereign citizens who have been given liberty and free will to choose how we obtain health from our Creator God. The WHO and the WEF is made up of wealthy and power hungry individuals who’s chief goal is to enslave and control the rest of the population. They are anti freedom and anti God. They consider us to be useless eaters. We consider them to be just useless. They create pandemics in order to achieve their sick agenda’s: The Great Reset, The 4th Industrial Revolution: “merging man with machine. We do not want or need the WHO or the WEF. They should be dismantled immediately.

  • Raymond Anthony
    Raymond Anthony

    I want my country to have nothing to do with the corrupt WHO or the UN.

  • Billy Markert
    Billy Markert

    they have done wrong

  • Marina Shea
    Marina Shea

    I am an American and this is unconstitutional!!

  • Gladys Molly
    Gladys Molly

    I am signing this petition because I DO NOT want my freedom to choose taken away. These V passports are illegal.

  • William Hood
    William Hood

    Because the UN and the WHO are a bunch of perverts that do medical experiments on unwilling and uneducated people.

  • Frank O'Blenis
    Frank O'Blenis

    It is the right of the citizens not Politians to decide what health measure we approve

  • MS lumina
    MS lumina

    I am appalled that the WHO and it’s member nations are blacking out their nefarious meeting to strip the individual, societal, and national sovereignty of mankind in order to destroy humankind’s God given freedom and sacred expression in order to install a psychotic destruction of human beings in order to salve their own terror of death, and raping mankind of everything in order to try to ameliorate their own black emptiness. You will die and you will be met with the horror of your evil actions at death. And it will be awful.

  • Nan

    the vaccines are an attempt to destroy millions of lives. The vaccines have killed over 46,000 -see VAERS REPORT– in the U.S. ALONE. WE DO NOT WANT ANY ENTITY TO CONTROL OUR HEALTH CARE. Big Pharma is pushing this so they make money and have an international market whether or not they are safe. The Government should never control health care decisions.

  • Lucianna Molinari
    Lucianna Molinari

    I want to protect sovereignty of USA.

  • Jay Paterson
    Jay Paterson

    The WHO does not have my consent to speak for me. They are demonstrably corrupt and inept.

  • Suzanne Sholly
    Suzanne Sholly

    Medical sovereignty is a human right.

  • Ronél Smit
    Ronél Smit

    WHO is evil, corrupt, has no executive power; is manipulative; promotes genocide and destroys humanity at its core. It is an evil cabal with an evil agenda.

  • wolfgang reiter
    wolfgang reiter

    Ohne Kommentierung

  • joseph serpico
    joseph serpico

    The meeting is secretive

  • Juliette Wood
    Juliette Wood

    The WHO is a ridiculous group and should not exist

  • Barry Merchant
    Barry Merchant

    I did not elect you to represent me. I’ve seen how you instigated and promoted a phony pandemic and it amounts to medical terrorism. I do not want you to have a say over any part of my health care. The very fact that you creating amendments in secret is evidence that they will not be good for the public. If they were good, you wouldn’t have to hide them.

  • Howard Hopkins
    Howard Hopkins

    I strongly oppose giving any powers or authority over American citizens to ANY International organization.

  • Ele Fraser
    Ele Fraser

    We must stop these evil globalists. We need to be exposing their real agendas. But even more important, we need to pray to GOD for help on this earth! God always wins!

  • Leon-Forrest Caulkins
    Leon-Forrest Caulkins

    We will rise up to defend our inailiable Rights as humans!

  • Susan Miles
    Susan Miles

    Transparency and debate is required for all policies affecting the public. The WHO were not elected therefor do not represent me.

  • Melanie Abbott
    Melanie Abbott

    I do not want WHO in control of anything relating to my health care decisions! I am a responsible citizen and will not accept WHO interferring with my health care decisions, what supplements I might take and whether I get vaccinated. I make those decisions…not WHO or any other agency. Thank you. Stop the tyranny and nonsense! M.

  • Susanne Leveille
    Susanne Leveille

    I am signing because nothing should be in secret when working for and serving the people. I demand transparency.

  • Subash Chandarana
    Subash Chandarana

    I do not WHO to make any decisions about my health and vaccination.

  • Walter Wilson
    Walter Wilson

    All WHO crimes should be investigated and punished!

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams

    there must be accountability for all officials involved with the injection fraud and crimes against humanity

  • Howard Hopkins
    Howard Hopkins

    You must stop giving our medical freedoms and choices to an International governing organization that may not represent the best interests of Americans.

  • Tracy Jones
    Tracy Jones

    All of the un-elected bureaucrats who no one voted for wants to control everyone’s health worldwide.They have no right to control anything or anyone on this earth.

  • Mark Zeibig
    Mark Zeibig

    I do not want our futures to be controlled and governed by private businesses and corporations that aim to profit from the existence of human beings. I do not want governments to collude with those businesses in order for individuals within governments, or ‘groups’ of people, to benefit from the wider community in a way that is detrimental to that wider community. And these two points are highlighted by the fact of government and corporation secrecy about decisions that impact the wider community, which impedes on the wider community/population to make decisions on who they wish to support to govern them.

  • Jana Patterson
    Jana Patterson

    This violates my freedom!

  • LJ Gillis
    LJ Gillis

    This is a travesty and criminal violation of inalienable human rights in total secrecy. Unelected self appointed beaurocrats can not dictate human medical rights and impose surveillance on citizens. Any resolutions will be corrupt and invalid, as this is an act of treason against the people you are mandated to serve. Something this i portant and global reaching must be put to a referendum by the people and the people must be included in the commissions and formulations of any changes. This can not usurp the national autonomy of countries and will not be accepted

  • charlene gareau
    charlene gareau

    I am signing because I do not want the WHO to overrule the sovereignty of each citizen of Canada or the Government of Canada or the Provinces during any medical crisis, whether real or fabricated. Down with the WHO and the WEF.

  • Deanna Beam
    Deanna Beam

    I am sick and tired of my freedom being taken away and my tax money funding tyranny.

  • LJ Gillis
    LJ Gillis

    This is a travesty and criminal violation of inalienable human rights in total secrecy. Unelected self appointed bureaucrats can not dictate human medical rights and impose surveillance on citizens. Any resolutions will be corrupt and invalid, as this is an act of treason against the people you are mandated to serve. Something this i portant and global reaching must be put to a referendum by the people and the people must be included in the commissions and formulations of any changes. This can not usurp the national autonomy of countries and will not be accepted

  • Subash Chandarana
    Subash Chandarana

    WHO has no right to Propose or implement vaccine passport.

  • Paula Quercioli
    Paula Quercioli

    Totally against the WHO HAVING CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH!

  • Agustín Camacho
    Agustín Camacho

    Freedom Stop With the Covid nonsense.. It’s over

  • Neville O'Connell
    Neville O'Connell

    End medical tyranny

  • Carolyn Ream
    Carolyn Ream

    I am signing because I am opposed to the WHO and their Secret IHR Amendment. They should NOT have any control over the U.S. as it is against our Constitution.

  • Leslie Cabanach
    Leslie Cabanach

    Choices about my health are mine and mine alone. No government or group shoukd have anything to say about my choices!

  • Deirdre McKervey
    Deirdre McKervey

    We need to keep our freedoms and protect ourselves from these tyrants!

  • Joan Newton
    Joan Newton

    I do not want any international organization to pass health regulations that could affect my liberty or medical/health freedom.

  • Kathleen Lavelle
    Kathleen Lavelle

    Our freedoms and bodily autonomy are at stake.

  • Ann Wedefelt
    Ann Wedefelt

    IHR is not to be secret and these people are not democratically elected.

  • Karl Kempfle
    Karl Kempfle

    I am worried about all the secretive global elites and what they are doing to the people.

