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Demand Pfizer CEO To Explain Project Veritas Video Of Pfizer R&D Mutating The Virus For Directed Evolution!

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January 27, 2023

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Interest of Justice
Interest of Justice
Started this petition 2 months ago

33 comments on “Demand Pfizer CEO To Explain Project Veritas Video Of Pfizer R&D Mutating The Virus For Directed Evolution!”

  • mike hoskin
    mike hoskin

    power to humanitie

  • Helen Lacey
    Helen Lacey

    These injection are a crime against humanity.

  • Diane Gregor
    Diane Gregor

    To bring democracy back to the people.

  • Anne Beneville
    Anne Beneville

    the FDA and WHO have engaged in unethical and prohibited human experimentation using covid-19 [non]vaccine gene therapy in violation of Nuremberg Code, by authorizing emergency use of unproven interventions outside clinical trials in a way that violates ethics and puts human life and health at risk.

  • Sherrill Harmon
    Sherrill Harmon

    I am signing this petition because we have been used as guinea pigs by Phizer and Moderna along with the government and media telling everyone the vaccine is safe when they knew all along that it wasn’t.


    We need answers now.

  • Natasha


  • thad sizemore
    thad sizemore

    I’m fed up with those who want total control over everyone! This has to STOP NOW!!!

  • Mary Ellen Lange
    Mary Ellen Lange

    This vaccine should never have been approved and has caused Death harm to so many people!!

  • JoAnn Codori
    JoAnn Codori

    The public needs to hear the truth!!

  • Gillian Knight
    Gillian Knight

    They should be charged with murder


    we need the truth to come out. Pfizer is killing people. Let’s stop this

  • Janice Elbert
    Janice Elbert

    This control by Elite Idiots will STOP

  • David Goulden
    David Goulden

    I am signing this petition because the WHO needs to be gotten rid of for the safety of the citizens of this world.

  • Vale Kiev
    Vale Kiev

    We all know that the distinction between gain-of-function research and “directed evolution” is a semantic shell game. Regardless of the label, we have long suspected that this was amoral Big Pharma’s inhumane profit model (i.e., “cash cow”). Jordon Walker’s words are simply confirmation of our suspicions. Since it appears the Pfizer CEO is incapable of taking responsibility for his own actions, he and his co-conspirators need to be brought to trial for crimes against humanity.

  • marilyn daniels
    marilyn daniels

    Need an explanation about tampering with viruses.


    we have to stop the crazies

  • Anne Cendrine Linder
    Anne Cendrine Linder

    It is high time for justice and disclosure of the truth. So that reparation and healing can at long last start happening.

  • Donna Allard
    Donna Allard

    This must stop! Our government should be protecting us yet they are doing the opposite. Nothing should be hidden for a moment let alone 75 years. That should be enough to tell everyone the drug companies are evil.

  • Rachel Mixx
    Rachel Mixx

    Pfizer is harming millions and millions of people.

  • Sharyn Monteith
    Sharyn Monteith

    Information needs to be released and justice done

  • Sean Casey
    Sean Casey

    We have to stop this attempted dissolution of our inalienable human rights!!

  • deb olson
    deb olson

    The world needs to prosecute these homicidal bureaucrats for crimes against humanity.

  • Dorothy Norris-Elye
    Dorothy Norris-Elye

    This pointlessly-destructive, suicidally-murderous lunacy must be stopped, now, while there is still potentially anything to salvage. Nobody and nothing will survive what’s being done, to humanity and to the Earth’s highly-complex and irreplaceable life-support system formed of interdependent life, evolving and refining over a process involving billions of years. Why tolerate/facilitate the destruction of everything, including yourselves – what’s the point?

  • Pim Wiersinga
    Pim Wiersinga

    You have a lot of confusion to clear up.

  • Cindy Scott
    Cindy Scott

    I am signing because of the injuries and deaths the lack concern for the damage this drug has done all for profit it is no different than strait up murder when not stopping injections Knowling they were killing people !

  • Wayne Kasbey
    Wayne Kasbey

    All have conspired to commit a fraud. Evidence shows elected officials understood they were not tested in accordance with the standards set out, the marketed an inferior untested product that has caused lives and serious irreversible harms. This equates to criminal negligence (causing harm or death), fraud…

  • Halina Wis
    Halina Wis

    I would like to see Justice For Humanity restored !

  • deb olson
    deb olson

    Time to stop human medical experimentation. We deserve the truth, and we deserve to choose what will or will not be injected into our bodies. This is a travesty of justice. It goes against the Nuremburg Code. Laws have been broken and the Constitution has been trashed.

  • Rod Salter
    Rod Salter

    This must never happen again. We must restore our common humanity.

  • Russell Jurkovich
    Russell Jurkovich

    I believe COVID vaccine should be investigated to see if it was a scam by big pharma and the goverment to rip off the tax payer.

  • Tammy Danyluk
    Tammy Danyluk

    to help save humanity, and hold those accountable for the genocide

  • Gloria

    Pharmaceutical companies exist to manufacture pharmaceuticals. They do not exist to create new diseases.

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