This site Notice And Demand is a project of Interest of Justice (IOJ).  

Interest of Justice is a small independent private International law and civics institute headquartered in Costa Rica that helps the Global Community of Citizens ensure government accountability to the people.  Our mission is safeguarding the interest of the international community as a whole and to give effect to the letter and intent of the supreme international law, it’s peremptory norms and customs. 

We work tirelessly, 8 days a week, to educate and defend human rights under the written civil, natural hermetic and unwritten common laws.


Watch Interest of Justice Public Hearings:

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Second WHO Pandemic Treaty Hearing As INB Recognized Stakeholder

HHS Stakeholder Listening Session in Preparation of 75th WHA.

FDA VBRPAC - Protest Against Bivalents And Demand To Revoke EUA for All mRNA Gene Therapy Non Vaccines.

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