  • Emil Pitschujew
    Emil Pitschujew

    No secrecy when it affects us all.

  • Lesley Burns
    Lesley Burns

    The WHO must be accountable and transparent and responsible to the peoples these changes do/may affect regarding. They must respect the rights of people by publishing publicly the changes proposed together with details of how these changes will/may impact the people affected.

  • Dione Johnson
    Dione Johnson

    They have no right to make decisions of this nature on our part without due process and consideration by all parties.

  • Bert Goodrich
    Bert Goodrich

    I’m a free citizen of the planet and want to stay that way. I believe the amendments will lead to human slavery through the Trojan horse of vaccine passports and mandates. The People must be able to see and participate in any global health planning.

  • Mary Plumley
    Mary Plumley

    I am signing this petition because I object to our medical system being put in the charge of the WHO, and organization which has proved itself to be completely untrustworthy!

  • Elizabeth Luyben
    Elizabeth Luyben

    We DO NOT CONSENT to Covid TYRANNY! The WHO is a devious, corrupt and anti human cabal

  • Marie Persson
    Marie Persson

    My life is mine and I am the one who controls that, not some secret service psyops messing with my brain any more.

  • Leon De Broize
    Leon De Broize

    I disagree with this move entirely. The country’s sovereignty is not to be hijacked by an unelected group.

  • matt lewis
    matt lewis

    This is a disgusting attack on Humanity

  • Paola Dooly
    Paola Dooly

    I am signing because We The People demand investigation and lift the Immunity for WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan’s Crimes Against Humanity. NO vaccine passport!

  • Dee Burg
    Dee Burg

    This is a crime against all humanity.

  • Christine Vorderegger
    Christine Vorderegger

    I think the WHO does not have humanity’s best interests at heart but is planning to enslave humanity for its own purposes.

  • Margot Lodewijk
    Margot Lodewijk

    Ik teken omdat ik geen vaxx pass wil.

  • Anahita Kar
    Anahita Kar


  • Anneke Driessen van Berendonk
    Anneke Driessen van Berendonk

    Dit een misdaad tegen de menselijkheid is.

  • Jens Barman
    Jens Barman

    Beacause WHO is snakes!

  • Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson

    The WHO is not the government of my country, or any other. They have no right to dictate laws that restrict my freedom and human rights.Trying to impose a totalitarian world govt .My body,my choice – F.U @WHO!

  • Christine Cahalin
    Christine Cahalin

    I do not support any unelected secret organisation dictating how I can lead my life.

  • Susan Dey
    Susan Dey

    The WHO have no right to determine how we look after our health in my country or any other country for that matter. Or how that affects my ability to travel, etc. The proposed “Pass” is unacceptable! My body, my choice.

  • Timo Turpeinen
    Timo Turpeinen

    This is a crime against humanity!

  • Araura Berkeley
    Araura Berkeley

    This is wrong and against Human rights

  • Beverly Mayo
    Beverly Mayo

    I am signing this Petition because the fate of our lives does not belong to you in any capacity. It is our right to be involved in any issue that will determine our future well-being.

  • Marcia Niemi
    Marcia Niemi

    I am hugely angry over my freedom and life are being removed for someone else’ pocketchange

  • Christina Hügli
    Christina Hügli

    ich selber bestimmen will, was in meinen körper kommt und ich reisen will ohne Impfpass. ich will nicht von den Behörden überwacht werden.

  • Margaret Ellis
    Margaret Ellis

    I don’t agree with.

  • Billy Markert
    Billy Markert

    This is wrong

  • Lynne Zawalick
    Lynne Zawalick

    I am signing this petition because as a United States citizen, the WHO IS A GOVERNING body I did not vote for and I don’t agree that they should have governing power over the people.

  • Eleanor Dobson
    Eleanor Dobson

    I do not wish to be governed by a remote, unelected and unaccountable international body which has been hijacked by the already too powerful and the super rich.

  • Teresa Temos
    Teresa Temos

    I believe in freedom of choice!!!

  • Kemi Murphy
    Kemi Murphy

    For freedom

  • Gerard Schuiringa
    Gerard Schuiringa

    The World is in danger

  • Kimberly Taylor
    Kimberly Taylor

    I do not support vaccine passports. I want medical freedom to decide what is injected into my body.

  • John Butler
    John Butler

    Too many people with too much power and money have nothing better to do than control the peasants, I mean people, and to make sure that nobody ever finds out the truth about what they are actually trying to accomplish. I am a free man and only I decide what goes in my body and the choices I make are mine alone… There are Ten Commandments given to me by God and they are all I need to live a healthy, happy , productive life… There are literally millions of man made laws all of which are designed by those in the halls of power to protect themselves…. I do not consent, I will not comply and I will not enter into a contract .

  • Carolann Hodgson
    Carolann Hodgson

    They are globalist genocidal criminals

  • john timbrell
    john timbrell

    I hate the erosion of our freedoms by people who think that they control us when in fact they should act as our servants.

  • Elzbieta Mroz
    Elzbieta Mroz

    I want medical freedom.

  • Dawn Maness
    Dawn Maness

    I refuse to allow my personal sovereignty and my country’s sovereignty to be farmed out to a globalist cabal. Defund and Disband the WHO!

  • Kenneth David Peaker
    Kenneth David Peaker

    All these gangster scoundrels and their greed-filled lunacy need to be taken out back and… stopped.

  • lillian potter
    lillian potter

    this goes against the rights of the people.

  • Jackie Le Sarge
    Jackie Le Sarge

    I have all kinds of reasons namely my privacy

  • Rachel Tope
    Rachel Tope

    I would like more transparency. I think these moves are a breach of human rights and freedom on a number of levels. What right do others have, any others humans have, particularly at a global level, to know what specific interventions are best for my specific health circumstances. Overreach and righteous behaviour.

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison

    I want full knowledge and consent on anything from the WHO or any organization before including me personally

  • Bill Yakubiw
    Bill Yakubiw

    the w.h.o. is an illegitimate org

  • Nigel Wells
    Nigel Wells

    Everything that is good need not hide. Sweden

  • Patricia Herrera
    Patricia Herrera

    I strongly oppose the secret IHR amendment at the WHO meeting 11/28 – 12/2/2022

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    We need our own government!!!!!

  • Devin Benson
    Devin Benson

    This is completely opposite of what the US stands for

  • Lorraine Dougan
    Lorraine Dougan

    The WHO should have NO power to decide the fate of the entire population if the world. The WHO is NOT an elected or aporoved body by ANY country in the world and does not have any standing rights to override the laws of any country.

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee

    I am signing because I oppose these policies

  • Valerie Cibic
    Valerie Cibic

    I am signing because I don’t agree with the policies of WHO Genocide through vaccination.

  • margaret roughley
    margaret roughley

    This unelected and corrupt body has no rights to try to establish this level of control over sovereign states across the world. I do not consent

  • Ja Allen
    Ja Allen

    Any attempt to abridge human rights is wrong. Not acceptible! We will not comply! WHO has NO power over our country of origin.

  • Fiona Hughes
    Fiona Hughes

    Why is a government agency holding secret non transparent meeting and decisions that affect everyone. How can the WHO be trusted when they are making incredibly important decisions without the public knowledge?

  • Kristin Robertson
    Kristin Robertson

    The public needs to be aware of what decisions are being made which will have an impact on them.

  • Joan Martin
    Joan Martin

    This is enslavement of humanity, pure and simple

  • Janet Lawson
    Janet Lawson

    Individual nation & human sovereignty is a basic right of freedom.

  • Roxanne Pryhorocki
    Roxanne Pryhorocki

    The constitution is not being followed. Our freedom is in jeopardy. Transparency and full knowledge involving all citizens’ approval is needed.

