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Notice and Demand

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We envision a new type of online participatory open government system where the top decision makers are approached and asked to negotiate directly with the public through this site.  If they refuse then we will take their responses or non responses and post them verbatim for the world so they can assess the public servants responsiveness to the needs of the people they seek to serve.


Through public education, civics training, participation with governments and human rights councils these notice and demands will be heard by the top decision-makers and every legal action will be taken administratively and judicially to enforce the peoples will in each of these critical campaigns to solve the key issues.

Nothing ever entirely escapes the law. 

Give notice. Demand the rule of law is restored.

Violations of International Law

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword!

Outsmart The Petty Tyrant Opponents.

Combatting Corruption & Cronyism

Together We Can Stop Tyrants By Using Their Own Rules And Laws Against Themselves

Are you smarter than the cadre of technocrats and public private partnerships which seek to gain control by way of fraud, censorship, willful misconduct and usurpation?  Of course you are.  Act like it and throw your weight around in a dignified way with key legal jargon that will crush the dreams of the “emergency powers mafia” once enforced.  It’s not necessarily fast (it can be fast) but signing and sharing the actions on this site is the most thorough way for all of humanity to build a record and eventually win in court.  Your signatures WILL be counted behind upcoming legal actions.  Your information is held confidential and safe by Interest of Justice institute, a private non profit internationally domiciled  organization headquartered in Costa Rica working to legally hold the WHO, FDA, HHS and wrongdoer States to account using international law and PERSISTENCE.  

The world is being held hostage by public private partnerships and overly ambitious Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development ideology.  

Don’t stress.  Just share these demands far and wide.  

The end result will be to force the tyrants into compliance with their duties or sue them with as many signatures as we can collect to show the courts.  All campaigns have a sharable widget to put on your own website and watch the numbers rise in defiance of the tyranny and overreach.  Give notice and demand your rights!

Together We Can And Will Achieve
The Defeat of the unproven UN Agenda!

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You Have the Power to Change The Course Of History!