Reject UN Political Declaration & $500B Year SDG Stimulus
Petition to All Global Decision Makers & Delegates

Are you going to allow the $500B yearly restructuring of society over ...

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Writ of Prohibition & Demand For Global Referendum To Terminate UN Programs
Petition to All Countries Delegates

This is a writ of prohibition to stop the Treaty and IHR ...

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STOP The “Digital Health Initiative To Strengthen Global Health Security”.
Petition to WHO

The WHO & EU are joining forces to monitor and track the ...

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Stop 5G in Costa Rica
Petition to Government of Costa Rica

Esta es una labor de amor a la comunidad. Interés de Justicia ...

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Demand Pfizer CEO Answer Rebel News Questions: “When did you know the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission”?
Petition to

Rebel News courageously confronted Pfizer CEO to ask a series of questions. ...

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Stop Global Vaccine Passports/Digital ID
Petition to All decision makers: global W.H.O Delegates

We still have a small but narrow window of opportunity to STOP ...

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Stop International Health Regulations (IHR) Amendments!
Petition to W.H.O. Director General

The International Health Regulations are existing, legally-binding international law. The Known IHR ...

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