  • George Boucher
    George Boucher

    i am signing this because the WHO deliberately lied to the world about the origins of COVID. They also said there were no effective treatment for COVID and disallowed inexpensive medication that could have saved lives. They with this Chief Scientist have encouraged people to get one of the so-called vaccines because they would stop the spread of the virus which was another big lie, etc.

  • Belinda Dodd
    Belinda Dodd

    I do not believe in vaccine mandates or passes.

  • Judy Leman
    Judy Leman

    I am signing because I will not comply, compromise or be controlled! And neither should any other man or woman. We are all sovereign beings!

  • Lisa

    I do not agree with covid passports or mandatory “covid vaccines”.

  • Helen Kroeker
    Helen Kroeker

    I value my freedom and do not want it to be taken away from me. These changes will have

  • Jesse Cifuni
    Jesse Cifuni

    I believe in justice. I believe in truth.

  • Channie Søndergaard
    Channie Søndergaard

    WHO is not elected by the people and do not have the People’s best interest at heart

  • Linda (Lynn) Gelz
    Linda (Lynn) Gelz

    I totally disagree with these amendments and will not follow WHO on anything!!!

  • Samantha Hepplewhite
    Samantha Hepplewhite

    Freedom is a basic human right…period!

  • Justin Child
    Justin Child

    I agree with the letter sent by the Interest of Justice. Over the past couple of years, organizations like the WHO have been hemorrhaging public trust. Keeping the nature and deliberation of the the proposed IHR amendments secret only aids in the drain of said trust.

  • Carel Swart
    Carel Swart

    vaccine killing people

  • Kris Beyaert
    Kris Beyaert

    Geen vaxpaspoort, is alleen bedoeld om bewegingsvrijheid volledig aan banden te leggen!

  • Anne-Marie MacLeod
    Anne-Marie MacLeod

    WHO has NO say over me…. I will not comply

  • Mike Hanes
    Mike Hanes

    People responsible need to stand accountable for crimes against humanity.

  • Kenda Hess
    Kenda Hess

    Stop these actions! No more secrets!

  • Bobbi-Jean Brent
    Bobbi-Jean Brent

    This communism needs to be stopped!

  • Connie Hajdik
    Connie Hajdik

    These lies are causing people’s deaths and un-needed sickness.

  • Jeanne Beiser
    Jeanne Beiser

    My grandchildren deserve the freedom we have had!

  • Anna Cacilhas
    Anna Cacilhas

    The who should keep their nose out of other countries

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison

    I lost faith and trust in this organization on accuracy of too much hidden and covering up their real hidden agenda

  • Jeannette Barras
    Jeannette Barras

    The WHO should have nothing to do with our health.

  • ronald nagel
    ronald nagel

    why in secret why not in public

  • Amy Van Buskirk
    Amy Van Buskirk

    I do not want to be under the control of the WHO who do not know anything about my medical needs or condition!

  • Jytte Fredholm Ferreira
    Jytte Fredholm Ferreira

    The information concerns the whole world and nothing and no decisions should or could be made wouth the worlds populations right to know the information being disgussed. It is sick that WHO even consider having secret meeting behind the back of humanity. I demand that no matter what the result it will be disqualified a tWHO have no right to keep any information or meeting secret

  • R. Denice Brown-Sweeney
    R. Denice Brown-Sweeney

    the W.H.O. has no business doing anything regarding policy behind closed doors.

  • Ken MacDonald
    Ken MacDonald

    All deliberations should be public

  • Pamela Bayless
    Pamela Bayless

    I do not want our president to agree to anything on this treaty! The US must maintain it’s sovereignty and it’s citizens the right to make health choices for their own bodies!

  • Ken Offer
    Ken Offer

    enough is enough. These people need to be charged by the World Court!!!

  • Deb McLean
    Deb McLean

    These sick , bored psychopaths need to pay for there actions! NO ONE has the right to infringe on your rights / freedoms/ body autonomy etc! We are woman and man of GOD!

  • Jeanne Coulson
    Jeanne Coulson

    The people have a right to know what is going on and weigh in!!!!!

  • deb olson
    deb olson

    These are corrupt bureaucrats. They have no business making up rules for we, the people, to follow. They must be held accountable and pay for their crimes.

  • Dave Bird
    Dave Bird

    They have no lawful authority to make these decisions

  • Mark Winter
    Mark Winter

    The health of the world is not a secret matter.

  • Mark Deacon
    Mark Deacon

    I believe that it’s for a sovereign state to determine what is appropriate for its citizens and not the WHO


    they have to be stopped

  • Eugene Zenger
    Eugene Zenger

    Justice must be served or we live in a lawless land.

  • Craig Ward
    Craig Ward

    I am signing due to the broken trust, and criminal activity these people have and are trying to perpetrate on our Rights has Human citizens

  • John Antiaris
    John Antiaris

    There should not be secret health meeting for health mandates. The people must demand transparency. The WHO should not be the central authority.

  • Steve Esslinger
    Steve Esslinger

    This organization should not have any influence how our country conducts its medical care, period.

  • Virginia Allgaier
    Virginia Allgaier

    This world takeover must be stopped

  • Billy Markert
    Billy Markert

    This Wrong

  • Livina Hiacinth
    Livina Hiacinth

    Secrecy is dangerous. The WHO is untrustworthy at best. Transparency must be demanded.

  • Brown Kevin
    Brown Kevin

    my body : my choice. kick out the tyrants

  • Melissa Pope
    Melissa Pope


  • Kimberly Libera
    Kimberly Libera

    I will not sit back and watch these monsters destroy America and All supporting countries!

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith

    I am signing because my cousin had a vaccine injury.

  • Roland Sauve
    Roland Sauve

    It is the right thing to do

  • Johane Joy
    Johane Joy

    Protest the secret IHR amendments at the WHO meeting : 28/11/2022 – 02/12/2022

  • Ian Niemi
    Ian Niemi

    These people need to be held accountable for all the wrongful things done against humanity.

  • marv sapeta
    marv sapeta

    nothing should be done in SECRET. All needs to be exposed and charges laid against all criminals!!!

  • Iain Harris
    Iain Harris

    I am signing this as I am wholly against the WHO as an undemocratic organisation stealing nations sovereignty for reasons which appear to be wholly manufactured adopting exceedingly poor science, if any, for the purposes of the suppression of the population. There is no place for this behaviour in democratic society but especially Ashley when the policies have already failed since 2020.

  • Maria Schiller
    Maria Schiller

    The IHR Amendments at the WHO Meeting (November 28-December 2, 2022) should not becloaked in secrecy.

  • Sherry Ruetz
    Sherry Ruetz

    No regulations should ever be done in secret, without time for public comment.

  • Patricia Ritsema van Eck
    Patricia Ritsema van Eck

    I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with the WHO seemingly having forgotten they are supposed to work for the health interest of the peoples of the world, not the corporations who sponsor them!

  • Janet Simpson
    Janet Simpson

    This organization has no right to decide my future in secret.

  • Frances Viegas
    Frances Viegas

    The WHO can never override the sovereignty of the United States and every citizen must retain their right to medical freedom.

  • Lisa Hangs
    Lisa Hangs

    Something this big should not be a secret!

  • alan wallis
    alan wallis

    I am signing because W.H.O must be transparent.

  • Donna Rivet
    Donna Rivet

    People have been harmed by the dictates of this privately funded corporate entity. Justice must be done.

  • Larry Holm
    Larry Holm

    Secrecy is repugnant to a civilized society that’s engaged in making life better. WHO has too many criminals, they do not deserve secrecy, nor do they deserve compliance. No consent is given to criminal secrecy, no support is deserved, no funds are warranted. Disband the WHO until ethical people form an alternative.

  • Ina Gabler
    Ina Gabler

    The WHO pandemic treaty has been written and signed behind closed doors because it seeks to establish a global authoritarian government that has nothing to do with the health of people.

  • Millie Novak
    Millie Novak

    What affects individuals and countries must not be secret.

  • Geraldine May
    Geraldine May

    WHO a is an unelected body. They do not speak for me.

  • George Bodley
    George Bodley

    I’m opposeed to vaccine mandates and vaccine passports in general, and it is even more egregious when the alleged vaccines are my in large ineffective yet highly dangerous.

  • Joanne Peloso
    Joanne Peloso

    The crimes committed against humanity during the years 2020 -present by the WHO

  • Marie Clodge
    Marie Clodge

    I do NOT consent to any of these flawed amendments. Nor do I give up my GOD GIVEN SOVEREIGNTY to the WHO or any organization

  • Marie Clodge
    Marie Clodge

    I do NOT agree with the secret IHR Amendments and I DO NOT CONSENT to anything in this regard. All global citizens have GOD GIVEN SOVEREIGN rights and noone has any right to disregard them.

  • Tracey Boyd
    Tracey Boyd

    I am signing because I am sick and tired of these unelected people making secret decisions that affect the lives of us all. They do not make these decisions because they care. They just want complete control.

  • Joan Simmons
    Joan Simmons

    The 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly will fail to address the dangers and harms caused by providing pharmaceutical companies and other organizations with protection from lawsuits in response to the injuries caused by their products. If products are supposedly “safe and effective,” then why do the companies that produce such products need legal protection against claims of injury and death caused by their products?

  • Victor Jasin
    Victor Jasin

    Secret? By a globalist unelected authoritarian regime. NOT ON MY WATCH. A hill I am willing to die on. Tyranny and totalitarian NWO ahead benefitting an elite financial entitled class of a TINY fraction of society because they have the power and because they can and to them they care less about your rights and wellness as much as their control and ability to exploit a condition of their own making.

  • Valerie Cibic
    Valerie Cibic

    I am signing because the WHO is responsible for mass genocide and permanent damage to many people because of the fraudulent PCR tests to guarantee uptake of dangerous experimental gene altering injections.

  • Carol Jappe
    Carol Jappe

    “WE, THE PEOPLE have a right to know what is going on with WHO, why secrecy?

  • Norm Gadsby
    Norm Gadsby

    The world must know and not done in secrecy

  • Frederick Cook
    Frederick Cook

    No further power to the WHO

  • Celest Silvea
    Celest Silvea

    because the people deserve access and input into policies that affecct them

  • Sheila Johnson
    Sheila Johnson

    The lying and deception must be stopped.

  • alyson horne
    alyson horne

    I am a health professional who believes in patient confidential and freedom of choice over their medical treatment and ability to openly discuss with anyone without fear of loss of human rights.

  • Desiree

    I protest the secret IHR amendments entirely

  • Barbara Young
    Barbara Young

    The WHO should not be allowed to have secret meetings to make decisions that affect the rights and health freedoms of the Citizens. There needs to be full transparency.

  • Robert Denomme
    Robert Denomme

    I am signing this petition because I don’t think any one organization should have this kind of power.

  • Barbara jell
    Barbara jell

    I am signing because humanity itself is under attack.

  • Aww Aww
    Aww Aww

    I care

  • kim lafferty
    kim lafferty

    I do not want a Globalist Organization and the W.H.O. ruling and controlling everyone on this planet. There has been so much damage done and openly gloating about “Hacking Humans”. Perhaps you all have some great plans for your “chosen few”. I fear for all the younger generations and what you are trying to do with all us disposables. Thanks anyways

  • Shelley Lane
    Shelley Lane

    Demanding transparency. These people are not to be trusted. They do NOT have our best interests in mind.

  • Anthony Reid
    Anthony Reid

    I do not want the WHO to have so much control over my life.

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    Crimes against humanity is a serious crime!

  • Trevor Hall
    Trevor Hall

    We can’t be controlled by criminals

  • Miran Podreka
    Miran Podreka

    It is everyones right to self determination.

  • Nadia Brennan
    Nadia Brennan

    I am signing this petition because I stand for freedom for all humanity give to us by our creator God The Father.

  • Stephan Sander-Faes
    Stephan Sander-Faes

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  • John Small
    John Small

    Because we all need the truth& transparency.

  • Teresa Temos
    Teresa Temos

    I believe in freedom of choice and sovereignty. The WHO must be accountable for crimes against humanity!!

  • Teresa Temos
    Teresa Temos

    I believe in freedom of choice and sovereignty. The who must be accountable for crimes against humanity!


    They have no such right. Unelected

  • Stan Stanfield
    Stan Stanfield

    Nothing should take away the sovereignty of nation states. Especially not in such criminal situations as this.

  • Karolina Balck
    Karolina Balck

    National heath sovergnity

  • john thoma
    john thoma

    She does not deserve immunity

  • Marcello Elisabettini
    Marcello Elisabettini

    I am signing because as the saying goes ‘ For evil to succeed it sufficient for men of goodwill to do nothing. … and what they are up to is evil.

  • Sigrid Welder
    Sigrid Welder

    I wholeheartedly support this petition.

  • Cody Coons
    Cody Coons

    This can’t be good, if it is done in secret!

  • john thoma
    john thoma

    I wholeheartedly support this petition.

  • Jasmina Boch
    Jasmina Boch

    Nemaju pravo oduzimati ničije slobode pa tako ni pravo izbora kako ćemo štititi svoje zdravlje.

  • Maureen Berry
    Maureen Berry

    I am signing because I want to see justice being done for the sake of humanity.

  • Ricia Clayton
    Ricia Clayton

    It’s a violation of our human rights

  • Katherine Dadley
    Katherine Dadley

    I believe this is a numbers game and every supporter will help lead to a WIN and this needs to be a matter of urgency. Future generations depend on us standing up against these tyrants.

  • mark anthony
    mark anthony

    WHO are corrupt

  • Maria Nielsen
    Maria Nielsen

    I care!!

  • Jens Barman
    Jens Barman

    We need justice!

  • Matthew Kelly
    Matthew Kelly

    The WHO are not voted for by democratic means and should not have power over sovereign issues.

  • Angela Fiddes
    Angela Fiddes

    These amendments should not be altered in secret. The WHO was never ‘voted in’ and their directives affect the lives of everyone.

  • Matthew Kelly
    Matthew Kelly

    The WHO are not democratically elected to represent the people’s of the world and should have no power to dictate to sovereign nations and people.

  • Pasi Slonje
    Pasi Slonje

    I am signing because I want to see justice being done for the sake of humanity.

  • Kenneth Garner
    Kenneth Garner

    I deplore the underhand ways the WHO is trying to usurp the governments of the world for nefarious reasons.

  • Kavita Byrd
    Kavita Byrd

    The IHR amendments are a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code and our most fundamental human rights and freedoms. They should not be passed under any circumstances

  • Frank O'Blenis
    Frank O'Blenis

    Right to bodily autonomy

  • Rick Lawrence
    Rick Lawrence

    We have to stop this complete nonsense. We have to eradicate the world of globalists.

  • Ramón Martínez
    Ramón Martínez

    The elite and powers that be are planning to destroy human society and humans themselves, while lying all the time through the media.

  • Patrick O'Callaghan
    Patrick O'Callaghan

    I am signing because this power grabbing NWO elites have to be stopped controlling our lives for good !!!

  • Heather Mc|Gowan
    Heather Mc|Gowan

    we need transparency

  • Carrie Cannon
    Carrie Cannon

    The WHO is going against the Nuremburg code and every individual has a right to autonomy.

  • david white
    david white

    I am totally against the W H O and think it should be closed down

  • Mariela Fallas Pacheco
    Mariela Fallas Pacheco

    Estoy a favor de que se revele la verdad

  • Mary Hill
    Mary Hill

    The WHO was formed to make recommendations to countries not to take over countries sovereignty in regards to health care.

  • Kim Marais
    Kim Marais

    Once again, this is not done openly and above board and definitely not with out interests at heart!

  • Rebecca Zega
    Rebecca Zega

    It should all be open. These organizations should have sunshine , especially when concerning our help and well being. No sunshine, no laws.

  • Rebecca Zega
    Rebecca Zega

    No one should be allowed in these massive world wide organizations to avoid justice for wrongdoing.


    I want to live free

  • stephanie lawner
    stephanie lawner

    there should be no secret amendment regarding what is planned for humanity

  • Victoria Powell
    Victoria Powell

    I sign this cos I am against this cos I dont agree with WHO’s involvement in the running of any nation.

  • Howard Phelan
    Howard Phelan

    I stand against satanism and satanists

  • Harald Schäfer
    Harald Schäfer

    Die WHO die Souveränität der Länder untergräbt u. somit die Menschen ihrer Freiheit beraubt. Und das alles im Sinne von Bill Gates , Soros , Rothschild

  • Melanie Cockrell
    Melanie Cockrell

    You do not own America -we are a sovereign nation and want to remain that way. STAY OUT of America

  • sonja Natoli
    sonja Natoli

    WHO is up to no good! All the world has seen this. It is time to disolve it!

  • Angie Stone
    Angie Stone

    No international organisation should remove my sovereignty.


    because we are free.

  • Andrea Monge
    Andrea Monge

    I do not accept of any contract with the WHO . I reject any explicit or secret contract made by the WHO verbally or in written format.

  • Marina Sanchez
    Marina Sanchez

    I am signing because the WHO does not represent the world, only big pharma. The WHO has demonstrated repeatedly does not care for the health of human beings at all, in fact quite the opposite, the WHO actively endangers and legitimises dangerous and lethal so-called medicines that it approves for the benefit of big pharma. The WHO should be disbanded for its violations, lies and crimes.

  • Celeste Duvenhage
    Celeste Duvenhage

    Nuremberg Trials 2 must start without further delay.

  • Terry Blackburn
    Terry Blackburn

    The W.H.O. have never been voted in by anyone they are trying to control. This whole organisation is doing the devils work and should be brought to justice. They are openly disregarding any and all regulations they were set up to enforce. A more corrupt organisation you will struggle to find.

  • Dolores Walton
    Dolores Walton

    The People of The United States of America will never allow W.H.O. to impose International Health Regulations in our country.

  • Terry Foster
    Terry Foster

    I do not want to be controlled by an unelected organisation

  • Julia Fogassy
    Julia Fogassy

    I want to support those who can, hopefully, make a difference. I am just one ordinary person, but together, we may become a force to be reckoned with.

  • Julie Stevenson-Demeester
    Julie Stevenson-Demeester

    The backdoor approach to obliterate all of humanities sovereignty is not ok

  • Andrea Leclair
    Andrea Leclair

    Because she needs to be held accountable

  • Bonnie Fitzgerald
    Bonnie Fitzgerald

    I do not comply.

  • Maha Aldoujaily
    Maha Aldoujaily

    The WHO has demonstrated no wisdom in it’s past decisions, and it’s controlling entities need to face justice. Poisoning us and then giving us more poison as “remedy”, locking people up, controlling their movement and travel and ability to breathe is beyond fascism. My body my choice and Allah is my guide. END ELECTRONIC TORTURE.. END THE INDIVIDUAL TARGETING PROGRAM.. EXPOSE AND PROSECUTE ALL PERPETRATORS OF THESE HEINOUS CRIMES

  • Sue Skidmore
    Sue Skidmore

    I oppose regulations imposed by illegitimate means. The WHO title is not an indication of validity it is a misnomer. The work of WHO endangers human health. The WHO activities should be taken to court and the WHO should be dissolved.

  • Irene Hansen
    Irene Hansen

    These people need to be held responsible for their deeds – they are criminals!

  • Sharon Cooke
    Sharon Cooke

    I believe in individual Sovereignty and what out of our sovereignty we co-create in transparency and to ensure freedom, maximize health and prosperity for all beings.

  • Gayle Mann
    Gayle Mann


  • Ulla Rapazote
    Ulla Rapazote

    I am signing because I don’t want an international organisation decide over health issues in my country. Nor do I wish to have to declare my vaccine or health status in order to travel from one country to another or be forced to have a medical procedure I don’t want to have to do it. Freedom of choice should be the motto for everybody living on this earth.

  • Marleen Laska
    Marleen Laska

    I am signing because the WHO has no SOVEIGNTY over individual countries!!

  • Judith Martinez
    Judith Martinez

    They are once again trying to do the IHR behind the public’s eyes which says there is something not correct.

  • Laura Sholtz
    Laura Sholtz

    Health measures should never be regulated by the government, nor by parties that gain financially from their dictates.

  • Brenda Root
    Brenda Root

    I want to make my own decisions.

  • Douglas Dolleman
    Douglas Dolleman

    No we will not forget or forgive. Nuremberg Code WILL Be enforced! We Just Filed W.H.O. Charges For Crimes Against Humanity.

  • Stephen Medina
    Stephen Medina

    They must be brought to justice for their Crimes against humanity.

  • ronald nagel
    ronald nagel


  • ronald nagel
    ronald nagel


  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    Tired of them trying to run and ruin our country

  • Chandra Kelly
    Chandra Kelly

    They do d wrong. So they won’t do it again.

  • Paris Vance
    Paris Vance

    I’m firmly against this policy and any other policy which forces free nationals or for common understanding citizens to subscribe and allow the government to force drugs and other objects on its people.

  • David Smeltzer
    David Smeltzer

    Crimes against humanity!

  • Theresa Kosaber
    Theresa Kosaber

    People who commitCrimes against humanity need to be help accountable for what they did and are doing.

  • Cheryl Carey
    Cheryl Carey

    We need to hold these people responsible so this doesn’t happen again

  • Gilbert Cormier
    Gilbert Cormier

    I an signing because of the nefarious action that they took against humanity.

  • Chantal Pare Cormier
    Chantal Pare Cormier

    I an signing because of the nefarious action that they took against humanity.

  • Shirley Hodge
    Shirley Hodge

    Protest the secret IHR amendments at the who meeting Nov to Dec2.2022

  • Yvonne Jag
    Yvonne Jag

    Murderers must be held accountable

  • Leslie Iskenderian
    Leslie Iskenderian

    I am against the secret IHR Amendments that were introduced at the WHO meeting

  • Gordon Miller
    Gordon Miller

    They killed my sister.

  • Elsa Schieder
    Elsa Schieder

    I am signing to Protest Secret IHR Amendments In The Current WHO Meeting November 28-December 2.

  • Janice S
    Janice S

    I and others I know of have suffered injuries and death from experimental and dangerous interventions, despite clear evidence from the beginning of the egregious harms. This should no longer be covered up.

  • Sylvia McBeal
    Sylvia McBeal

    This vaccine has injured and killed people all over the World,and the death rate is going to be worse in a few years time

  • kerry douglas
    kerry douglas

    Secrecy means WHO is hiding something they know will not be carried by open and transparent examination by the people of the world. Therefore it will not be useful, helpful or healthy for humanity.

  • Carol Argabright
    Carol Argabright

    I am against any and all amendments to the pandemic treaty and I am against the pandemic treaty being signed in any form.

  • Lorri Jones
    Lorri Jones

    I am signing because of all the senseless harms that have been done to so many people because of you people. I want to see each and every one of you in jail.

  • Stefanie Selhorst
    Stefanie Selhorst

    My Body is mine and no public properster. WHO has never been voted to rule over humanity.

  • Christine Vorderegger
    Christine Vorderegger

    I think the WHO is only interested in depopulation and has no interest in humanity.

  • Christine Vorderegger
    Christine Vorderegger

    Those involved in perpetrating this horrendous hoax on an unsuspecting humanity should be held to account. Most knew what they were promoting was harmful and dangerous.

  • Nana Black
    Nana Black

    No global organisation should have such power.

  • rudi skerhu
    rudi skerhu

    who profits from the secret

  • Jan Davisson
    Jan Davisson

    Your secrecy shows you are once again up to something you know most would now be against. You got away with it once, but most will not be fooled again. Stop trying to control the population and leave us alone. We will not bow to you power hungry manipulators again.

  • Ruth Doerr
    Ruth Doerr

    I am signing because I don’t want anybody dictating what I must do. These people don’t know what they are doing. They are harming people.

  • Carreen Eade
    Carreen Eade

    I am signing because the amendments should be open for public discussion.

  • Debbie Fox
    Debbie Fox

    Corruption has no place in democracy. People need to be charged and held accountable.

  • Cynthia Stricklan
    Cynthia Stricklan

    I am opposed to secrecy from people who inject humanity with poisons in the name of vaccines.

  • Crista Munns
    Crista Munns

    I am signing so that those who committed crimes against humanity be prosecuted and be held accountable.

  • richard baruch
    richard baruch

    non-elected, non-accountable bureaucracies have no say in the government of any free democratic state

  • Lynn McDonald
    Lynn McDonald

    I do not believe W.H.O. can be trusted to make sound decisions considering their mistakes during Covid19. There is no 1 person or organization that can give the correct solution for so many Nations.

  • Dan Martin
    Dan Martin

    The WHO has come to be known as an undeniably corrupt organization beholden to the direction of Big Pharma. It is despicable that they are allowed to operate under the current conditions. Their intentional and despicable mishandling of the COVID pandemic is proof that they do not hold the value of global health as they would like everyone to believe. The WHO should be stripped of any power they currently hold and all members criminally investigated for crimes against humanity.

  • Anne Marie Dareys
    Anne Marie Dareys

    Freedom is precious and needs to be protected

  • Margaret Fawcett
    Margaret Fawcett

    The owners of this private corporation are about the business of creating a new world order that excludes the majority of humanity.


    For all the reasons stated.

  • Michael Doran
    Michael Doran

    Transparency prevents tyranny

  • Linda Frederick
    Linda Frederick

    I am a nurse & please stop the harm to ALL – especially the Children!

  • Robert Campanella
    Robert Campanella

    The WHO are NOT our masters. They do NOT get to decide who lives and who dies. We are not their property or slaves and they must be held accountable for their crimes

  • Rohan Dummett
    Rohan Dummett

    LETTER TO World Health Organization To the Director General of the World Health Organization (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus), the Working Group for amendments to the International Health Regulations (WGIHR) and to the International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC), I am writing to protest the secrecy of any proposed IHR amendments at this time. The IHR amendments should be made public to include time for due process and review of the subject matters in the light of day. I support charges for international wrongdoing against the WHO for violating WHO ethics duties of transparency and participation if the proposed confidential amendments are not disclosed to the public because there is no transparency and no participation by relevant primary vulnerable stakeholders. The deliberation process, in secret, breeds public distrust at a time of the WHO suffering scrutiny and restructuring in the top management. I DEMAND the WHO publicly post the secret IHR amendments on the table in the current meeting. Furthermore, in the interest of justice, peace, rule of law and to build strong institutions, I demand that the deliberation process is stayed, and opened to include the public participation of all relevant stakeholders in the design of public health policy. The WHO is clear all relevant stakeholders includes the public, civil society groups and other non State stakeholders whom the WHO is supposed to serve in a palpable and meaningful manner. Thank you,

  • Virginia Carmody
    Virginia Carmody

    All document regatdong.our health should be open & transparent

  • Ralph Flügel
    Ralph Flügel

    Warnung vor totaler Kontrolle und Pandemie-Diktatur, Aushebelung aller Grund- und Menschenrechte

  • Dorthe Kragh
    Dorthe Kragh

    WHO needs to be independent of the pharma industry and needs to prove that it works for the health and safety of the people. They have lost the trust of the people and are no longer working for the people but for pharma and pharma-lobbies.

  • Dorthe Kragh
    Dorthe Kragh

    The scientists responsible for scratching all previously revered science, and push lock downs and untested medications onto people need to be investigated and need to face justice. The harm to people has been unprecedented!

  • Thom Waters
    Thom Waters

    This is the absolute baseline for Personal freedom And autonomy. Without it all considerations are moot. This is a not a slippery slope, this is a gateway towards autocratic authoritarian control. I say “no way””. Not now. Not ever”

  • Jim Procyk
    Jim Procyk

    I care.

  • mike hoskin
    mike hoskin

    this is unconsionable

  • Daniela Hauptmann
    Daniela Hauptmann

    no to WHO control of my health

  • Ina Gabler
    Ina Gabler

    Secrecy of the IHR Amendments is suspicious and has no place in the creation of an international treaty that would affect billions of people around the world.

  • Meredith Klitzke
    Meredith Klitzke

    The WHO is a criminal enterprise!!!

  • Sally H
    Sally H

    Where is the transparency

  • Billy Markert
    Billy Markert


  • Victoria Knox
    Victoria Knox

    At this time I do not trust anything the WHO wants to do.

  • Evelyn Bale
    Evelyn Bale

    This is unfair and unjust. You do not have the right or authority to assert any opinion or reason why anyone person should or shouldn’t be more important or equal than another. You can NOT play GOD!!

  • marilyn daniels
    marilyn daniels

    No WHO making health decisions for me

  • Brown Kevin
    Brown Kevin

    No secrets. Get out of my life.

  • Leona Saxun
    Leona Saxun

    WE need Parties that are willing to stand up & safeguard the health of all the world’s people.

  • Jo Turcotte
    Jo Turcotte

    Too much things are done in secret. Why? There are too many things the WHO organisation does not want the people to know.

  • John Willard
    John Willard

    Too much secrecy

  • Elizabeth Moncrieff
    Elizabeth Moncrieff

    Nothing discussed in secret about international matters can be good.

  • Hilary Mountford
    Hilary Mountford

    Anyone who meets in secret has plenty to hide!

  • Timothy Logue
    Timothy Logue

    Will not be governed by tyrants.

  • Mike Gibbens
    Mike Gibbens

    I am signing because no one, or group , or country has the right to mandate any kind of personal health directives. It is criminal .

  • Hannelore Rauschert
    Hannelore Rauschert

    Keine geheimen Änderungen! Transparenz!

  • John Antiaris
    John Antiaris

    This is unconstitutional.

  • matt lewis
    matt lewis

    Underhand and dangerous

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood

    There should be no agreements made “in secret meetings”. They are illegal anyway and infringe upon all nation’s sovereignty.

  • Ann Robinson
    Ann Robinson

    I am signing because this has all been done in secret without any public disclosure.

  • Bodil Gajewski
    Bodil Gajewski

    Protest the secret IHR amendments at the WHO Meeting Nov. 28 – Dec. 2, 2022

  • B Hearn
    B Hearn

    The IHR Amendments are undemocratic, usurp the individual’s personal, as well as health, freedoms.

  • Daphne Blake-Leavitt
    Daphne Blake-Leavitt

    I do not trust the WHO to do the right thing for humanity. Tedros is not even a medical Doctor

  • Mary Likoudis
    Mary Likoudis


  • Jeannine Schulz
    Jeannine Schulz

    I am signing because I have the right to decide what to do with my body. I do not answer to an unelected body who is corrupt.

  • Geraldine May
    Geraldine May

    The WHO is a private club. They have no authority over my health, my life or other humans or animals.

  • Robert Schulz
    Robert Schulz

    I am signing because I have the right to decide what to do with my body. I do not answer to an unelected body who is corrupt.

  • Mark Deacon
    Mark Deacon

    Each sovereign nation must have self determination to implement policies in the best interests of its citizens

  • Lynn McDonald
    Lynn McDonald

    I am signing because W.H.O. has been wrong too many times, especially in the last 2+ years. Can’t trust them.

  • Fred Horowitz
    Fred Horowitz

    I am signing because the amendments are secret.

  • Dolores Walton
    Dolores Walton

    I protest The W.H.O.’s secret IHR Amendments at the W.H.O. meeting Noverber 28-December 2, 2022. America will take care of it’s own health issues and decision making without the W.H.O.’s attempt to control This United States of America.

  • Deborah Woodward
    Deborah Woodward

    I am signing to stand again WHO corruption Agsinst the citizens of the world

  • K Haluda
    K Haluda

    Unelected bureaucrats deciding my health care? I think not. Why the secrecy unless it’s for nefarious reasons?

  • Helen DeBord
    Helen DeBord

    The WHO is evil

  • Jennifer Crebbin
    Jennifer Crebbin

    Health regulations should not be made in secret. The people effected need to have input and choice in their healthcare decisions.

  • Lucinda Brennan
    Lucinda Brennan

    Why would we allow some communist group to make decisions for our country????

  • Florence Trentacosti
    Florence Trentacosti

    I want our medical decisions to be made on a local level

  • Linda Welch
    Linda Welch

    Why the secrecy? The majority of people worldwide are not in agreement with this push for world control of health. NO! NO! NO! They are unelected globalists & are not supported by the people.

  • Cheryl Henderson
    Cheryl Henderson

    No one, not an individual or a organization or a country has a right to control a human being’s health. Only they have that right

  • Marianne Bollinger
    Marianne Bollinger

    Not need we live in a free society

  • Judy Leman
    Judy Leman

    I am a sovereign woman!

  • Marcia Niemi
    Marcia Niemi

    This is criminal. FREEDOM! LIFE!

  • Hank Weultjes
    Hank Weultjes

    I want to know what you’re discussing if it going to affect my life.

  • Lisa Hangs
    Lisa Hangs

    The WHO shouldn’t be allowed to decide such an important matter.

  • Jill Hathaway
    Jill Hathaway

    I am signing because I do not consent to choices about my health or the direction of my country regarding health choices being made in secret.

  • Joanne Dean
    Joanne Dean

    I am signing this because I am against the secrecy of any IHR amendments. The public should know what is going on and have a say.


    They must not have control over our countries health systems or any pandemics.

  • Marlene Rock
    Marlene Rock

    I oppose the WHOPandemic Treaty.

  • Cheryl Little
    Cheryl Little

    The only thing secret meetings lead to is corruption and attempt to control populations. This is what the WHO wants, and many governments want. Complete control over their populations. This violates every law and human right and is unacceptable and will not be tolerated!

  • Stanley Nemeth
    Stanley Nemeth

    I disagree about all secret documents discussed.

  • Pamela Zastrow
    Pamela Zastrow

    I oppose what they are trying to do. It’s wrong.

  • Margaret Ellis
    Margaret Ellis

    I believe in freedom

  • Mary Williams
    Mary Williams

    If intentions are truly good then there is no reason to hide your actions or plans. Does that make sense?

  • Maria Gould
    Maria Gould

    I do not agree to secret meetings to discuss policies that are breaking the Bills of Rights in almost every country in the world. Remember informed consent, I do not consent

  • sonja Natoli
    sonja Natoli

    WHO is not trustworthy being controlled by the CCP. International Health Regulations???? We are a sovereign nation and our regulations and laws must be internally made. Take down the CCP!

  • Timothy Turner
    Timothy Turner

    Sick of others trying to run our country.

  • David Firszt
    David Firszt

    I oppose everything about you sticking your greedy ass noses in humanity’s business. All you want is control and money. Go to hell!

  • Wanda Snyder
    Wanda Snyder

    I am signing because the only reason the WHO is holding secret meetings is because they are controlling and evil. If what they were discussing was actually good for us, it wouldn’t be kept a secret.

  • john thoma
    john thoma

    These are violations of human rights.

  • Jennifer Hamilton
    Jennifer Hamilton

    I do not consent. You don’t have my permission.

  • Silke Hardeland
    Silke Hardeland

    The treaty needs to be discussed openly. Everyone who is affected by it needs to have a say.

  • Carl limbo
    Carl limbo

    I want people have full control of human rights and freedom of speach

  • Christine Vorderegger
    Christine Vorderegger

    I believe the WHO is forwarding propositions to enslave humanity and to financially exploit any nation that agrees to go along with its objectives.

  • Rohan Dummett
    Rohan Dummett

    My health’s is mine and nobody else’s

  • Margaret Anna Alice
    Margaret Anna Alice

    I have written several articles outlining the dangers posed by the pandemic treaty and IHR amendments: • • “Letter to the WHO” ( • “What If They Threw a Pandemic and Nobody Came?” ( • “Letter to the US HHS Office of Global Affairs” (

  • sandra moran
    sandra moran

    The WHO needs to be Abolished!

  • lora sumer
    lora sumer

    Exit the WHO

  • Mouna Ibrahim
    Mouna Ibrahim

    They all need to be beheaded.

  • Jacobus Gouws
    Jacobus Gouws

    I am signing the petition because of the illegal actions of the WHO. All the WHO leaders and staff must be held accountable for their actions and decisions resulting in Crimes Against Humanity. I think that their “right” to decide and implement the health rules/laws for any other country should be taken away.

  • Teresa Forhan
    Teresa Forhan

    Justice must be served to all people convicted…

  • Micheall Campbell
    Micheall Campbell

    For My Life & Everyone that have No Voice, or has Been Tongue Tide & Twisted to believe that Our Own Health Can Not Does Not Work so you went ahead & Started Your plan’s to do Eugenics/Gene Therapy/Trans Humanization Agenda. Lies told to All My Fellow Human Sister’s & Brother’s of ‘Turtle island’ & World as everyone needs the Jab/DEATHSHOT/Vaccination or they will die. Fear, Demand/Order/Threaten every way possible to continue in W.H.O. U.N. & All ASSOCIATED AFFILIATED With the MASS NAZi EUGENiCS/GENOCiDE/MURDER of the World’s Populations. BE AFRAiD ! ‘We the small Fringe of Minority of People With Unacceptable Views along with ALL those Fellow Human Sister’s & Brother’s Are Now STAND’N4ALL’S FREEDOM’S NOW & 4EVER ! & if @AnyTime You want wish to Quit the Mass Genocide too All of WE, US, PEOPLES you better make Your Peace with the Owner of ALL’S SOUL’S & SPiRiT’S cause You Will Not Want NO COMPLiANCE from ‘ALL’S C R E A T O R ! ‘ Take Your Chances all You Want, it’s Your Free Will 2Do So….

  • Nancy Mcknight
    Nancy Mcknight

    We need accountability

  • Nancy Mcknight
    Nancy Mcknight

    I don’t believe we need international health regulations

  • Linda Baldwin
    Linda Baldwin

    The people involved must pay for their atrocious crimes

  • Mouna Ibrahim
    Mouna Ibrahim

    Klaus Schwab, Tedros, Bill Gates, George Soros, Anthony Fauci, Yuvul Noah Harari, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Henry Kissinger need to be shot point blank range for all the murders they have committed in the name of making profit and taking control. I will be happy to pull the trigger.

  • lora sumer
    lora sumer

    It’s all a scam.

  • lora sumer
    lora sumer

    Stop the Treaty, counties can manage themselves just fine without you over reach of interference.

  • lora sumer
    lora sumer


  • lora sumer
    lora sumer


  • allen dryer
    allen dryer




  • Johane Joy
    Johane Joy

    Stop secret IHR Amendments

  • Joseph O’Leary
    Joseph O’Leary

    People need to be held accountable for their evil actions which were intentional and planned years prior.

  • christopher williams
    christopher williams

    This is being deceptive! We do not need NO DEALS/Amendments from them, Period!

  • Julie Gillespie
    Julie Gillespie

    The public needs to be aware! There is absolutely no need for secrecy!

  • Dianne Thomson
    Dianne Thomson

    All involved need to be held accountable for crimes against humanity!

  • Debra Pine
    Debra Pine

    We don’t need you to run our lives, stay in your own. This country was made by brave men and women, you are all cowards and I hope you all get 10 shots and are no longer here to meddle with our lives. Get your own lives an maybe God will have mercy on you but, don’t count on it, he doesn’t like tyrants.

  • kerry douglas
    kerry douglas

    Decisions which effect human rights done in secret…do I need to say more?

  • Dubravko Libric
    Dubravko Libric

    I do not support your statement/goals, because they do not contribute to the wellbeing of the people.

  • Edward OConnor
    Edward OConnor

    Secret amendments will breed distrust.

  • Jacqueline Steffen
    Jacqueline Steffen

    I am signing because the WHO must be held accountable for their actions ! The fact that they are holding secret meetings is because they are a corrupt organization. NO DEALS/NO Amendments!! The WHO has no right to dictate any health policies on any country!

  • Bhavana Lymworth
    Bhavana Lymworth

    The WHO has no right at all to create regulations that control people. Period.

  • Anne Mason
    Anne Mason

    The WHO has no right to rule over us!

  • Daniel Kristof
    Daniel Kristof

    Das ist mir sehr wichtig.

  • virginia lamp
    virginia lamp

    go stick it work in secret youre dishonest you are liars trump was right to defund you bastards..

  • Nancy Mcknight
    Nancy Mcknight

    We need transparency

  • Carina Confalone
    Carina Confalone

    This goes against basic human rights.

  • Sara French
    Sara French

    I am writing to demand that the secrecy of any proposed IHR amendments be made public to include time for due process and review, as well as allowing for the public to participate in the design of public health policy, while providing the public with advance notice of deliberations and enabling public participation for ALL public health policy decisions. The W.H.O. should be charged for international crimes against humanity. I demand the WHO publicly post the secret IHR amendments. What is handled in secret needs to have LIGHT shined on it.

  • William Hood
    William Hood

    Sick and tired of people who don’t know anything about my body trying to control it.

  • Kate Lackie
    Kate Lackie

    The WHO have shown that their interests no longer lie for the benefit of the global population. It is a corrupt organisation which should be shut down and agents it employs be tried for crimes agains humanity.

  • Jytte Carola Leather
    Jytte Carola Leather

    What they are doing for the world population ios wrong and unacceptable

  • Jennifer Kahn
    Jennifer Kahn

    The WHO needs to make any proposed IHR amendments public; to allow for proper review before they are enacted! The public has a right to know about policies that will be affecting their health and freedoms!

  • Gordon Miller
    Gordon Miller

    The WHO is the singular greatest threat to humanity and the planet.

  • Marilyn Otton
    Marilyn Otton

    These amendments are NOT for the good of humanity!

  • Clive Hamilton
    Clive Hamilton

    Justice needs to be served and those responsible must e held accountable.

  • Pamela Bayless
    Pamela Bayless

    Those responsible for this crime must pay!

  • Roy Stephens
    Roy Stephens

    No one is above the Law.

  • Dorothy Norris-Elye
    Dorothy Norris-Elye

    Whatever concerns the citizens of a country/the globe is the public’s business, and no-one has any business making secretive private plans regarding what will be done to others by the self-appointed claiming some non-existent right over the rest of the world.

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    I am writing to protest the lack of transparency of the WHO and the amendments they are proposing to give the WHO far greater control over future pandemics.. We need to have full transparency in these proceedings, as they affect every person on this planet and lacking transparency implies corruption and treachery with intent to hide the truth of what is being implemented without the knowledge of all concerned citizens.

  • Dori Sullivan
    Dori Sullivan

    It’s the RIGHT thing to do!

  • Donna McCaskill
    Donna McCaskill

    It’s time for accountability!!!

  • Roland Sauve
    Roland Sauve


  • Sybille Rulf
    Sybille Rulf

    I consider the WHO a Unelected CORRUPT organization in the hand of a few powerful people and serving the INTERESTS of BIG PHARMA and BILL GATES Foundation

  • Rachel Mixx
    Rachel Mixx

    There should’t be any secrets – everything should be transparent. It is totally against my God given rights to determine what happens to my body.

  • Clarita Dexter
    Clarita Dexter

    Hello owner, You always provide useful information.

  • Osvaldo Ríos
    Osvaldo Ríos

    We not only have a right, according to the Declaration of Independence, but also a duty, an obligation, a responsibility to throw of such tyranny, such evil, such corruption, such a great abuse of power, such utter madness, craziness, insanity.

  • Kathie morris
    Kathie morris

    Punishment for crimes is a must

  • JD Lane
    JD Lane

    I am a citizen of the US and this is against our Constitution.

  • Linda Bergeson
    Linda Bergeson

    It is unimaginable to me that one entity should be able to control the world!! The WHO was NOT forthcoming during the entire CoVID “pandemic” and has been proven to have lied regarding vaccinations and boosters and their various and multiple “side effects” causing thousands of deaths! Why would any sane person vote to hand over control to them? You MUST STOP this insanity before it can even begin!!

  • Michelle Cardenas
    Michelle Cardenas

    It’s MY RIGHT TO KNOW what you are proposing regarding ANYTHING that affects our unalienable rights and freedoms! Why the secret?

  • Jesse Wayne Blenn Miller
    Jesse Wayne Blenn Miller

    Las “vacunas” son demasiado peligrosas y solo para dar ganancias a la grandes compañias sin importar los daños y las muertes qje causan.

  • Adele Barnabe
    Adele Barnabe

    It,s the right thing to do

  • Melissa Pope
    Melissa Pope

    Stop the crimes against humanity. It’s time for a unification of humanity in Jesus name amen.

  • Erik Levy
    Erik Levy

    I love liberty and cherish the U.S. Bill of Rights. I do not consent to any government authority not strictly answerable to The People. These amendments are a blatant power grab by globalists that would end human liberty and dignity as we know it. Stop the WHO power grab. I say no to totalitarian government.

  • Dominic Whitty
    Dominic Whitty

    Dear admin, Your posts are always well organized and easy to understand.

  • Audrey Thurston
    Audrey Thurston

    I want freedom

  • Jasmine Waechter
    Jasmine Waechter

    Hi admin, You always provide practical solutions and recommendations.

  • Laura Sholtz
    Laura Sholtz

    The WHO is a corrupt organization. No one should want any organization to oversee their health!

  • Jacob Branton
    Jacob Branton

    Hello webmaster, Your posts are always a great source of information.

  • Maribel Spode
    Maribel Spode

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    Jasper Spalding

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    Zelma Rounds

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    Matt Curtin

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  • lora sumer
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